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A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
1,546 backers pledged $369,569 to help bring this project to life.

But I want it now: Production Schedule Update

Hey guys,

There has been a ton going on over the past day, so we just want to keep you all in the loop.

First off, we want to give a big thank you to everyone who has backed us, blogged about us, tweeted about us, and contacted us with offers of help, advice and encouragement. As you might have noticed, we’ve reached 400% of our funding goal in the first four days of the funding period! We’re beyond thrilled, but the sheer size of the response has taken us by surprise. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to figure out two of the biggest issues we’ve been facing.

This update is going to address our plans for our production schedule, so it applies to everyone. We know it’s long, but we wanted to be as clear about everything as possible, so please bear with us. (The second issue is deciding whether to make a 240V international version of the machine, and we’re working on an update about that, too - sit tight!)

So here’s the deal: we originally figured that by the end of the Kickstarter funding period, we’d have about 100 machine orders and we’d start putting them out in mid-March. As of a second ago, we have 360 machine orders in, and it’s only the fourth day. So we’ve been thinking a lot about the best way to fill these orders as soon as we can. This involves talking to suppliers and getting quotes on the cost of outsourcing our production to better-established local facilities (mostly in Virginia and Georgia). We had always intended to go into large-scale production, but in our wildest dreams we never thought it would be before our Kickstarter pledge period ended. Right now we’re planning on manufacturing machines on our previously planned timetable. This means that we’ll still start shipping orders in mid-March. We expect to be able to get about 50 machines out in March, and approximately 50-100 machines per month thereafter. Orders will be filled in the order that pledges were submitted.

That being said, we’re currently in negotiations with a few facilities here in the Southeast that would take over aspects of production. If we get enough orders, we will be able to enlist their help and manufacturing will go much faster. Until we figure out exactly what numbers we need - how much it would cost and how many machines we would have to make for it to make sense - we’re working with the previously stated schedule.

We want to stress that we still plan to start getting machines out by mid-March, as was our original estimation. But we also want to let you know that not every machine will be out by March, and that our exact timetable depends on the final number of orders. We understand that this might be a problem for some of you who have already backed us, and we want you to know that you’re able to rescind your pledge if you rather not support at this stage of the project, and that’s fine - no hard feelings! We remain as excited as ever to bring this product to you guys - the enthusiasts, the tinkerers, the pioneers. But we’re only four people, and as hard as we’re working, there are only 24 hours in the day.

The most thrilling thing about Kickstarter has been the amount of feedback we’ve gotten. You guys have raised questions about everything from branding to production to programming, telling us what you want in a machine and about how we can make that happen. It’s great to be in contact with a community of people who are interested in this machine, and we definitely want to make this an interactive process. So we’re trying to keep you up-to-date with our progress and respond to each and every one of your comments, suggestions and questions.

There are going to be bumps in the road, but we think it’s going to be a great ride. We understand that some of you might have to reconsider your backer status. We’re still thankful for all of your support and enthusiasm, and we’re still pumped about our product. If you have any questions/comments/concerns about this plan, you know how to reach us!

Coming soon: info regarding the possibility of an international version!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Colin on December 19, 2011

      Also remember, if you're willing to play a bit dangerous, you can run 120V heater coils off raw 240V using standard phase-angle dimmer PWM as long as you tightly limit the duty cycle.

      It would be better to have two heater coils that can be re-jumpered series/parallel, but it can be done with pure software, with care. Heaters aren't very sensitive to instantaneous current, just average; the only real problem is getting them too hot. (You could, if you wanted, limit peak currents and power factor with a Big Honking Inductor inside the heater/catch diode loop.)

    2. Missing avatar

      Putzinger on December 19, 2011

      +1 for European power supply version

    3. Robert Jung on December 19, 2011

      +1 for international version!

    4. Jason TS Chiu
      on December 18, 2011

      Please provide the option for a 240V version. Definitely keen for this since I am also an international pledger.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nathan on December 18, 2011

      +1 for the 240V version.

