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PID-Controlled Espresso Machine's video poster

A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on January 20, 2012.

A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.

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    1. Creator Kevin Davison about 17 hours ago

      It's ridiculous that Kickstarter will facilitate a 20k project going to 370k and just hand these guys over a check. If the creators hit 20k with nothing to show then Kickstarter could at least divide the remain 350k to the backers and we wouldn't be the ones out a full 200 dollars. It sucks to live paycheck to paycheck hoping for an espresso machine just to know that someone took 200 dollars from me with no recourse possible. Geb, I hope in your first few months of this living on cloud 9 you had some nice celebration dinners on my tab.

    2. Creator frankly about 20 hours ago

      Even a combination of those two Triggertrap stories doesn't provide enough info, in my opinion.

      As we patiently wait for some semblence of follow-up from our project creators, I can only imagine how feverishly they are working to write the War & Peace sized tome that details the failure.

      Or not.

    3. Creator Michael K about 20 hours ago

      The Triggertrap Ada link that Wayland posted is an interesting read. That said, I was quite surprised to read the Triggertrap Ada post on Medium a mere six weeks earlier, which was all rosy at the end:

      I think the latest post is a bit short on how things changed so very quickly between January 22 and March 1.

    4. Creator Austin Fonacier 1 day ago

      Yes Wayland's link hits it out of the ballpark and I highly recommend everyone read it.

    5. Creator TB 2 days ago

      Two thumbs up for Wayland's link. Gleb should read this and learn something about transparency with backers.

      The tone of the past few months of posts would have been much different had he used this kind of honest, humble and insightful approach vs. leaving us with "We are deeply and truly sorry that despite our best efforts, we were not able to get this machine across the finish line."

    6. Creator Ryan 4 days ago

      Believe it or not there's even more poorly managed projects w/ even more money invested on KS. Check out "Solid Watch", going on 4 years with people spending $600+ for a watch and they still have nothing to show for it. A watch taking 4 years, holy toledo.

    7. Creator Ryan 5 days ago

      That had to know at least a year ago this project was a bust. I forgot its been 3 whole years. Honestly they should have known, w/in the first year it was a flop.

    8. Creator Josh K 6 days ago


    9. Creator Jimmy Wan on February 25

      It's now been about 6 weeks since the last update and over 3 years since the project was already funded. I have no doubt that the initial state of the project was misguided optimism and hubris, but to wait this long for a description of what has happened, how funds were spent, what's left, and how we move forward is not very reasonable.

    10. Creator TB on February 19

      People reading his LinkedIn profile might be surprised when reading these comments.

      Gotta love this quote for his current Crowdfunding Consultant biz:

      ">> Promotion/Engagement: Aid project creators in reaching prospective backers and maintaining positive relations through ongoing accessibility/transparency in the form of updates and social media interactions."

      Gleb -- please live up to your Linked In profile claims, and maintain positive relations with us backers through accessibility/transparency in the forms up updates. When can we expect a refund, some ZPM's physical assets or at least a detailed accounting of where our money went?

    11. Creator Mr. Ed on February 17

      @Roger Brown I wish there was a 'like' button for these comments.

    12. Creator Roger Brown on February 16

      Again, where's my tamper? It will make a fine paperweight, reminding me that "Vast ideas sometimes result in half-vast projects."

    13. Creator Josh K on February 12

      We can all speculate the downfall of our Creators but until we get some straight talk from these guys, that's all we'll ever have. Please, at least you can give us something between $200 and $1000 worth of detail on how this came to fail. I mean, at least for the ten $1000 backers.

    14. Creator Brandon Boswell on February 11

      I don't think this was initially intended to be a scam, but I feel that Gleb and friends knew the project would fail months ago and they brought on new team members for damage control and found a way to use our funds to avoid personal financial ruin, all while being protected by Kickstarter's policies. I wouldn't be surprised to see more cases like this in the future unless some stricter policies are enforced that protect backers over the actual project creators.

    15. Creator Steven Kalz on February 11

      I almost pledged $300 then retracted my $300 and pulled to $1 because I had a feeling that this product wouldn't be out with the 3 months time they said it would in 2012. I said something along the lines of Id be happy to see it in a year from now. Never expected this to fail. However I guess that's why these espresso machines cost close to $1000.

