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Beasts of Balance

Create hybrid beasts and battle your friends with the expansion of this award-winning strategic stacking game merging digital and physical play.
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Home Sweet (Smart) Home

Open-source tech meets interior design with COVI, a speech-enabled light and smart home hub.
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Projects We Love

Project We Love
Project image Transmissao Fordlandia


RADIOEE.NET presents Transmissao Fordlandia, a live radio broadcast event from the jungle city of Fordlandia, Brazil

Project We Love
Project image

100 Demon Dialogues: Book & Plushie

by Lucy Bellwood

A collection of one hundred comics about talking back to your self-doubt and anxiety, and a plush demon to go with ’em.

Project We Love
Project image


by Daniela Ustaran

We give Mexican artisan women an opportunity to preserve their traditions as we take their work to new frontiers.

Project We Love
Project image

Help us get John Scott/Valda Setterfield's Lear to Edinburgh

by John Scott's Lear in Edinburgh

Lear, John Scott’s remarkable work with New York dance legend Valda Setterfield, comes to Dance Base during Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Project We Love
Project image

Panobook: A Notebook for Your Desk

by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt

A panoramic notebook for your desk, and eventually, your shelf. Made of quality materials and thoughtful details.

Project We Love
Project image

Airpaq - The Backpack Made From Airbags and Seat Belts

by Airpaq

Airpaq - Der Rucksack aus Airbags und Sicherheitsgurten

Project of the Day
Project We Love
Project image

A Care Package of all things 'For Thousands of Miles'

by Mike Ambs

A Kickstarter Gold collection of all things 'For Thousands of Miles'. Homemade DVD, a visual script, production journal and more.

Project We Love
Project image

The Lotus and the Artichoke - INDIA vegan cookbook

by Justin P. Moore

[Kickstarter Gold] A culinary love story with 90+ vegan recipes inspired by my adventures & travels

Project We Love
Project image


by Thomas LeBlanc

A Bombastic First Person Dungeon BRAWLER Set in a Unique Fantasy World

Project We Love
Project image

Kickstarter Gold: Hello Mr. Magazine Residency

by Ryan Fitzgibbon

We're launching a magazine residency called "The Issues" and providing mentorship and resources for new ideas in queer publishing!

Project We Love
Project image

Kickstarter Gold: Tiny Telephone Oakland: Rai$e The Roof

by John Vanderslice

We need to rebuild our roof!

Project We Love
Project image

'The Cycling Jersey - Craftsmanship, Speed & Style' Book

by Oliver Knight

A large format book showcasing the history, culture and craft of the iconic cycling jersey

Project We Love
Project image

Our Love Challenges - a book for couples in love

by Our Love Challenges

Create your own unique love story with Our Love Challenges, a book that will strengthen your relationship and bring back the excitement

Project We Love
Project image

NanoSound - All-in-one HIFI Audio Board for Raspberry Pi

by Nanomesher

Add-on Board for Raspberry Pi with HIFI DAC, OLED Display, Power Switch, Control Buttons and Infrared Remote Control

Project We Love
Project image

Falso Mutis: nuestra Ópera Prima

by Falso Mutis

La Ópera Prima de nuestra compañía: Una comedia con actores/músicos en vivo basada en el mito de Orfeo y Eurídice.

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