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A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
1,546 backers pledged $369,569 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky (Creator)

There's a lot going on at ZPM HQ right now!

Negotiations to get ZPM back on track have been going well, and we're hopeful that we'll have more news to announce soon. Unfortunately, these sorts of negotiations are pretty delicate and need to be confidential, so we're unable to provide more details until things are finalized. 

Mid-April is our current deadline for finalizing a deal, and we'll definitely put out another update after that, whether we have good news or bad.

Until then, fingers crossed!

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    1. Nicholas Fiennes on

      I'm guessing it's time to accept our money is gone and we need to move on.

    2. Asher Yanich on

      y'all are criminals. You should be doing your hardest to pay back every single penny that you raised on kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hans Liland on

      Estimated delivery
      Dec 2012
      Now it isa almost December 2015.
      And no update since may where you say you are coming back soon that is 4 months. I think the backers have been patient enough. Im still waiting for a fresh home brewed espresso..

    4. Missing avatar

      Meredith James on

      Any updates? Its now September 2015.....

    5. Missing avatar

      Aaron Turner on

      According to the dictionary, the word "deadline" means:

      the latest time or date by which something should be completed.

      Now "mid-April" was your own self-imposed deadline and here it is, the second half of July.

      Look, nobody really expected you to have any good news after the clusterfuck that has been this kickstarter project. Just post that it's over and bring closure so everyone who gave you their hard earned money can just move on.

    6. dave sound on

      Yes, even a box of random parts showing up at my door would be great.

    7. Tim Lossen on

      the FTC has published its first investigation of a crowdfunding project today:

      "Despite Chevalier’s promises he did not provide the rewards, nor did he provide refunds to his backers. In fact, according to the FTC’s complaint, Chevalier spent most of the money on unrelated personal expenses"

      "To file a complaint in English or Spanish, visit the FTC’s online Complaint Assistant or call 1-877-FTC-HELP (1-877-382-4357)."

    8. robert tolar haining on

      It's been a month since y'all said you'd post a final update after negotiations were complete. Any news? thanks!

    9. Bryce Bockman on

      My 10 year old Saeco, finally died yesterday. I'm going to the store to by a Crossland CC1.

    10. Missing avatar

      Matthew Garrow on

      A final update? Let's hope it's a positive one.

    11. Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky Creator on

      Still ongoing -- as soon as they are complete, we'll post a final update.

    12. Jason Smith on

      So what is the official status of these negotiations?

    13. Missing avatar

      Mr. Ed on

      Decent Espresso is a new machine, not a continuation of ZPM, and Decent was trying to buy ZPM, but decided not to. However, the story might not be over, as neither ZPM nor Decent has issued an official announcement, despite the info in the NYT article. I guess we'll have to wait and see how it ultimately plays out.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael K on

      @Holger, it seems to be "Decent Espresso" now. "Available in 2016 for under one thousand dollars."

    15. Missing avatar

      William on

      Darn, thanks for clarifying.

    16. Missing avatar

      Aaron Turner on


      No, there was no buyout. That fell through.

    17. Missing avatar

      William on

      @Holger If I read it correctly, seems like the original team was bought out by a fellow backer, who might try to bring this thing back to life

    18. Holger Feroudj on

      Enlightening information in the NYT article, at last.
      However, can someone explain to me what the last paragraph and the thing about a new coffee company called "Decent Coffee" means?

    19. Keith Woodson

      Oh, look. The last day of April is coming to an end, & still, no update.
      The NYT article was very interesting.

    20. Missing avatar

      Michael K on

      From the NYT article: "ZPM’s second manufacturer, San Diego’s D&K, told the founders their engineering drawings weren’t adequate and presented them with overage fees totaling $100,000. Pending payment, Polyakov says, D&K is still holding the consigned parts and assembled machines hostage. (D&K declined to comment on the matter.)"

    21. Holger Feroudj on

      So, mid-April has come and almost passed... I suggest to stick to your own communication deadlines if you want to keep some of the already severely diminished trust people have...

    22. Ian Aitken on

      I would love this to be a success. These things are always difficult. Please ignore all those negative comments for others that should know better. Sometimes things fails and it hurts. If there is a way to make the product we all want then you have my complete support. You must taste failure to know how sweet success is. Keep going guys and good luck.

    23. Missing avatar

      Joe Angy on

      *Negotiations - but I could have been right with Negations "the contradiction or denial of something."

    24. Missing avatar

      Joe Angy on

      You believe this lie? Negations doesn’t take this long. I guess another hopeful post, HOPEFULLY the last one though. :(

    25. Jesse Hawkins on

      How have the negotiations been going over the last 9 days? What exactly is being negotiated? With whom? And why?

    26. Ash Richards on

      And even though the project seems to have failed, I still didn't get the shirt or shot glasses from my backed level.... *sigh* I guess I'll stick around to see what comes of this "mid april" announcement

    27. Michael Elwin on

      I'm sorry but why is Gleb sending out emails saying that the company is insolvent and is only attempting to make creditors and pre-order customers (read not Kickstarter contributors) whole.