    16. Creator Roger Brown on February 10

      Having backed 20 or projects, with two ripoffs and a bunch of really well designed and executed products, I've come to view KS projects as relationships. Some are stellar, some are meh and some break your heart. Key is remembering that it's (only) money, not emotional commitment. Having said that, I continue to visit my failed projects almost daily; it's hard for me to let go. Just like relationships!

    17. Creator steven spencer on February 9

      To join the growing list of people wanting to hold ZPM accountable for this project's failure please send email to:

    18. Creator steven spencer on February 9

      what did the removed comments say?

      i'm curious what information kickstarter saw fit to remove.

    19. Creator tau_ceti on February 8

      So Kickstarter is starting to remove comments now? I guess they sense the trouble that they are facing along with ZPM?

      if someone fails to deliver, it seems unconscionable for us to not get at least Kickstarter's cut refunded...

    20. Creator Mark Whitehead on February 6
      Join us on Facebook. We need to let everyone know.

    21. Creator Chris on February 5

      I have officially lost all hope in Kickstarter.
      I have pledged for more than 10 projects and even though this is the first failed project, I probably would not be making anymore pledges.
      Most of the products that I received look much like beta versions to me - unrefined design, poor execution. I'm sure most of the products, even retailed at kickstarter prices, would be a failure in the real market.
      If I wanted unrefined products, I would go to Target/Kmart etc, they are cheaper too.
      Kickstarter = great idea in theory, not so in real life.

      Btw, ZPM have not even started manufacturing the products. There should be a significant amount of money left unless....who knows.
      There will be a lot of accounting to do here.
      If the team decided that they could not fulfilled these pledges at this price point and just decided to make a run for it, with all the R&D paid for, the whole internet will be on you.
      I don't think ZPM have provided everyone have a reasonable and thorough explanation.
      Right now, it's,"Oh, we have spent all the money and most of the team left, so bye!"

    22. Creator Johnny Laine Carriere Jr. on February 4

      What a group of scam artists...ZPM, you people are heartless and gutless...You are an embarrassment. You too Janet!

    23. Creator Turhan Djemal on February 4

      Given how many years this project took and how many people were working on it I'm not surprised all the original money is gone along with hundreds of thousands of additional investor money from elsewhere.

      What makes me sad is that I sent an email saying I'd love even some of the machine internals - thermoblock, computer, etc. I never even got a reply!!

      At the very least it would be nice if us backers could order those parts at cost as they must all be available at pretty low prices. Yes I know not everyone would be interested in building or retrofitting to an old espresso machine but I would. And selling in kits would get around all the UL issues.

    24. Creator Damian Scisci on February 4

      I'd suggest we might move to a different communication mechanism other than these comments since they are public. I can setup a private forum somewhere and RD, you can communicate it through the email list you have.

    25. Creator Rdg on February 4

      Don't get a lot of time to do things.

    26. Creator Rdg on February 4

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    27. Creator Kim Slawson on February 4

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    28. Creator Rdg on February 3

      Damian I'm still getting new emails from people and today am updating list with new people and more info with details Once up I will send a link out to everyone so they can verify their info and also find others from their location and then connect and maybe co sign forms from their State AG's office. Sorry it's taking me a bit longer than I expected to collect and update info for this list Hang in there we've waited three years to find out we got scammed so it will take a bit longer to hopefully get some justice.

    29. Creator Damian Scisci on February 3

      I live in CA, what do you need me to do?

    30. Creator Rdg on February 2

      Help is required for someone to file through the CA of the Attorney General. Please check any emails or other sources for an address for Janet Tambasco who happened to be our Communications expert at ZPM. That would make her the Lies Liaison and she is good at that job. Anyway we would really appreciate a complete address or updated phone number for her or any and all participants in this ongoing.....Thanks ;-)

    31. Creator Rdg on January 31

      Tau they have already closed down ZPM and the so called company is insolvent. Meaning our money is in somebody else's pockets. So don't wait up for a machine and you have no reason to apologize to anyone.
      Valerie Chan's Twittr handle:
      That is vc1618 but her feed is protected and if you ask any questions regarding this project as others tried to do, she'll block you. Now that's respect for you.

