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A home espresso machine that provides commercial quality temperature and pressure consistency at an affordable price.
1,546 backers pledged $369,569 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Tyler Wilkin 2 days ago

      Checking in on my favorite project. Hi everyone.

    2. Creator Roger Brown 7 days ago

      Another "successful" Kickstarter project; i.e. KS got its 5%.

    3. Creator Roger Brown on May 14 least I got the grinder.

    4. Creator Michael K on May 2

      Nice find Johnny. Did you notice, at the bottom of that D&K page, it says, "Partners in Innovation from Concept to Reality"? Not this reality.

    5. Creator Michael Switzer on April 30

      Nothing to say Gleb? At least, do you feel you were treated fairly? Was Gideon's piece your update? No reason for a black-out now.

    6. Creator Rob Cordosi on April 30

      From the NYT article "Despite the deranged conspiracy-mongering ideas to which some of them ultimately clung, the reality of ZPM’s failure was pretty banal: The founders were naïve and inexperienced, well intentioned but clumsy, and they serially trusted and paid the wrong people for ineffective help." And there you have it.

    7. Creator Michael K on April 30

      From the NYT article: "ZPM’s second manufacturer, San Diego’s D&K, told the founders their engineering drawings weren’t adequate and presented them with overage fees totaling $100,000. Pending payment, Polyakov says, D&K is still holding the consigned parts and assembled machines hostage. (D&K declined to comment on the matter.)"

    8. Creator Josh K on April 28

      You are swindling liars. There is now no doubt. Go to hell.

    9. Creator Michael Switzer on April 23

      All of you who think that we are ever going to get an actual update raise your hand---high so i can see them.

    10. Creator Josh K on April 21

      We are waiting.

    11. Creator Gene Keenan on April 16

      @Kevin Davison. Read the thread before commenting. As I have previously stated I have written this off so if we do get something then it will indeed be Christmas. I have zero interest in pursuing this otherwise: I moved on.

    12. Creator William on April 15

      We've reached your self imposed deadline - got any updates for us today?

    13. Creator Michael Switzer on April 9

      Hey Gleb, it's mid April

    14. Creator Kevin Davison on April 8

      Reading this comments it appears even some of the backers are still thinking they are getting an espresso machine. Wake up people. No Gene Keenan, Xmas is not coming in April.

    15. Creator Josh K on March 27

      "1,546 backers pledged $369,569 to help bring this project to life."

      Every time I read this it's another slap in the face.

    16. Creator BNL on March 18

      That is a great question, Michael. I'd like to know that as well. Why we're the backers excluded from that letter?

    17. Creator Michael Elwin on March 14

      I'm sorry but why is Gleb sending out emails saying that the company is insolvent and is only attempting to make creditors and pre-order customers (read not Kickstarter contributors) whole.

    18. Creator Todd on March 13

      The TriggerTrap article was appreciated. It's unfortunate that we haven't seen this sort of leadership and transparency in this project. Oh well. I think that we all (now) have reasonable expectations (er, none?). I have to imagine that Gleb at al are in the "CYA maneuvering" phase, now. Again, oh well.

      If you have extra cash, maybe you'd like to donate to the National MS Foundation? Despite a recent motorcycle accident, I plan to do the 2-day, 180-mile bicycle ride with only a month of training (and recently-broken wrist, thumb, ankle, and ribs; not fun). 90% of the funds go directly into the programs and I never see/touch/etc even a fraction of a cent of the money you donate. It's a great cause and I've known quite a few people with MS. AND, I absolutely WILL do the ride. And complain. A LOT. AND, I have A GUARANTEED DELIVERY DATE (April 18-19, 2015). :-)…

    19. Creator Michael Switzer on March 13

      I really can not believe Kickstarter thinks this behavior is okay.

    20. Creator rob on March 12

      how do we stop the momentum? I know, string them along some more.

    21. Creator Roger Brown on March 11

      Great news (maybe). Meanwhile, how about sending my shot glasses, tee shirt, and tamper....

    22. Creator Gene Keenan on March 11

      Xmas in April.

    23. Creator Ted Bradley on March 11

      @Gleb thanks for listening and acting, it's appreciated :). Hope things go well.

    24. Creator Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky on March 11

      @Ted Thanks for the suggestions! We'll put it out as an update. Mid-April is our current deadline for finalizing a deal, and we'll definitely put out another update after that, whether it’s good news or bad.

    25. Creator Ted Bradley on March 11

      Gleb & the rest of the ZPM Team,

      That's great news. I hope the negotiations go well.

      I've a suggestion to make about communications though. One of the reasons things turned so sour in the comments here is the lack of visible updates. Right now there are several communications channels:

      1. This comment thread.
      2. Kickstarter update posts
      3. ZPM forums
      4. Facebook
      5. Twitter
      6. Email

      The only communication method (other than email) which people are guaranteed to see are official updates. I suggest you do the following:

      - updates such as the comment you just posted should be kickstarter updates. If you're prepared to post them, then you should be prepared to make it an email update. You do have the option to make them backer only if it's 'sensitive'
      - commit to a date when you will definitely post the next update by
      - if the information that you hoped to have is not available on that date, post an update anyway and give a new date
      - updates should not be more than a month apart, even if it's a 'no news to report' update

      I don't want to sound harsh, I really think doing those simple things would go a long way towards calming your backers (me at least).



    26. Creator Michael Switzer on March 10

      Is it anywhere near as delicate as dealing with UL. If so Janet (who no longer works for ZPM) can I expect a private form letter from you explaining absolutely nothing.

