2014: By The Numbers

A snapshot of what 2014 looked like on Kickstarter

In 2014, 22,252 projects were successfully funded on Kickstarter. That’s more creative projects than ever before.

Successfully funded projects, by month

Here’s how many projects were funded in each category.

Successfully funded projects, by category


Nine categories had over 1,000 successfully funded projects, with Music, Film, and Publishing topping the charts. Note that Crafts and Journalism were added in June.

$529 million was pledged to Kickstarter projects last year. That's more than $1,000 a minute.

Dollars pledged, by category

3.3 million people from nearly every country on the planet backed a project last year.

(hover over a country to see the number of backers, and dollars pledged)

Dollars pledged, by country

Last year, 2,202,171 people backed a project for the first time.

773,824 people backed more than one project,

71,478 people backed more than 10 projects,

and 1,125 people backed more than 100 projects.


Wednesday was the most popular day for pledges.

Pledges by days of the week

Early afternoon was one of the most popular times to pledge.

Pledges by hours of the day

The hour with the most money pledged in 2014?

March 12, 2014 11 AM-12 PM EST, when backers pledged almost $400,000 in one hour. That's $110 a second. This was in the same 24 hours that Neil Young launched his Pono project.


Here are the year's most-backed projects.

Project image

Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere!

105,857 backers
Project image

COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that's Actually Cooler

62,642 backers
Project image

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

35,384 backers
Project image

Blue Mountain State: The Movie

23,999 backers
Project image

Passion Planner: The One Place for All Your Thoughts

23,626 backers
Project image

Radiotopia: A Storytelling Revolution

21,808 backers
Project image

Bunch O Balloons: 100 Water Balloons in Less Than 1 Minute

21,455 backers
Project image

PowerUp 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane

21,412 backers
Project image

Sense: Know More. Sleep Better.

19,349 backers
Project image

Pono Music - Where Your Soul Rediscovers Music

18,220 backers
Project image


17,713 backers
Project image

Matchstick - The Streaming Stick Built on Firefox OS

17,218 backers