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A portable dice storage and rolling solution for any game that uses dice. Protects your dice and keeps them off the floor during play.
A portable dice storage and rolling solution for any game that uses dice. Protects your dice and keeps them off the floor during play.
A portable dice storage and rolling solution for any game that uses dice. Protects your dice and keeps them off the floor during play.
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    1. Rhys Haig just now

      @Hal 3 messages over the course of the last few months and no response. I understand the query I'm asking is a fault of my own but can I expect any communication from you? I'm sure you're busy with various projects but an email wouldn't hurt.

    2. Merita Cruz about 10 hours ago

      @Nigel Well said

    3. Nigel Kennington 2 days ago

      This campaign was pitched as "very simple. One product, zero options." and that you'd have "plenty of time to meet it before the holidays this 2017 year" which was one of the reasons I backed it.

      The fact that it's now 8 months since the campaign and 3 months late by kickstarter standards is very little to complain about, but it WAS a selling point.

      Can we get an update with a proper shipping deadline for THIS project?

    4. Merita Cruz 6 days ago

      So, when will you start shipping the ones that are ready? Just wondering

    5. Gianluca Casu on March 12

      @Hal Same question as below. I ask because i will move soon and i need to know if i have to give you a different adress

    6. Rotts on March 11

      @Hal thanks for the update. Does that mean an April’ish target to start shipping or do you think it’s further out than that?

    7. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on March 10

      We've got a ton of these machined and ready to magnet and finish...
      We're AFK until after the 15th of March.
      Then its GM Screens - Quarter Cores - FLUMES and FLUME 2's.
      Thanks for your patience.
      - Hal

    8. Rotts on February 22

      They are Flume Fusions, those are only us....

    9. Strokumvt on February 22

      So does the update say anything? Or just show a picture? I’m happy we see them being made but are any for us? Any clue when we get them lol. Seems confusing.

    10. Rotts on February 22

      @Hal Thanks! We have faith in you guys, but it’s awesome to get to actually see the progress. Thanks for all the hard work.

    11. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on February 22

      Update posted.

    12. Ravynlocke
      on February 20

      Dropping by to see if there were any new comments ... as you do every few weeks post-campaign. No apologetic update trying to explain where all the money went. All is well. Good to see.

    13. Rotts on February 16

      Hal posted on one of his other projects today, so he's still out there. Maybe he will stop by and give us a little love too :)

    14. Rotts on February 12

      Happy Monday... sorry couldn't take the comments hanging at 199 any longer ;p

    15. Kevvy Weng on February 11

      Need a update on this project.

    16. Gianluca Casu on February 8

      @Hal Hello Meester, what about a pic of a finished flume? Just to cheer us up while we wait? :) Good work!

    17. Rhys Haig on February 6

      @Hal Zucati - Been keeping an eye on this since I backed it many moons ago and just realised... I never filled out my backerkit survey. Went back through my emails and my link has expired, and backerkit won't resend me the email (apparently it cannot find the survey for that email?) - is there something I can do here? I'd hate to not get my flume because of my own negligence to fill out a form (though I would probably understand too...)

    18. Gianluca Casu on January 30

      @Bryce @David actually if you look in the update section there is a new one the 22th of this month.

      Nothing new, but okay, he's alive and working

    19. Missing avatar

      David Walley
      on January 21


    20. Bryce Nielsen
      on January 4

      Any more updates on this project? It's been almost a month since the last update, which stated shipping would be starting the following week and continue after the holidays.

      Has anyone received shipping information as of yet?

    21. Steven Remington on January 3

      I just ordered the bare bones basic version. I can cut out felt and glue it down all in my own. Can't wait to get my hands on mine. Hopefully soon...

    22. Rotts on January 2

      The comment about April delivery was before the update about producing them at the same time as the game screens. That’s why it was titled 180 Degree change. It sounds like people should start receiving them shortly, if slowly...

    23. Jacob woosley on January 1

      First time checking that comment opposed to the update and wow please keep us more informed. On a high note I’m so excited and can’t wait. This will be a fine edition to some of the higher dice count games I play. I loved how much refinement you’ve done and should be well worth the wait. Happy New Year

    24. Aaron aka Itchy
      on December 29

      Approximately April Arrival? Alliterative win, but sad for me. No worries, though, Hal will get it done and get them shipped out and this spring I'll be able to try out my new dice tower! I'll probably stick with my current one for home use and use this one for games where I am traveling.

    25. Missing avatar

      Walter van Haasteren on December 10

      @hall might be nice if you cross-post that estimate to other kickstarters. Several of my friends who back elemetals still think they will get them before Christmas.

