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CHIP is tiny — but its potential is huge.
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Staff-picked projects

Everyhere Logistics: Exploring America’s Creative Diaspora

by Everyhere Logistics

Everyhere Logistics—Building community, one box truck at a time.

The Better To Find You With

by Kel McDonald

Small-town veterinarian Sina is enlisted by a werewolf to help track down a missing werewolf before they can come to harm.

Vice Yarns - a little vice is always nice

by Elizabeth Inman

Professionally hand painted yarns, vibrantly unique hues in skeins and long color changing cakes.


by Alexandra Beller

Funding the final leg of a 2.5 year creative process to put our evening length work up for a two week season at La MaMa in June.

Tableau : Automatic House Plant Watering Tray

by Pikaplant

Tableau is a work of art. It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended.

The Mamachic: the Do-It-All Scarf for the Do-It-All Mama

by Angela Tsai

Conquer motherhood with this ONE beautiful scarf! Nurse, burp & swaddle baby seamlessly, and look damn good in the process.

TRAPPED → A Documentary to Protect Women's Rights

by Dawn Porter

UPDATE: Donate $1 or more and receive a backer-designed "Keep Abortion Legal" vinyl sticker!

Happy Cheeze - Vegan & Raw

by Dr. Mudar Mannah

Crazy delicious, vegan, organic, raw, world class gourmet cheese.

ALEWOOD - The Game of Shooting Dice & Slinging Pints

by Little Brass Bird

The Wild West, outlaw hunting, table top drinking game–where your pint glass is your sixshooter.

Project of the Day

Rebuild Radio with WLPN in Chicago

by Public Media Institute

Help us build a radical non commercial Low Power FM station in Chicago called Lumpen Radio


by The Band Called FUSE

The Band Called FUSE records a one-of-a-kind live album and concert movie in Brooklyn!


by Kyman Cheng

CSPLYeu is a 30cm by 30cm hardcover cosplay photobook containing over 50 cosplayers from 12 European countries.

McSweeney's: New Books, New Magazines, and a Whole Lot More

by McSweeney's Publishing

Support the next wave of projects from a cherished independent publisher. Keep McSweeney's going!

Pretty Smart Lamp: Reloaded - Helps you find your phone

by Pretty Smart Homes

PrettySmartLamp with Bluetooth Smart: find your phone, get notifications, control room temperature; just to name a few.


by G. Todd Buker

An original version of Shakespeare's masterpiece that emphasizes family and explores the destruction of blood ties

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