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The NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual reissue

The NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual reissue

by Jesse Reed & Hamish Smyth

The graphics of NYC’s subway have been influential for decades. In 2014, the Standards Manual was finally eternalized in a limited edition art book available exclusively on Kickstarter.

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Film & Video


by Alison Klayman

Just days after Alison Klayman launched her project to document contemporary artist and activist Ai Weiwei, he was detained. What followed was monumental.

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Mike perry

Wondering Around Wandering

by Mike Perry

With the help of his community, artist Mike Perry created a participatory exhibition that used creativity as a catalyst for bringing people together.

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Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art

by Electric Objects

Featured by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2014, Electric Objects is reinventing the digital art experience.

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The Othermill: A Desktop CNC Mill for Electronics

by Other Machine Co.

A portable milling machine that makes it easier and cheaper for anyone to turn an idea into a finished product.

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Wasteland 2

by inXile entertainment

Released to great acclaim in 2014, Wasteland 2 is the sequel to the original Wasteland — a game so phenomenal it was included in the Smithsonian’s Art of the Computer Game exhibition.

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We Flashy: Reflective Clothing For Modern Times

We Flashy: Reflective Clothing For Modern Times

by Alex Vessels

With their fabulous line of reflective streetwear, the team at We Flashy has shown us that it’s possible to be both safe and stylish at the same time.

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We Flashy: Reflective Clothing For Modern Times

Tar Sands Reporting Project

by The Vancouver Observer

The Vancouver Observer's team of award-winning journalists embarked on a year-long project to investigate the nuances of Canada's tar sands.

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STANDARD TIME - The Production

by Mark Stuart

Produced by the Mark Stuart Dance Theatre, Standard Time celebrates love and its power to defy intolerance.

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MOSSLESS Issue Three: The United States (2003-2013)

by Romke Hoogwaerts

Named one of TIME's Best Photobooks of 2014, this anthology takes an honest look at how America changed over the course of a decade.

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Set Chopin Free

Set Chopin Free

by Aaron Dunn

The Musopen team rallied 2,288 backers to free Chopin’s life work from copyright restrictions so that future generations may use, enjoy, and remix his compositions for years to come.

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Set Chopin Free
The Great Discontent Magazine

The Great Discontent Magazine

by Ryan Essmaker

What began as a web site has evolved into a masterfully printed publication, featuring compelling interviews with some of the world's most inspiring creators.

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