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A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
1,546 backers pledged $369,569 to help bring this project to life.

Final ZPM Update

Posted by Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We finally closed a deal with John Buckman of Decent Espresso, and sold him a license on all ZPM IP -- including the thermoblock technology and shot profiling software!

After many months of negotiation and legal wrangling with his lawyers, the final terms boiled down to the following: Decent Espresso gets the rights to ZPM technology in exchange for offering all machine pre-order customers a $200 voucher on the machine they build using the ZPM IP.

Machine-level backers should all have already received or will soon receive an e-mail from Decent Espresso with your voucher code.

Thank you all very much for all your support through the hard times. We fought very hard to get this deal closed, and while not a refund, this deal is the best we could get that allows us to give all our backers and pre-order customers some sort of consideration for their support and effort.

This is the final update for ZPM. Thank you again for everything you've done and put into this project. We leave you with an unreleased video we hope you'll enjoy:

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    1. Missing avatar

      Brandon Boswell on

      Did anyone get their vouchers? I can't find mine

    2. Missing avatar

      Ray Lok on

      I have not received my voucher, can you re-send it or something? It has been a long wait, and i have almost forgotten about this project!

    3. Missing avatar

      Priscilla Yuen on

      Echoing the comments about the tamper- I paid for one much later in the process, going on trust and faith the project would go through, is there any way to at least get us these?

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil Pajor on

      So I still haven't been contacted for my voucher code. Should I be worried?

      I spent ~300 (canadian, that shipping fee, lol) for an espresso machine with tamper and a lb of coffee. I'd sure like that tamper, just like everyone else here.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joe Angy on

      Bad choice for decent espresso, could have done without be linked to zpm in my opinion.
      I bought a tamper, you posted photos of those right away, can I just have that at least?

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Meyer on

      I was one of the backers who left at least one request urging for more frequent updates, and for a while I thought this was dead. However, I must say that if the project is to have failed, I am at least grateful that you tried to give us backers something out of it.

      Also, based on my understanding, they didn't get any money out of the deal. The update says, "Decent Espresso gets the rights to ZPM technology in exchange for offering all machine pre-order customers a $200 voucher on the machine."

    7. Ash Richards on

      yeah I'm with all the other comments here. where are the shot glasses/ tamper/ tshirts that people (including myself) paid for with or without a machine purchase?

      I hope you guys feel lousy about the way you have run this and never run another business again!

    8. Michael Teo on

      Anyone wants to buy my $200 coupon at a 50% discount please let me know at Thanks

    9. Missing avatar

      Jake Baldwin

      What bull$41t!!! If I had $1000 to spend on an espresso machine I wouldn't have wasted my time backing one on Kickstarter for $200. I want my tamper and shot glasses, I paid for those.

    10. Azam on

      I'd love to see how many of us end up doing this. I'd really love to meet the moron who thinks a bunch of people who burned $200 on a idea are waiting in line to dish out $800 on another fantasy machine.

    11. Michael G on

      I'd like my tamper please. This had nothing to do with the espresso machine development.

    12. Missing avatar

      Meredith James on

      I'd like my shipping fee's reimbursed thank you. It's bad enough we backed a loosing horse but the shipping fee was not part of that deal.
      Would love to see the budget spread sheet. Basically you just paid yourselves wages and had some metal work done right?
      We can all learn from this. I will never back another gadget over $20 again.
      As someone below said, communication was the main thing that was lacking. I can't afford an $800 coffee machine but good luck to those of you that can.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andrew Chan on

      Would still love to get my tamper.

    14. Missing avatar

      William on

      Tampers. Shotglasses. These are physical items we purchased and you did procure. How about selling the license to get some shipping $ to send these out? At least I can show people my $200 tamper.

    15. Missing avatar

      rob on

      I wonder what the market value is for a set of customers who are verified suckers.

    16. Holger Feroudj on

      I forgive you guys.

      That decent coffee machine looks decent indeed. I won't pre-order because I'm still a bit traumatized when it comes to funding espresso machines, but if everything turns out alright I may actually use the coupon and get one of these.

    17. Missing avatar

      Zeb on

      Yes, Gleb: Tell us how much money you received in return for your "intellectual property."

      Maybe if you'd spent more time considering the machine with clear eyes and less money on magic balloons we'd all have something to show for our money.

    18. Rdg on

      You know where you can file your last update Gleb. If you bother to read these messages. And don't worry if you want to get me suspended again you .........! F U does not only stand for final update. S F B

    19. Javier Parra on

      Hello, ZPM team (or what's left of it) I just want to thank you for your efforts and hard work. I know most of your backers are very angry at you for this whole situation but I don't think they understand how difficult it is to pull up a project this size (actually, I don't think you guys understood it at first). Just don't let this whole situation bring you down. Remember that you only fail when you stop trying. Now you have experience and you'll recognize the red flags in any other project you start.

      Thanks again for keeping all of your angry backers in mind when trying to figure out how to end all of this.

      PS. Something to consider: I think the reason your backers turned sour was just lack of communication.

    20. Missing avatar

      Kevin McKenzie

      At least based on the update: "Decent Espresso gets the rights to ZPM technology in exchange for offering all machine pre-order customers a $200 voucher on the machine they build using the ZPM IP." So the ZPM folks made no money on the transfer of technology; instead, Decent Espresso offered all backers a $200 voucher. It it an optimal ending? No, but it seems like a decent attempt at offering backers something.

    21. Missing avatar

      Kevin Wilson on

      Where is the tamper and shot glasses that you guys already made and I was expecting?

    22. Jason Hardy on

      Great ... now I get a opportunity to spend another $800 on some guy with an overpriced espresso machine! Thanks for taking my money and selling out.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jonathan R Freed

      Actually, you guys are great! Most dead projects are just that - dead. I'm very happy you looked out for your backers' interests, and wish you the best in any future endeavors.

    24. Vishal Vora on

      You liars... if you SOLD up, I expect a refund, in full, forthwith.

    25. Missing avatar

      james on

      And my temper?
      You guys are thieves and failures?

    26. George Chiesa on

      You guys really suck. What do you mean that you SOLD the license. Who cashed the money?
      Please immediate donate that money to a charity if you can't refund.