    6. Missing avatar

      Bry Ashman on December 17, 2011

      Awesome, I would also love to see a 240V international version. Very keen to see a community pop up around software and hardware modifications :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Michael F on December 17, 2011

      Great work guys. I'm another keen 240v pledger.

    8. Suzanne Tambasco on December 16, 2011

      Thanks for the updates. You seem to have a sound design. Build it ...and they will come...well we are coming in DROVES. Take your time, understand that you cannot please everyone all the time. Stay true to the goal, the dream, the passion. Air travel will not adversely affect beans packed Sotto vuoto --vaccum packed. I bring them to the US from Italy all the time. Air will adversely affect them over time. Pressure increased that. Unless the plane breaks apart and loses pressure --you are good...I suppose you won't be worrying about the beans at that point. Please do a 240 volt!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Claes H on December 16, 2011

      Yes. European voltage, please.

    10. Missing avatar

      Terry Muldoon on December 16, 2011

      please please please international.

    11. Ted Bradley on December 16, 2011

      I'm also on 240v here in the UK :)

      Also.. I would have gone for the next pledge up with the tamp, but did you know you can't fly roasted beans? All the gases release when they decompress at high altitude so they go stale. So I'm told anyway.

    12. Tom White on December 16, 2011

      I'm adding my voice to the 240V please crowd too. Coffee is quite popular here in Europe!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ollie on December 16, 2011

      Just wanted to add my voice to the "240V please" crowd; Juux is right, the VAST majority of the world runs on 240V and with your reasonable international shipping rates, you'll sell a lot of units overseas!
      Good luck guys!

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan on December 15, 2011

      The communication is very appreciated. Congratulations on a successful project. Theres still hope that not everyone thinks Startbucks is a great place for espresso drinks.

    15. Ash Richards on December 15, 2011

      This is awesome to see this growing even in the last two days.

      I'm one of the backers for a 240v version :) Really excited about this machine. Great updates too guys.

    16. Russell Chisholm on December 15, 2011

      Great job keeping us informed. This must be overwhelming and exhilarating. I believe most of the backers of this project will be willing to wait as long as it takes to give you the flexibility to build the best machine you can produce. Your openness to feedback is appreciated, too. Can't wait to pull some shots with you!

    17. Missing avatar

      Roy Hill on December 15, 2011

      Perhaps the production schedule could be helped by producing the first set of machines in just one exclusive color that is never produced again. This could reduce the variables in production and create an "Exclusive" for backers. I vote for Matte Black or simple brushed aluminum :)

    18. Deborah Schumacher
      on December 15, 2011

      You might close out the current levels, make them limited and create new categories with later delivery dates. I've seen projects do that to set the appropriate expectations.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marianne on December 15, 2011

      Don't mind waiting, especially for a 240V version!

    20. James Olney on December 15, 2011

      I'm happy with delays as long as the end result is as good as i can be. I'm excited about this.
      I'm also gunning for a 240v version, or a multi voltage version.
      Thanks for the update!

    21. Missing avatar

      William Stark on December 15, 2011

      Guys don't be swayed by what appears to be an overnight winner. The key is to produce a great product, even if it means taking more time and slowing the start. At the end of the day, it is the user experience the will determine your place in the market.

    22. Gordon Moar on December 15, 2011

      I'm fine with a delay to shipment, but I would like to add my voice to the call for a 230V version.

      I know you'll have the metrics to support the business case of supplying two versions (or a single multi-voltage product!), but I feel that one of the advantages you have in a "internet marketed, sold and supported" model is that you need not wait for a distribution and support framework to be in place before you sell into country X.

      You only need to look at to see where you may be missing sales if a 230V version is not part of the plans from day one.

    23. Missing avatar

      Tim Foote on December 15, 2011

      Thanks for the update! I knew I should have pledged earlier than I did lol. Good luck with the outsourcing and hope you can get it all figure out. I can't wait to get my hands on the machine and start tinkering!
      I'm one of the backer's keen for a 240v version so let me just say this - PRETTY PLEASE!