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A portable dice storage and rolling solution for any game that uses dice. Protects your dice and keeps them off the floor during play.
A portable dice storage and rolling solution for any game that uses dice. Protects your dice and keeps them off the floor during play.
A portable dice storage and rolling solution for any game that uses dice. Protects your dice and keeps them off the floor during play.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Shadowmaster110 about 3 hours ago

      Has anyone had any responses from the sales e-mail? I've sent two e-mails to update my address and no response yet. If an eta about shipping can be provided, even a very loose one, that would be awesome so it doesn't get returned.

    2. Steven Remington 2 days ago

      I'd like an update too. There being little rhyme or reason as to who gets one first, as well as the fact that others have recieved their pledge weeks ago while I've yet to hear word one of even a shipping notification has me quite worried. I remember when Hal was running Rabid Squirrel; though he did come through in the end, it took years to get a refund on something that I had preordered which ended up never being produced.

    3. SuPrRaNcH 2 days ago

      @Hal - Exactly how many in terms of % of flumes has been send out to backers of this KS. I know there are a few people that said they have received their flume. When are you planning to send out all remaining flumes ?

    4. Missing avatar

      graham newton 3 days ago

      Hi Hal
      it,s been q while since posted a comment but having backed a few kickstarter before and since i have yet to come across one with a total disregard for their backers who have paid hard earned
      Money for this item i know you said you had to pay bills this is not our problem im not sure how you can keep selling these items on different platforms but not honoring your commitments to backers have lost fsith that i will ever see these dice flume,s surprise me

    5. Gianluca Casu 5 days ago

      Did anyone receive an answer from writing to the sales mail given below?

    6. Blaqwolf
      5 days ago

      @ravynlocke that is perfectly fine since I can order one off of their etsy page and get it next week

    7. Rotts 5 days ago

      @RaveynLocke LOL

    8. Ravynlocke
      5 days ago

      Man @David you are so getting yours last. :)

    9. Strokumvt 5 days ago

      People have gotten theirs?

    10. Missing avatar

      Jonathan 6 days ago

      For people who have received their flume, what backer number are you?

    11. Blaqwolf
      on June 7

      So where do I start... I understand Delays and "Bumps in the Road" during production.What I do not understand is pure negligence of planning. Form a company that has created 27 projects and multi outlets for these. You would think you would plan so that overlapping this bad wouldn't happen. This was the third project that I ever backed out of the first 10 this and one other I haven't received.The other project is having logistic issues with their suppliers. I can not go onto their web site and order their product and have it here within 7-10 days,like I can with a Flume. On Feb 25 your update showed 176 Flumes near completion. A month later April 25th you updated with fulfillment shipping. We are 311 days out from funding.And 157 days past projected delivery date. I have had other dice trays and dice towers that I have backed after this one arrive already. One works out of his garage and it is only him and a cat. I am not upset about not having the product yet I want the quality that you put into the other work that I have. But on this project you seem a lot less forthcoming with info on what is happening. Which is disconcerting... Really hoping to have this for my epic in July guess we will have to just wait and see

    12. Blaqwolf
      on June 6


    13. Aaron aka Itchy
      on June 6

      Sorry it took so long to comment. My flume arrived a couple weeks ago.
      Things I love:
      -It fits into my Dice Base 2
      -It snaps together flat
      -It does not wobble when I run my Titanium dice through it

      Thing I don't like:
      -Sometimes the die jumps out of the tray at the end of the roll. (Note: This is not a problem when I roll into the dice base 2, only into the integrated base)

    14. Rotts on June 6

      I Second that....

    15. Otter Libris
      on June 6

      I am eagerly looking forward to my flume... I've seen your work in the past and know you only send out products of quality. I'd rather wait for quality than have something slap-dashed together.

      Thanks for the hard work!

    16. Strokumvt on June 6

      Awesome thanks!

    17. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on June 5

      Got it.
      - H

      Keep it up...

    18. Strokumvt on June 5

      I emailed you with a change of address when you sent out the update. Any chance you got it? Making sure since you seem to be changing some email stuff around. Thanks.

    19. Blaqwolf
      on June 5

      Must of took the improved dodge feat...

    20. Hal Zucati 27-time creator on June 4

      Any change of address needed? Send us mail at Our mail provider at GoDaddy changed back-end servers without telling us so we've had to change how we accept mail.

      All previous mail addresses are now dead. We're starting over with this one and will add as needed as each new one costs us. We can do aliases... but there's issues with that as well.. so... for now... is how you get in touch. We can unlock your survey and allow any needed address updates.

      Thanks and sorry for the fuss.

      - Hal

    21. SuPrRaNcH on June 4

      @Hal - Please provide an update. Did all the Flumes been shipped out by now ?

    22. Missing avatar

      Jonathan on June 4

      I'm hoping this gets delivered fine to a PO Box - no responses to my messages in a few months so I guess it's headed there instead of a business address.

    23. Christian DeVries on June 1

      May has come and gone. How about an update on shipping?

    24. Blaqwolf
      on May 31

      This is getting close to the same page as Monster dice.....

    25. Merita Cruz on May 31

      @Gianluca :D

    26. Gianluca Casu on May 31

      @Merita You are between the most interesting for sure! :D

    27. Merita Cruz on May 30

      I’m quite interesting then!

    28. Gianluca Casu on May 30

      There is a more interesting mix of people that are still waiting and don't understand this secrecy.

    29. Steamed Hams on May 30

      There is an interesting mix of people recieving their flumes. At least in these comments

    30. Steven Remington on May 30

      Currently at game, and once again wishing I had my dice tower. Nothing so far here in California.

    31. Blaqwolf
      on May 29

      @bygrinstow. At this time .7% have been recieved

    32. Blaqwolf
      on May 23


    33. Admiral Moggie on May 23

      Mine arrived in Australia today - nice, sturdy, compact and those magnets are intense! Great job Hal, love your work :-)

    34. Iain Mabbott on May 22

      I'm not sure too many can have been shipped given there's only 2 people below confirming receipt.

      I would definitely appreciate an update at this stage.

    35. bygrinstow on May 21

      An Update that said "15% have shipped" -- or whatever the number currently is -- would be very welcome.

      If they're shipping, at least a weekly Update would be a good thing, til they're all out the door. Doesn't have to be long, just a few words on where things stand.

    36. Rotts on May 17

      What carrier are they using for shipping? I want to know which website to wear out my F5 key on...

    37. 1soni
      on May 17

      Received in Little Rock, Ar. today

    38. Rotts on May 17

      Joined the group... she looks pretty. Thanks for posting it, nice to see one in the wild.

    39. Gianluca Casu on May 17

      @AJ Okay this is plainly MEAN, you posted on a closed group? -_-"

    40. Iain Mabbott on May 17

      Good to hear people are starting to receive their Flume Fusion's!

    41. Steamed Hams on May 16

      Oh nice. That is pretty exciting

    42. AJ Parry on May 16

      Posted in dice maniacs fb group.

    43. Rotts on May 16

      You can post links... use imgur or something, you’re killing me ;p

    44. AJ Parry on May 16

      Can’t post pics on here🤷‍♂️

    45. Rotts on May 16

      Pictures man... PICTURES!!!

    46. AJ Parry on May 16

      Mine just arrived! Smells like it was just finished in the last few days even

    47. Steamed Hams on May 15

      Nothing yet

    48. AJ Parry on May 15

      Three weeks since the shipping update of items out the door in a few days. Has anyone received theirs yet?

    49. Blaqwolf
      on May 14

      So is there an actual update??

    50. Steamed Hams on May 11

      Nope, haven't heard anything about my flume yet.

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