    32. Creator tau_ceti on January 30

      If there was no fraud involved, why on earth would Gleb, Igor, and Janet bail on this project after the COO left (Rdg could you post her twitter handle)?

      After all, just a couple of months ago we were told that there was progress ongoing with the UL certification and that mainly it was a matter of documentation? We were told that there was a new project manager, we heard that our machines might be shipping by the holidays.

      In the last few e-mails, ZPM indicated that the machines were not produced yet but that they we, but they were ready for production soon, there must be a pretty large amount of cash lying about. Even if it's 1/3 of my $300, I want it back, together with an accounting of where the rest went. The preorder folks should get all of theirs back, to do otherwise would be fraudulent.

      Frankly, I've got to hand it to Janet. If you're reading this, Janet, and I'm sure you are, how can you bill yourself as an expert in customer management on your linkedin resume? Seriously?

      Hey, if it turns out I'm wrong and there is a machine on the way to me soon, I'll deeply apologize, but at this point, I feel I have been repeatedly misled by Janet and the crew.

    33. Creator Rdg on January 30

      Jeffrey you're free to not do whatever. Not sure why you want to share that tidbit. Three quarters of the emails I've received from people who appreciate some organizing and using the power of numbers in filing a complaint through the office of AG in whatever States come from people who were NOT Kickstarter backers. I won't tell you a number but the total number of people who feel they've been scammed is a LOT. I'll repeat it most were not backers but preorders that some amounted to over $2000. These creator and I use the term loosely may have started out with good intentions and then got over their heads after Igor left, were still collecting money from innocent people long after they knew that this project was going to fail. Not only that but Gleb and company tried to raise more money out east knowing the status of this project. When they were repeatedly asked for honest updates they would not provide anything substantial in public and much less in private emails while claiming that they answered each and every question. They stooped low enough to tell us , privately of course that all that was left to get UL cert was some minor documentation and software to clean up. This while knowing that the COO and most of the team had already left the building. So we have Fraud accepting money for a product they could not deliver and not delivering all the extras people had rightfully paid for outside Kickstarter.
      So my dear friend Jeffrey thanks for sharing your desire to do nothing regarding Gleb et al to raise from what I've heard 1.5 million or more and have absolutely nothing to show his backers KS and others. Although he and Janet are free and u encumbered to go and start other companies, have some cash to back other projects or misuse this failed project to claim expertise in helping startups raise cash and also guide those startups in navigating the treacherous waters of starting and running a successful business. Mostly with a good portion of our money.
      Anybody else want to share? All others can email me at : or in order to join others in filing a complaint through their AG's office. This action will cost you nothing but a few minutes and if enough people speak up then maybe ZPM as well as KS can be investigated for their part in failed projects like this. As you figured out we may never see a Penney returned to us but I know there area good number of people whose trust I feel was violated and they are willing to do something about it. We're not uninformed idiots who think there's no risk in KS. The risks are backed by terms of use we as well as creators have to live up to. We've done our part. Now it's ZPM's turn to do theirs.....

    34. Creator tau_ceti on January 30

      Jeffrey, I don't think there's anybody here naîve enough not to understand that.

      But that also doesn't mean that we give Igor, Gleb, and Janet a free ride.

      If this was not malicious or a scam, then we are owed a lot more than that last update. How about accounting statements detailing where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars went? How about a real accounting?

      Let's put it this way, if you rented me your place via Airbnb and you came back after a long weekend away to find it burned down and I said, sorry dude, that's the breaks, I don't think you'd just accept that.

      Once again, just in case anyone misses my point. $369,569 have disappeared into this, if not many hundreds of thousands more (check the Reddit threads for calculations, some of which surmise that over a million was lost). We are owed a financial accounting, there should be plans made for the existing hardware, even if it's just pieces sent to us, or the one working unit raffled off to the backers and those who proposed it need to come clean in detail about what happened.

