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Project of the Day


by The Soap Factory

A classical composer, an artist, a brass band, a punk rocker and a folk singer collaborate in a joyously dark, immersive new opera.

Eekeemoo - Black Sun Rising

by Will & Liz Morris-Julien

Our quest to get the newly drawn 200 page Eekeemoo graphic novel printed in COLOUR is on! Come join our awesome adventure!

Create Shoppe

by Jessica Nowlan

DIY Gift Kits to make your family and friends, beautiful, unique and one of a kind gifts..

Three Headed Hollywood

by Bridie Gane

This piece explores 'upcycling' classic images of women from Broadway musicals of the 1940's and 50's.

The Fourneau Bread Oven

by Strand Design

The ultimate tool to help you bake the most beautiful and most delicious loaf of bread at home. Patent Pending.

Epidemia Designs | Fashion Gone Viral | Science. Art. Style.

by Lizzie Cochran

Epidemia Designs creates fitness apparel and fashion accessories featuring biological images and funds health care projects worldwide.

Wasp-Men From Mars!

by Gerrit Thompson

For Suzie, James, and Timmy, it’s the end of the world. And that’s BEFORE aliens invade Earth.

Build the Barber Cellars Tasting Room!

by Michael & Lorraine Barber

Help our small winery establish our tasting room - Become a permanent part of a new space to relax, have fun, and experience our wines!

Lord of the Fries

by Cheapass Games

A deluxified fast food card game from Cheapass Games

Yolks & Spokes

by Dana Bialek & Sara Quinn

Documenting breakfast culture along the Mississippi River

The Buck Stops Here - Debut Album

by The Buck Stops Here

The Buck Stops Here records their first ever album!

Africa on Safari - The Book

by Kym & Tonya Illman

Fascinating angles, unique photo techniques & the story behind each of the 140+ images. Africa's wildlife like you've never seen it...

Roger Ackling: Between the Lines

by Occasional Papers

The first comprehensive overview of the work and teaching of the late British artist Roger Ackling.

BOCCO: The family robot that brings your loved ones closer

by Yukai Engineering

Wherever you are, BOCCO can keep you connected to your family.


by Gene Duffy

Broadway or bust! From nutty Hollywood types to drag queens to dancing sandwiches, this musical has it all.

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