Prototypes & Renderings

When it comes to projects that manufacture and distribute hardware, gadgets, and other products, it’s important to make sure backers know what stage of development the project is in.

Do show backers a prototype.

Provide backers with a realistic sense of where the project stands — including what’s been accomplished so far, and what work remains to be done.


Don't use photorealistic renderings.

Technical drawings, CAD models, and sketches are awesome and encouraged, but photorealistic renderings that someone might mistake for a finished product are prohibited.


If your project will involve manufacturing gadgets or other products, we ask that you show as much as you can about how you're going to do that, including things like a production plan, an estimated schedule, and any other details you can provide for backers.

Projects that involve the development of physical products must feature explicit demos of working prototypes. While you can run a project focused on the creation of a prototype, you can't offer the product that is under development as a reward.