    26. Gianluca Casu on December 7

      @Frank Bloom, thank you for pointing this out. I wanted as well, but wrote the message too fast and it did not come through.

      Are you and your people allright?

    27. Frank Bloom
      on December 7

      I hope the set back was not due to injuries or major mechanical failures. Be safe, be accurate, then be speedy. Never sacrifice the first two, for the third, and never sacrifice the first.

    28. Gianluca Casu on December 7

      AUCH! April? That is a serious set back.

      Did you have any issues we should be informed of? Is there something we can help you with?

    29. Rotts on December 6

      :( I was struggling to wait until December and figuring it might slip to a January delivery. This may break my weak little heart :P

      Thanks for the update, I am sure you are doing your best to keep it all moving along.

    30. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on December 5

      We're behind...
      EleMetal Dice - February 2018 Delivery (At this point)
      Spectrum Dice - February 2018 (At this point)
      GM Screens (Ongoing but most in 2018)
      Plastic Dice (Most before holidays 2017) Remainder after
      Quarter and Half Cores - January - March
      Flume Fusions - April 2018
      - H

    31. Missing avatar

      Heather McDonald
      on December 5

      No, his other projects are way behind.

    32. Kevvy Weng on December 5

      It is December already. Will the Flume come to our door before Christmas ?

    33. Rotts on November 26

      It’s after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to the next update now that the machines should be running full bore...

    34. Missing avatar

      Walter van Haasteren on November 25

      Looking good. Cannot wait to roll with this.

    35. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on November 14

      Production update published.
      - H

    36. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on November 14

      There's time to choose a liner if you like... mail us direct though.. its way faster:
      - Hal

    37. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on November 14

      Ask me again after Thanksgiving.
      Posting an update now.
      - Hal

    38. Missing avatar

      David Walley
      on November 14

      Are we going to have the towers by Christmas??

    39. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on November 7

      Hi Hal, just wondering how the production is going? Do think you are still on track for December delivery?


    40. Merita Cruz on October 29

      Am I still on time to get the liner option if I changed my mind? Just wondering.

    41. AJ Parry on October 22

      No complaint about the updates. You put out what needs to get put out and don’t hound your backers with useless information or promotions for other campaigns.

    42. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on October 21

      Thanks for the encouragement and the kind words.
      I agree that my updates can be a bit thin sometimes, I'll work on that.
      I'll have another for everyone tomorrow, just got back in from the shop and I'm pooped for tonight.
      Till then.
      Thanks for all your support and patience!

    43. AJ Parry on October 21

      Just wanted to point something out. Right now I’m waiting on five kickstarters to fulfill their backers, this one included. Of those five... this is the only one where the backers aren’t irate over communication. Granted Hal is short and to the point in his updates which leaves a lot of stuff to question, but he is quick to respond to your questions. I just got an update that was excessively verbose and said nothing to calm the masses on another project.

      Maybe it’s because Hal has so many successful campaigns or it’s because the majority of the backers have likely backed his projects before and know that he puts out a good product. Whatever it may be, it’s nice to be part of a campaign that isn’t full of disgruntled individuals. Great backer community right here!

    44. Missing avatar

      Sam Lamont on October 13

      my hero! thank you so much!

    45. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on October 13

      Try now. I've unlocked your survey and re-sent the link to you.

      Make any changes you need.

    46. Missing avatar

      Sam Lamont on October 11

      I've had to move address rather suddenly due to an unforseen change in circumstances and i no longer have access to the house or the mail going there. Is there anyway i can pay to have my shipping address changed please?

    47. Missing avatar

      Kevin Krause on September 29

      Sorry, just checked and that segment isn't up on the website... saw it there a couple of days ago in the dice base section with wood and liner examples for the quarter core bases. They also had a nice set of finished wood and liner examples in the pledge manager.
      Maybe Hal could post those on his website to let you see the spectacular wood selections he has. He apparently has access to some very nice exotic as well as common woods.

    48. Rotts on September 29

      @Kevin I'm not finding anything like that on the website. Can you post a link. Thanks.

    49. Missing avatar

      Kevin Krause on September 29

      Rotts, check out the ZUCATI web site. He has nice example of both the wood tones,colors, and finishes as well as a nice set of examples of different liners. If these come out as beautiful as those with this functionality I think we have all made out like fat rats on this kickstarter!!!

    50. Missing avatar

      Kevin Krause on September 29

      Brilliant...... you captured all the best ideas in this redesign in a nice compact package without sacrificing functionality.... I had ordered 3 of these, do you think that with this you will have a punch form for cutting out liners and can I order some to be put in these if I hadn't ordered them before???

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