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FLORA community Library

by FLORA ars+natura

FLORA is a space for art + nature in Bogotá. We plan to build a new library/meeting place that will become the heart of our activities.

THE UNTAMED: A Sinner's Prayer Hardcover Graphic Novel

by Sebastian A. Jones

"I was given a second chance in death. Vengeance was offered, and I was quick to accept. Seven Days for Seven Souls."

The Sanguine Sock -- Circular Knitting Machine - Startup

by Amber Wilson

Through the purchase of a circular sock machine, I will create quality wool socks that are fun to wear and make people happy.

Andy Warhol's 15 (Color Me, Warhol)

by Raja Feather Kelly

the feath3r theory completes Andy Warhol’s vision of a remake for the1985 movie-musical classic 'A CHORUS LINE'.

BOOKNITURE- Furniture Hidden in a Book


BOOKNITURE unfolds from a book to a multifunctional furniture. In just a flip, you will never run out of tables and seats.

KABACCHA SHOES : Redefining the Modern Dress Shoe

by Kabaccha Shoes

Ultralight, comfortable & affordable leather shoes hand-crafted in Italy by artisan shoemakers.

Why Can't I Be A Sushi

by Hoda Yahya Elsoudani

Documentary revealing the journey of an 8 & 10 year old who are curious about ISIS & the on going sectarian conflicts amongst Muslims!

Edible Neighborhoods National Permaculture Workshop Tour

by Food Not Lawns & Heather Jo Flores

Help the founder of the Food Not Lawns movement teach workshops, plant gardens & build community around the country & in your home town

DAC: Dungeon Architect Cards

by Simian Circle Games

A simple to use universal deck of dungeon building cards for all fantasy role-playing games.

Reports from the Energy Battlegrounds

by National Observer

Hot temperatures. Brutal conflicts. From ground zero of climate change, a new publication.

Clara Baker's Debut Album

by Clara Baker

I’m making an album! This is my first experience making a professionally recorded studio album, and I need your help to make it happen.

What's Going On: America 1969-1974

by Ken Light

A book of photographs that portrays America during the era of campus unrest, Vietnam & Nixon and beckons memories of our hope & anger.

The Family Arcana: A Story-in-Cards by Jedediah Berry

by Ninepin Press

Shuffle, cut, play, read. A story about a haunted family, published as a poker deck and written to be read an infinite* number of ways.


by YikeBike

YikeBike UNDISCOVERED is the latest evolution of the original fully electric folding bike, award winning design and quality

INDIGO GREY Immersive Show Experience - STAFF PICK!

by Hammerstep

Blurring lines between today/tomorrow, audience/actor, technology/reality in a theatrical, walkthrough, "Digital Reality Experience"

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