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Staff-picked projects

Hip Hop Legends 'My Name Is' Print Collection.

by Martin Donnelly

A limited edition print collection of hip hop's finest as they momz originally intended. By artist Martin Donnelly 'Known As Unknown'

Newman Volume One

by Josh Ulrich

Newman and Gwen face off against the dangers of monster slaying and romance! Help fund the first printed volume of Newman!

Vice Yarns - a little vice is always nice

by Elizabeth Inman

Professionally hand painted yarns, vibrantly unique hues in skeins and long color changing cakes.


by Alexandra Beller

Funding the final leg of a 2.5 year creative process to put our evening length work up for a two week season at La MaMa in June.

SNAP : Design Your Own Furniture

by Be-elastic

With SNAP you can create endless solutions for your living space. You can transform any surface into a unique piece of furniture.

Bryt Socks - The World's Brightest, Happiest Socks.

by Bryt

What Happens When A Professional Skier Designs A Line Of Socks? He Creates The Most Insane, Bold, and Bright Socks You Have Seen!!

Star Trek: Captain Pike

by Rigel 7 Productions

“STAR TREK: CAPTAIN PIKE” is our 45-Minute Episode Pilot that is the prequel to a feature length film entitled, "ENCOUNTER AT RIGEL"

Bonga Foods: The Ultimate Superfoods Right in your Palm

by Bonga Foods

With 10x the antioxidants of blueberries, Bonga Foods' chews and powders provide great alternatives for the superfoodie in each of us!

Project of the Day

FOVE: The World's First Eye Tracking Virtual Reality Headset


Immerse yourself in virtual worlds that react to your eyes and emotions. Experience precision control at the speed of thought.

NOS Magazine

by Sara Luterman

NOS Magazine is a news and commentary source for thought and analysis about neurodiversity culture and representation.

The Spock's Brain Album

by Chris Spurgin

A full album inspired by the Star Trek the Original Series episode, Spock's Brain.


by Kyman Cheng

CSPLYeu is a 30cm by 30cm hardcover cosplay photobook containing over 50 cosplayers from 12 European countries.

The Special Things Trip, by the Hess Early Literacy Project

by The Hess Early Literacy Project (HELP)

"The Special Things Trip" is a book about a boy and his dad. Their annual trip commemorates the boy’s mother, who has passed away.

MyoWare™ | Harness the power of your muscle signals!

by Advancer Technologies, LLC

Wearable Muscle Sensor Platform - 4th-gen sensor - Arduino compatible - Control robots, prosthetics, video games, & more!

Cicada Studios presents "Miss Sarah"

by Cicada Studios

Cicada Studios presents, as their inaugural production, a new-writing world premiere at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015.

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