      OOPS, we screwed up and lost your hard earned $$$ just doesn't cut it. Frankly, incipient lawsuit aside, it's hard to imagine Kickstarter can survive many losses in which the beneficiaries just skedaddle.

    35. Creator Christopher Browne on January 30

      Jeffrey, it seems to me there's more mixed there than first meets the eye.

      Via a via MOST of the money, yes, it was delivered into a somewhat risky project, and yes, we, as backers, need to accept some risk.

      However, some monies were directed for specific uses, notably premiums for foreign shipping and extra merchandise, and it may well represent fraud to misuse those on other things. (Accounting folk talk of "funds accounting" for such; it's not super common in commercial endeavors, but is quite common in charities, where a donation may be directed to fund something particular, not just "general funding.")

      I surely do not expect much if anything to emerge, but there's room to think there were some problems.

    36. Creator Jeffrey on January 30

      I'm not going to file or complain about anything. This was not malicious or a scam. They got in over their heads and fucked up. That is the risk of backing a kickstarter. Surely you guys realize this?

    37. Creator tau_ceti on January 29

      ZPM is getting some press!!

      They showed videos of working machines. Even if these are half working, shouldn't they be sent out to backers? Maybe hold a lottery or we could elect someone who could figure out how to do something with what they did? Or at least show us a video? Maybe a video of one of the malfunctioning machine being sawn in half, machine gunned, blown up, or sent into orbit with a weather balloon? Wouldn't we get at least some satisfaction from that more than we get now?

    38. Creator tau_ceti on January 29

      Weird, ZPMespresso retweeted a link to the reddit thread about this debacle.

    39. Creator tau_ceti on January 29

      I just wrote the following to Kickstarter using their support form. I encourage you all to do this. If Kickstarter receives a large number of requests, I think they are much more likely to act.

      The creator of this project states that after three years they have abandoned it. They should either send me the reward or send me a refund, even in part.

      I will not back further projects on Kickstarter unless Kickstarter makes an effort to hold the creators to their Terms of Service. I also intend to join in any legal action initiated against the creator and/or Kickstarter should the backers not receive a satisfactory resolution.

      Sincerely yours,

      This Particular Backer

    40. Creator Rdg on January 29

      For anybody else who wants to join the list to file complaints at the States AG offices please be advised that since yesterday when I got notified after I replied to an email I got, my : address has stopped working. I will have to try and sort this out with Rogers tomorrow I've already spent a few hours trying to reset my account with no luck. For now any others interested in joining our list you can email me at:

    41. Creator tau_ceti on January 29

      well that's quite a good point there chuck. they wanted $20k (and what would they have produced with it had they gotten only that????), got a ton more, and delivered absolutely nothing but sheer pain to all of us. i guess i could see it being production issues, but they couldn't even deliver one working machine that could pass UL, so it couldn't be that. something is missing in this puzzle.

    42. Creator chuck sluyter on January 29

      Lots of great comments, cannot read them all - here's mine:
      You say you are engineers. “…we’re engineers, and … could design a machine … for less.” I’m a Mechanical Engineer, licensed in OR and CA. We know a little about numbers, estimates, etc. Your goal was $20,000, you received $369,569, 18x your goal for a product that was apparently more than a fleeting thought. Any engineer I work with that is this far off from expected costs versus actual costs would be out on his or her ass. I’m ashamed for you and of you, and if you had financial experts or advisers helping put this thing together I’m ashamed of them too.
      This seems a bit criminal as others have noted. Was this the plan?
      You say you reached out to “existing investors”, but not to me, and if you had other investors you must have spent even more money, plus “personal savings” - WOW!!??
      I would like to get my refund per Kickstarter terms.
      “A Project Creator is not required to grant a Backer’s request for a refund unless the Project Creator is unable or unwilling to fulfill the reward. Project Creators are required to fulfill all rewards of their successful fundraising campaigns or refund any Backer whose reward they do not or cannot fulfill.“

    43. Creator tau_ceti on January 28

      Happy, happy 2015. I checked in and wow, at last we have some movement on the ZPM after years! So exciting to read all these new developments and not just the usual boring posts.

      I had signed up to be a beta tester and was scheduled to receive a beta in the second round. I never received one.