    28. Missing avatar

      diggrd on

      Out of any of the crowd-funded endeavors I have participated in I always considered this KS to be my contribution to further the education of some young graduates in the world of American manufacturing that has been my career for over 30 years. It was apparent from the overwhelming response given the modest goals set early on that project creep was about to throw this team a major curve ball as I have seen happen many time before. I hold no ill will toward this team having been burned worse from others. I also have benefitted daily from a somewhat overpriced appliance that was part of my pledge reward. Whether this project rises like the phoenix or just lingers on to a slow uneventful death one thing I hope for is a detailed account in a pleasing narrative form from someone who knows the story and thinks there is something to be learned from the experience.

    29. Jesse Hawkins on

      @Gleb and @Igor - Thanks for replying. :) My tone was harsh, and I apologize. I hope you can appreciate the perspective from this side of the deal: my money is gone, time has passed, I've received the "well, it's over" email... and then this update happens. The icing on the cake is that the update says nothing of any real substantive quality. Was their a coup? A break in where all the materials were stolen? Were you hacked? Did the two of you bite off more than you planned and things went helplessly out of control? Did a beta tester copy your product and sell it direct in China?

      I think I speak for many people when I say that we simply want clarity. Harsh, bright light. If you are behind say it. And say why. If you are broke, say so. And state the reasons. If you plan to get people at least some of their money back, say that. And tell them what the books look like at ZPM.

      Please, please strive to do better. Just tell us what is going on. You have my money, as well as other's, and we at least deserve that.

    30. Missing avatar

      tau_ceti on

      You expect us to believe you after you have proven untrustworthy and deceitful? You know very well that many of us are pursuing legal action against you and any investor would know the same thing. Look I have four million that I am acquiring by selling my business and I need to invest in during the next few months, but there is no way in hell I would give you another penny. This update reeks of trying to stave off the lawsuits that a group of us are starting against you. That's all it is. The fact that you still don't understand how you have done wrong, that you still act as the aggrieved party, not swindlers, which is what you and Janet have become in my eyes, speaks volumes. But I guess you are those kind of spoon fed kids raised by parents eho always gave you a pony. Well kid, welcome to the real world. You are closing in on thirty, we are closing in on lawsuits, multiple major media outlets will be writing about what you did, and the pony is dead.

    31. Missing avatar

      Cheryl Gledhill on

      Soooo you guys have spent a quarter of a million dollars with nothing to show for it, but a magical investor is talking to you guys about getting everything back on track?


    32. Matt Symons on

      Considering that I had written this off as DOA, this is (potentially?) good news.

    33. George Chiesa on

      You guys need to grow...
      You might be well intentioned.
      But sounds very immature.
      Best luck. You need it.

    34. Missing avatar

      Michael F on

      This is great news and happy to see you have picked up the towel, after it seemed like you had thrown it all in with the last update. Fingers crossed that it gets some legs and thanks for the 'transparency'......the ups and the downs.

    35. Steve Kang on

      I still have an ember of faith. If you need a second round of funding, I'd consider supporting it. In for a penny....

    36. Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky Creator on

      @Jesse, Apologies for not signing the update, it was an oversight on my part -- Gleb

    37. Emad Ghazipura on

      That's cute, but I've already lost $500 to you guys. That was more than 2 years ago. If you're not on track to deliver products in the field now, how will you be in April?

    38. Missing avatar

      Stuart Gailey on

      I hope you are completely successful. I'm only in this project for a dollar, but I think the machine is really cool.

    39. Missing avatar

      Mr. Ed on

      @Jesse Hawkins We absolutely need to be able to 'like' comments. Come on Kickstarter!

    40. Brett Hamilton on

      Stop messing with my heart!! I was hurt and disappointed the first time. I don't think I can though another break up like that again.

    41. Jesse Hawkins on

      Spec-fucking-tacular update.

      We have someone (who wrote this?) that is working on a deal (for what, with whom, since when?) that has a deadline (at which time what happens exactly?) and the real kicker is that the news might be good or bad.

      I look forward to hearing more, but my level of expectation has been lowered to the point that a message of random letters created by banging on the keyboard would be sufficient. Kudos, you've won.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris Young

      !!! woohoo

    43. Missing avatar

      Mr. Ed on

      @David J Rodriguez I would give Baratza a call about your problems with the Vario. I have one and Baratza's support has been terrific. They've talked me through stuff on the phone and sent free bits if necessary.

    44. David J Rodriguez on

      Rooting for y'all & keeping my fingers crossed!

      Gleb et al, have never managed to get my Baratza Vario coffee grinder going, I've been gone from home half of the time, now back & looking for an electrician-- guess I can just google Baratza about the possibility of certified techs in Puerto Rico? Any ideas?? Help!
      & thanks-- David J R S

    45. Bryce Bockman on

      Wow, what a roller coaster. Good luck guys!

    46. James Wagner on

      I believe there is a market for an espresso maker like this. It is possible that it could happen through this group. If nothing more, I'll get some more entertainment value. I'm happy to support small time visionaries with my small time angel funding.