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A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
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Close of Beta Testing!

Posted by Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky (Creator)

Hi Backers!

We hope you’ve recovered from your holiday exploits. We’re still here, working with our beta testers to get through testing. After many arduous weeks and many e-mails and calls back and forth, we’re ending the beta test phase and are moving forward! 

We’ve gotten a ton of great feedback (some people have written hundreds of words every day since getting their machines - wow!), and we’ve been working with beta testers and our manufacturer to nail down the causes of problems and find solutions. 

 Below is a non-exhaustive summary of what we’ve been working through. Some of it will make more/less sense depending on your familiarity with the mechanics of these types of machines, but hopefully this gives everyone a bit better idea of the types of problems we saw. 

 Nothing is catastrophic, and we’ve already solved most of what’s mentioned below. 

 A Summary of Issues

 UI Issues:

  • Steam timer does not count minutes 
  • Suggest we change PID adjustment increment to 1, not 0.1
  • Suggest we move status messages from the top of the screen to the bottom to accommodate taller users 

Temperature Stability Issues:

  • Inconsistent revisions of the code installed on machines, so that some PID values are incorrect, causing temperature irregularities.

 Mechanical/Assembly Issues:

  • LCD ribbon cable not secured to PCB, causing it to disconnect on some units during shipment
  •  Low-pressure drain tube is too soft and has ruptured on several units (requires better temperature-rated tubing) 
  • OPV discharge tube is too long, causing potential for leaking 
  • Steam wand fitting is misassembled, causing potential leaking issue and lack of steam pressure
  • D-pad button sticks on some units

Next Steps

We’ve resolved about 80% of the issues brought up during beta, and will continue to work closely with the manufacturer to resolve the various issues - either with design modifications, revised code, or revised assembly procedures to ensure that components are placed precisely.

We’re currently recalling the beta units. We will then refurbish them with the changes we've made and send them back out for a round of verification. If all is well, we'll roll into production!

We know that any additional testing or delay is frustrating, but hopefully we can all remember that it means we’re close! We haven’t discovered anything devastating, but there are issues that need to be completely resolved and tested before we can happily call these ‘final’ units.

Here’s to lots of awesome espresso in 2014!

Some awesome Nocturns with some awesome labels!
Some awesome Nocturns with some awesome labels!

 Chuggin' along,  

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    1. Missing avatar

      Eric Hamilton on

      It will be great to get this machine. I wonder if this whole process has changed you and/or how you view the crowd funding deal. You guys have stayed after it and it seems close to the finish line. Good luck!

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh K on

      Y'all are leaving us hanging. What's the word?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeff Rona on

      I can almost smell the coffee. Which is great because my current espresso machine is just about DEAD! (brand name withheld). I have been so thrilled to see this process unfold, and come together. I hope ZPM has incredible success going forward. Very pleased I was a part of it!


    4. Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky Creator on

      Thanks for all your comments everyone! We'd like to apologize for the slowed response time in the past week or two - we've got our heads down trying to get everything finished for the final release, and since we've got limited hands this unfortunately means our response time is suffering. We'll do our best to be speedier going forward!
      @David Thanks for the suggestions - we'll definitely work on covering those.
      @Holger & David we'll do our best with more frequent updates as we close out.
      @Grant We're setting up a support site that will hopefully help organize issue tracking and known bugs/fixes we find - more on that once it's set up!

    5. David on

      Agree with the others. More frequent (even if they have to be smaller) updates would be greatly enjoyed. If in need of some ideas for updates, here are a few:
      1. A great update idea would be to post a teardown and repair guide on
      2. Give a updated video tour of the latest GUI showing off all the screens and features.
      3. A 360 degree photo viewer of the machine (like what has with their laptops).
      4. On the lighter side a funny video (for example of you guys destroying a bad, non zpm, espresso machine office space printer style). It seems that breaking stuff is very popular on YouTube. Or have a race to see who is the faster barista in water, packing, pulling, and cleaning as a fun way to illustrate the total time it takes.
      5. More pretty graphs on performance/speed, wattage, pressure, decibels, and temperature.
      Keep up the good work! Looks like you are rounding the curve to the final stretch. We are cheering you on.

    6. Holger Feroudj on

      I'm very happy that you decided to do the beta testing and that you can now fix those issues that came up. Have to agree with David, though: Bi-weekly updates would be great, no matter how small the announcement. The closer it comes to shipping the real thing the more impatient/fidgety people tend to get. And to me it certainly feels longer and longer, the closer we get to the end :)

    7. David on

      Definitely would prefer bi-weekly updates, even if there are not major announcements, especially since it's looking like at least another 5-6 months before we'll have our machines.

    8. Missing avatar

      Maria on

      Beta testing is a good sign. I'm pleased with this update.

    9. Missing avatar

      Grant Grundler on

      I'm totally supportive of additional testing. Getting a monthly update with "project summary" is always an interesting read. I think Reid's estimates are about right...and I'm totally ok with that.

      Considered a public "issue tracker" in case the same issues resurface on some units in the future? Then people would know how to fix them too. Should save you on support costs in the long run with better customer satisfaction.

    10. Reid on

      By my estimation the return, refurbishment, shipping, and second testing of the beta units should take us to the end of March. If production begins in April we could expect to receive our rewards May, June, & July 2014 ~2.5 years after funding.

      At some point I would enjoy reading a recap of your experience with this project. Also, more than a monthly update would be appreciated at this point.

    11. Missing avatar

      Dave S on

      (1) What's the latest on UL certification?
      (1a) Is full production still contingent on UL certification? Or is final UL certification no longer a "must have" for the Kickstarter units?
      (2) Now that beta is closed, do we get to hear from the beta testers (as promised)?

    12. Matthew Naftzger on

      Thank you. Still excited.

    13. Michael Switzer on

      I don't know about dedication to excellence, more like dedication to just getting the damn thing to work. I am supporting you "on wanting to get it right", but I must say my expections have been considerably lowered.

    14. JJ Roest on

      Thanks for the update, I was just wondering how the beta was going, so great timing! Great job on getting things done and not getting bogged down; I know you feel bad about the delays, but I'm sure everybody supports you on wanting to get it right!

    15. John Hauschildt on

      Thanks for the update. Sounds like the beta testing worked well and resulted in many positive fixes that end users won't have to worry about.

    16. Maziar Zamani on

      Freaking awesome! Keep the spirit high and keep moving forward! :-)

    17. Alia Thabit on

      I love getting your updates!
      Your dedication to excellence and determination to nail this thing are inspiring.
      Thank you!

    18. Missing avatar

      David Schoneveld on

      feels like we're getting better machines than initially imagined! Thanks for the update!

    19. Bruno Bigras on

      I don't know if it was mentioned in earlier post but is the UL certification done?