      It's remarkable to hear about the problems in the first beta test. I kind of suspect that what happened is something along the lines of the following. We should think of this is a fictional account since that's all it is.

      I imagine that they radically underestimated how much it would cost to make a machine like this—I mean when you think about it, it's a pretty complex undertaking… can we really imagine taht none of the espresso companies out there can't make something like this—and went with a lowball supplier in China who sold them something that didn't work (it's pretty much impossible to sue someone in China if you're a foreigner). They probably paid some pretty hefty fees to fancy consultants who told them that they'd help get them angel investors, but lacking an actual working prototype and carrying the legacy of all the backers at Kickstarter to send loss leader machines too, they couldn't get enough funding to make the machines. Maybe they even spent some of the money at the start, thinking they were going to pull this off, but nothing egregious. The beta test was already a bit of a smoke screen for investors—we're in beta!—and involved only four prototype machines which were deeply flawed. Maybe they even created one pretty nice machine (at least compared to the betas) to send to UL who sent it back repeatedly since it was not ready for prime time (i think the circuit board sitting on top of the gruppo freaked UL out). Meanwhile the team leaders were acting like teenagers who had set fire to a house during a party when parents had been away on a weekend, trying to cover up the mess as best they could and getting deeper and deeper into it. At some point a state of denial took hold. Finally, with the voices on this forum as loud as they were, it became clear that there was no choice but to admit. And so it goes in this fictional account, which is all I have to show for my $300.

    44. Creator minikar2n on January 27

      Sent an email to raindog23. I expect a box of pieces, shot glasses, etc. Especially since they are still seeking funding.

    45. Creator frankly on January 26

      This is another call for all backers or people who pre-ordered a machine to add their names to a growing mailing list of jilted espresso lovers. You can connect with others who are gathering information which will hopefully help in any attempt to deal with your Attorney Generals or other consumer protection agencies.

      We have lots of people already but more corroborating information is very helpful.

      Please take a moment and send an email to:

    46. Creator Damian Scisci on January 26

      @Guy - That's interesting. You and I got a very different machine. Of course, they actually contacted you apparently to work on the issues.

    47. Creator Mark Whitehead on January 26

      We need action, now. This has got to be against the law to take this much money and piss it away with nothing to show for it.

    48. Creator Rdg on January 24

      Guy it is a shame they didn't stick with the right attitude. Had they kept us in the loop and we had felt involved and that they put out a genuine and honest effort I think we all could've accepted the failure. They instead quit the job (Igor), lied and ignored us (Gleb), and just plain lied (Janet),. I have their last email to me sent well after the COO left with most of the team telling me the hardware was all done and all that was left was some minor Documentation to wrap up before Shipping.
      This isn't about being able to absorb the financial loss. It isn't a huge some for most. But there are those who I know work for Less Than what Americans get on Minimum Wage and were really looking forward to this luxury. So I'm sorry for those people this betrayal is doubly bitter while assholes like Gleb and Janet don't get to account for someone else's hard earned money. Some people here wanted to casually dismiss this project's failure, Peace out and Move On. I think as is plain here that enough people should complain to their AG and have these thieves investigated and charged with fraud and theft. Some people who gave them their hard earned money deserve some small justice. That's what it's about now.

    49. Creator Guy Welch on January 24

      You know, this is all just a shame. I was a part of the beta testing group, and while I agreed to not disclose anything specific about the machine (an agreement which I continue to honor), overall I was quite impressed, and pulled many great shots. I was actually sad to have to send the unit back (I wish I hadn't). Despite a few flaws that I thought could be pretty easily remedied. I also felt that the team was genuinely interested in my testing and personally contacted me several times regarding my beta testing issues. I'm a local Atlantan, and hoped to be involved in the project, and now regret that I never stopped by their offices (I pass them every day). I can personally vouch for the fact that the machines were great as far as beta hardware is concerned. They were so close, I could literally taste it. As I said- it's just a damned shame.

      Now, as for what happens now; it would be great to recieve some sort of compensation, but I'm chalking all of this up to lessons learned. Don't invest in anything unless you know you can afford to lose the money.

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