Kickstarter PBC
2017 Benefit Statement

Read our 2017 Benefit Statement

Being a Public Benefit Corporation allows Kickstarter to stay focused on our mission: to help bring creative projects to life. This Benefit Statement summarizes how we did that in 2017.

When Kickstarter became a PBC in 2015, we broke away from a system that prioritizes profits above all else, and hoped to set an example for others. We’ve hardcoded our mission into our charter, along with commitments to always support art and artists, to operate in accordance with our values, and to donate 5% of our post-tax profits to arts education and organizations fighting inequality.

Each year we release a Benefit Statement where we report on how well we lived up to our charter commitments and fulfilled our mission. This year, our statement talks about how we supported creators online and off, our approach to privacy issues, the decisions we made in governing our platform, and our advocacy work. We hope this report contributes to an understanding of the PBC form as an urgently needed alternative to business as usual.