    27. Creator Kevin Maynes on March 10


      Well here I sit,
      fingers nervously drumming.
      I quietly hope
      an espresso thing's coming.


      Steam up some milk
      and push through a shot,
      tonight will see more vitriol
      from this motley lot.


      Just tryin' to inject a spot of levity. Cheers, all.

    28. Creator Gleb Polyakov and Igor Zamlinsky on March 10

      There's a lot going on at ZPM HQ right now. Negotiations to get ZPM back on track are going well, and we're hopeful that we'll have news to announce by mid-April.

      Unfortunately, these sorts of negotiations are pretty delicate and need to be confidential, so we're unable to provide more details until things are finalized.

      Until then, fingers crossed!

    29. Creator Kevin Davison on March 4

      It's ridiculous that Kickstarter will facilitate a 20k project going to 370k and just hand these guys over a check. If the creators hit 20k with nothing to show then Kickstarter could at least divide the remain 350k to the backers and we wouldn't be the ones out a full 200 dollars. It sucks to live paycheck to paycheck hoping for an espresso machine just to know that someone took 200 dollars from me with no recourse possible. Geb, I hope in your first few months of this living on cloud 9 you had some nice celebration dinners on my tab.

    30. Creator frankly on March 4

      Even a combination of those two Triggertrap stories doesn't provide enough info, in my opinion.

      As we patiently wait for some semblence of follow-up from our project creators, I can only imagine how feverishly they are working to write the War & Peace sized tome that details the failure.

      Or not.

    31. Creator Michael K on March 4

      The Triggertrap Ada link that Wayland posted is an interesting read. That said, I was quite surprised to read the Triggertrap Ada post on Medium a mere six weeks earlier, which was all rosy at the end:

      I think the latest post is a bit short on how things changed so very quickly between January 22 and March 1.

    32. Creator Austin Fonacier on March 4

      Yes Wayland's link hits it out of the ballpark and I highly recommend everyone read it.

    33. Creator TB on March 2

      Two thumbs up for Wayland's link. Gleb should read this and learn something about transparency with backers.

      The tone of the past few months of posts would have been much different had he used this kind of honest, humble and insightful approach vs. leaving us with "We are deeply and truly sorry that despite our best efforts, we were not able to get this machine across the finish line."

    34. Creator Ryan on February 28

      Believe it or not there's even more poorly managed projects w/ even more money invested on KS. Check out "Solid Watch", going on 4 years with people spending $600+ for a watch and they still have nothing to show for it. A watch taking 4 years, holy toledo.

    35. Creator Ryan on February 28

      That had to know at least a year ago this project was a bust. I forgot its been 3 whole years. Honestly they should have known, w/in the first year it was a flop.

    36. Creator Josh K on February 27


    37. Creator Jimmy Wan on February 25

      It's now been about 6 weeks since the last update and over 3 years since the project was already funded. I have no doubt that the initial state of the project was misguided optimism and hubris, but to wait this long for a description of what has happened, how funds were spent, what's left, and how we move forward is not very reasonable.

    38. Creator TB on February 19

      People reading his LinkedIn profile might be surprised when reading these comments.

      Gotta love this quote for his current Crowdfunding Consultant biz:

      ">> Promotion/Engagement: Aid project creators in reaching prospective backers and maintaining positive relations through ongoing accessibility/transparency in the form of updates and social media interactions."

      Gleb -- please live up to your Linked In profile claims, and maintain positive relations with us backers through accessibility/transparency in the forms up updates. When can we expect a refund, some ZPM's physical assets or at least a detailed accounting of where our money went?

    39. Creator Mr. Ed on February 17

      @Roger Brown I wish there was a 'like' button for these comments.

    40. Creator Roger Brown on February 16

      Again, where's my tamper? It will make a fine paperweight, reminding me that "Vast ideas sometimes result in half-vast projects."

    41. Creator Josh K on February 12

      We can all speculate the downfall of our Creators but until we get some straight talk from these guys, that's all we'll ever have. Please, at least you can give us something between $200 and $1000 worth of detail on how this came to fail. I mean, at least for the ten $1000 backers.

    42. Creator Brandon Boswell on February 11

      I don't think this was initially intended to be a scam, but I feel that Gleb and friends knew the project would fail months ago and they brought on new team members for damage control and found a way to use our funds to avoid personal financial ruin, all while being protected by Kickstarter's policies. I wouldn't be surprised to see more cases like this in the future unless some stricter policies are enforced that protect backers over the actual project creators.

    43. Creator Steven Kalz on February 11

      I almost pledged $300 then retracted my $300 and pulled to $1 because I had a feeling that this product wouldn't be out with the 3 months time they said it would in 2012. I said something along the lines of Id be happy to see it in a year from now. Never expected this to fail. However I guess that's why these espresso machines cost close to $1000.

    44. Creator Roger Brown on February 10

      Having backed 20 or projects, with two ripoffs and a bunch of really well designed and executed products, I've come to view KS projects as relationships. Some are stellar, some are meh and some break your heart. Key is remembering that it's (only) money, not emotional commitment. Having said that, I continue to visit my failed projects almost daily; it's hard for me to let go. Just like relationships!

    45. Creator steven spencer on February 9

      To join the growing list of people wanting to hold ZPM accountable for this project's failure please send email to:

    46. Creator steven spencer on February 9

      what did the removed comments say?

      i'm curious what information kickstarter saw fit to remove.

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