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State Of The Loop / Round 2
Control Live's Looper, launch Scenes, record Clips, control FX, Hands Free !
State Of The Loop / Round 2 Control Live's Looper, launch Scenes, record Clips, control FX, Hands Free !
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State Of The Loop - Ultimate Pedal Board For Ableton Looper



This is campaign #2 of State Of The Loop, the ultimate pedal controller for Ableton Live's Looper and more.

State of the Loop is a MIDI controller that talks to Ableton Live’s Looper. 

It shows whether you are recording, playing or overdubbing loops, and has many more features.

You can watch a little demo here :


  • Display the state of each Looper (Red = Recording / Green = Playing / Blue = Overdubbing / Stopped with a sample = White / Stopped empty = Off) 
  • Arm tracks holding the [Select] button 


  • Select any track (audio or MIDI) with the [+] and [-] buttons
  • Start recording directly on the first available slot 
  • Option for "Fixed Length" recording 


  • Select Scenes with the [+] and [-] buttons 
  • Launch Scenes and display their color and name 
  • Jump to the currently playing Scene with the [Select] button


  • 2 Expression Pedal inputs with "dynamic mapping" 
  • Each device controls its own parameters 
  • Control an UNLIMITED number of parameters with only 2 pedals 


  • Sturdy metal case 
  • USB powered USB or MIDI connection for longer distances (up to 15m/50ft) 
  • Easy configuration / Very light on the CPU 
  • Adjustable LED Brightness 
  • Weight : 1.7 kg / 3 lb WxLxH : 30 x 13 x 6 cm / 12 x 5 x 2.5 inches
  • 100% Made in France

State of the Loop is very easy to use : all you need to do is to load an Audio Rack preset that contains a Looper and a Max For Live device. The State of the Loop controller will automatically detect the device and connect to the Looper.

You can have as many Loopers as you want (well, up to 99, but that should be enough !).

Here's a detailed view of all the functions of the Looper mode :

SotL has 2 Expression Pedal inputs (see supported pedals in the FAQ).

Open the "Pedals" panel in the Max For Live device and map your Expression Pedals to any parameter in Live.

In each Looper device, you can map up to 4 parameters for each pedal. When a Looper is selected, only its Pedals are active. This « dynamic mapping » is different to MIDI mapping, where your 2 expression pedals have a « static » mapping and will control only 2 parameters.

If you hold the [+] button, you will enter Scenes mode, where you’ll be able to control your Live set's Session view.

Thanks to the « StateOfTheScene » Max For Live device, the controller's LEDs will take the color of the currently selected clip, and the LED display will show its first 2 characters.

You can then use the [+] and [-] buttons to navigate inside your set, use the [●►+] button to launch the selected Scene, and press [Select] to jump to the currently playing Scene.

The Max For Live device has a few options that will enable you to create Scene "Follow Actions" easily (please refer to State Of The Loop’s manual for more info).

 Some new features are being added :

First, the ability to see the length of the recorded loop, and more importantly, the possibility to record clips in Session view.

Here's a little video showing these 2 new features :

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For a long time, I have been working with guitar players who wanted to record loops, and I always felt it had to be done inside Live, as there is a looper included. But how could they record loops on my computer while I was on the other side of the stage ?

About one year ago, I was training an artist that uses a guitar looper. He was telling me he wished he could use Ableton as a looper instead of his hardware pedal but he didn't want to be looking at this computer.

That's how I decided to build State of The Loop.

Thanks to my engineering background, I decided to create a controller that would solve this problem. That's how I developed State of the Loop, the first pedal board that connects to Live and shows the state of the Looper device !

Risks and challenges

State Of The Loop is the first hardware project I have created.
I have found very good and reliable partners to work with, and I am confident they will provide the best quality built.
The electronics have be checked and re-checked, the enclosure is very robust.
I have tested the prototypes thoroughly during the last 6 month, and I am confident the delivered units will work for a long time, although I can't obviously predict the future !
The software part will be maintained and updated according to users' feedback, and it is still possible to do a firmware update in case of major issues.

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