Best of Kickstarter 2012

    1. The Best of 2012

      From groundbreaking projects to inspiring stories, 2012 was a year of many memorable moments on Kickstarter.

      To celebrate the year that was, our team put together this look back at some of our favorite projects and moments. We hope you enjoy!


    2. Let's begin with some numbers

      In 2012 2,241,475 people

      pledged a total of $319,786,629

      and successfully funded 18,109 projects

    3. Backers pledged $606.76 per minute to projects in 2012

    4. Of the 2.2 million people who backed a project in 2012

      570,672 people backed two or more projects

      50,047 people backed ten or more projects

      452 people backed 100 or more projects

    5. People in 177 countries backed a project in 2012

      That's 90% of the countries in the world

    6. Of Kickstarter's 13 creative categories

      Music had the most funded projects with 5,067

      Games had the most money pledged at $83 million

      Art, Film, Music, Publishing, and Theater each had more than 1,000 funded projects

    1. January

      10% of the films at Sundance are Kickstarter-funded

      19 films selected; four win top prizes

    2. January

      FUBAR hits the New York Times Best Sellers List

    3. January

      The Kickstarter Popsicle

      Little Bee Pops celebrates backers with a new flavor

    4. January

      Incident in New Baghdad nominated for an Oscar

      Second Kickstarter-funded film to be nominated

    1. February

      Double Fine Adventure kicks off a huge year for games

      Games in 2012:
    1. March

      Backers make Chattanooga the first US city with its own font

      Font integrated into bike lanes, billboards, and even the public library, then released online for free

    2. March

      A Kickstarter-funded bus stop in Georgia

      Athens artist spices up the morning commute

    1. April

      Google Maps integrates images from DIY mapping project

    2. April

      Dark Sky app predicts the weather

    3. April

      Air Quality Egg makes fighting pollution awesome

    1. May

      Classical music goes open source

      Musopen and Open Goldberg Variations release recordings to the public domain

    2. May

      Cards Against Humanity tops the Amazon charts

      Friends make irreverent card game, sell 100,000+ copies, ruin family gatherings forever

    1. June

      A Kickstarter-funded opera premieres at the Kennedy Center

      188 backers help produce Paola Prestini’s Oceanic Verses

    2. June

      MaKey MaKey inspires the world’s first banana piano

      One project, infinite possibilities

      Yir background makeymakey Makeymakey banana 1 Makeymakey banana 2 Makeymakey banana 3 Makeymakey banana 4
    3. June

      Open source geiger counters measure radiation levels in Japan

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      Musician writes songs for backers, including his grandma

      The cutest thing we saw all year

      Watch the video
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    2. July

      Design firm Final Frontier develops a civilian space suit

    3. July

      Publisher's Weekly calls Kickstarter the #2 publisher of graphic novels

    4. July

      Kickstarter gets parodied

      The New Yorker, The Daily Show, Portlandia, McSweeney's, The Onion, Funny or Die, and others make us laugh

    1. August

      T-Rex wins Olympic gold

      Boxer Claressa Shields, subject of the doc T-Rex, triumphs in London

    2. August

      87 projects go to Burning Man

      Art cars, bathroom beacons, laser lights, oh my!

    1. September

      Amanda Palmer debuts in the Billboard Top Ten

      Thanks 24,883 backers with a block party

    2. September

      The world's first pizza museum

      Philadelphians pay tribute to the glory that is pizza

    3. September

      XOXO Fest explores the creative universe

      Kickstarter-funded festival unites artists, creators, and technologists

    4. September

      Projects transform public spaces

      The Lowline, Kulturpark, and Logan Parklet create new urban environments

    1. October

      The first hackerspace opens in Baghdad

    2. October

      Kickstarter opens to UK creators

      Picade first to launch, Chime Pavilion first to succeed

    3. October

      Photography exhibition travels across Afghanistan

    1. November

      OpenROV sends underwater robots around the world

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      Atlanta's first squirrel census

      Turns out, there are even more squirrels than we thought

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    3. November

      Windowfarms grow in the American Museum of Natural History

    1. December

      63 Kickstarter-funded films open in theaters

    2. December

      The Griz Coat makes bear hugs even better

      (Aaron's dancing skills not included)

    1. 2012: The Stats

      Total pledged
      +221% from 2011
      Total collected
      +238% from 2011
      Total backers
      +134% from 2011
      709 million
      +279% from 2011
      Unique visitors
      86 million
      +252% from 2011
    2. Category Launched Successful Pledged Pledges
      Art 3,783 1,837 $10,477,939 155,782
      Comics 1,170 542 $9,242,233 177,070
      Dance 512 381 $1,773,304 23,807
      Design 1,882 759 $50,124,041 536,469
      Fashion 1,659 434 $6,317,799 83,067
      Film & Video 9,600 3,891 $57,951,876 647,361
      Food 1,828 688 $11,117,486 138,204
      Games 2,796 911 $83,144,565 1,378,143
      Music 9,086 5,067 $34,953,600 522,441
      Photography 1,197 427 $3,283,635 46,550
      Publishing 5,634 1,666 $15,311,251 262,738
      Technology 831 312 $29,003,932 270,912
      Theater 1,787 1,194 $7,084,968 95,225
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