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Project of the Day

Lacuna: library + public art space built with 50,000 books

by Bay Area Book Festival

A participatory art installation, a library, and a monument to books, made with 50,000 books that can be removed from its walls.

Home For Wicked Children By Michele Hartsoe

by Sugar pill publishing

Children learning to become one day Villains. Ms. Thorn teaches lessons in Head shrinking, taxidermy, magic and much more.

Punny Buns: Cute Plush Bunny Puns

by Holly Guenther

Punny Buns are adorable plush bunny bread and pastry puns created by Kimchi Kawaii.

EPIC Motion presents "επικός (Epikos)"

by EPIC Motion Dance Company

EPIC Motion presents "επικός (Epikos)", a journey through movement where the timeless myths of Ancient Greece come to pass once again.

Thinnest wireless backlit keyboard for iPad and Android

by Casestudi - Peter

Light, stylish with great feedback, Libre is spill-proof and links up to 3 Bluetooth profiles. Special iPad air keyboard/case available

SPUR Jewelry: Launch the First Collection

by Simone Paasche

SPUR jewelry is playful, timeless, and impeccably made. The best jewelry should give you pleasure and start a conversation.

Enrichment - Dark Comedy Film

by Michael Tobin

A group of college students plan to steal money from the new kid at school's father, who happens to be a notorious drug dealer...

The new Shake Sugary!

by Dawn Snead

There's a new expanded permanent home for Shake Sugary in New Orleans and we need your help to build our new kitchen!

"4 the BIRDS!" Tabletop Game

by Blackspot Games

Use strategy and luck to be the first to "flock" 4 of your birds together in a tree besieged by rival birds attempting to do the same.

Yolks & Spokes

by Dana Bialek & Sara Quinn

Documenting breakfast culture along the Mississippi River

Those Bloody Yanks! Album Pre-Order

by Timothy Huang

My sound! It's here! 'Electronic Soul,' I call it. And it'll manifest itself in a 13-track album entitled Face Value. DROPS MAY 12!

1972 - Nakagin Capsule Tower

by Noritaka Minami

1972 is a photobook that investigates the current state of the Nakagin Capsule Tower, an experimental apartment complex in Tokyo, Japan

Awakening (Translation of Armenian novel: Zartonk)

by Vache Thomassian

Awakening: the first 3-Volume English language translation of Malkhas’s classic 1933 Armenian novel, Zartonk (Զարթօնք).

G-Quencer || Guitar Sequencer Effect Pedal by Molten Voltage

by Molten Voltage

G-Quencer .:. The Riff Dispenser .:. Take a Sonic Expedition .:. Discover Unexplored Audio Frontiers .:. by Molten Voltage


by Francesca Spedalieri

A movement play in translation: a woman dances backwards through memories to be reunited with her husband and re-live their love story.

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