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A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
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Beta in Progress

Posted by Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky (Creator)

Hi Backers,

We’re writing today to let you know that beta testing is under way! We received a ton of emails from volunteers, and the final beta list was created from a balanced group of users with some priority given to the original backer queue, and are sincerely grateful to everyone who reached out to show their continued enthusiasm for the project.

About half of the beta machines have already gone out, and we’re shipping the rest as they roll off the line. As always, it’s going slower than we’d all like, but it’s progress!

Three tweaks made, more to come

We’ve already worked through three modifications to the beta design:

  • We’ve added a deburring step to ensure that all of the edges of the machine are smooth - as there were some sharp edges that caused snags when inserting and removing the portafilter. 
Old corner with sharper edge.
Old corner with sharper edge.
New corner with radius.
New corner with radius.
  • We modified the portafilters to have a 15˚ angle at the handle, which makes them easier to insert into the group head without knuckle knocking or knocking the portafilter itself, which can break the seal between the puck and the portafilter basket wall. 
  • We modified the drip tray to make it easier to lift out of the machine.

We’re already hearing some great feedback on user experience, and once testing is complete we’ll update with a summary of everything that’s been identified, as we’ll likely see a combination of hardware tweaks that need to be made before further machines ship out, and software improvements that can be released as updates while machines are shipping.

Okay, but how's the coffee?

All the feedback we're getting from beta folks is that the espresso the machine is making is great and consistent. Hooray! That's what we're all here for, so hopefully that's reassuring to everyone who's supported the project!

Slow and steady progress, but the end is near!

With love,

Your Team

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    1. Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky Creator on

      @Callum & Mark We still won't be updating on the 240V front until we've got final 120V units shipping. This is because there's essentially no movement on the timeline or development of those units until we're able to successfully, reliably put out 120V machines. As soon as that happens, though, we'll be sure to let you all know!
      @Marcello Steam is good, and we've made some adjustments to the steam control to improve it according to feedback that it could be a bit stronger (in a previous update we mentioned that we tempered it a bit because the feedback we got then was that the steam might be too aggressive for the 'average' home user).

    2. Callum Wood on

      Hi guys,

      I just want to echo Mark Caines' question regarding 240v machines - Any news/estimates on shipping dates? Keep up the great work!

    3. Marcello Bastea-Forte on

      Glad to hear the espresso is great/consistent. How is the steam action? Any limitations we should know about? I remember some talk about speeding up the time between the two...

    4. Missing avatar

      Londonmark on


      Thanks for the response. Would have loved to have been part of the beta but am in the UK waiting for 240V so not eligible. Obvious question: any update on the 240V shipping date. Before Easter? Easter is pretty late this year... ;-)

    5. Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky Creator on

      @Luke & Marcello No problem! We try to strike a balance in the updates where there's a general overview, but not so much detail that people end up not reading them (which is what we noticed with some of our longer updates; it seems that with briefer updates there's higher penetration, and we're usually able to cover specific questions individually as they arise). We'll try to shift back in the other direction, and always feel free to email/comment for more info! (email:

    6. Missing avatar

      Luke Padgett on

      Thank you very much for your response, and I concur that putting that sort of info in the actual update would be greatly appreciated. The note about how manual the current process is compared to the final run helps to put the delays in context. Sorry, I'm one of those "I love additional info" types :)

      Have a great holiday guys!

    7. Marcello Bastea-Forte on

      Thanks for the detailed comment. Would appreciate that kind of information in the updates themselves! :-)

    8. Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky Creator on

      @Luke It's true that it's taking longer than we'd hoped. This is due to a variety of factors, mostly related to QC'ing of various components and the final assembly, which is currently done manually on individual units, not on a final QC rig.
      We're still going with 50 beta testers, and units are being built in shifts, with about half complete.
      The production rate for the beta units isn't reflective of the final rate, since everything is being done manually now, and we're working through feedback and production issues as they occur with each unit.
      Based on some of the issues we've found, we don't expect to continue the beta process through the end of the year.
      We expect to have fulfilled all current pre-orders in the 2 months from the close of beta testing and start of the final production run (so end of February by current estimates). Could we theoretically get units out faster? Yes. But we can't afford rush shipping/manufacturing, which is a big part of why everything feels like it's taking much longer than it should. We simply don't have priority.
      @Mark You haven't heard from them precisely because we've asked them not to post, as we want to get isolated feedback from all of the testers so that we can accurately assess each of the issues they bring up. For example, if someone posts that they've noticed X, we don't want to see a bunch of posts that reiterate X, when those testers might not have noticed X on their own. Similarly, we don't want testers just checking off the list of issues that other people have seen, which might cause them to ignore things that they'd otherwise perceive as issues.
      Once beta testing is complete, they'll be free to post their reviews/experiences, and we'll put up a comprehensive list of the issues they've identified.

    9. Missing avatar

      Londonmark on

      Good to have an update, but I'm curious to know whether there is any discussion among the beta testers that the rest of us can see. There's complete silence on the ZPM forum, and virtually no comments here. I imagine there is a separate forum for the beta testers, but it would be good if all backers could at least read what the beta testers are saying.

    10. Missing avatar

      Luke Padgett on

      It's a little disheartening to learn that 6 weeks after saying "the first 50 units will be rolling off the presses ASAP" and a month after saying those first 50 units would be going out to beta testers that only half have received there machine. So...questions.

      Are you going with more than 50 beta testers?
      The original call was for a 2-3 week beta. Since that time has passed, how much longer are you going to run the beta?
      50 units in 6 weeks is bad. Why did production of the first 50 take so long? Did you do multiple beta shifts?
      How long do you expect fulfillment to take place after the beta test concludes?
      Are the beta testers getting a "finalized" machine? If yes will they be getting it before or after all the other KS backers?
      What's the new timeline?