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Explore the ocean, discover lost treasure, and unlock the secrets of an ancient mystery.
Explore the ocean, discover lost treasure, and unlock the secrets of an ancient mystery.
Explore the ocean, discover lost treasure, and unlock the secrets of an ancient mystery.
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November 2016 Progress Report


Hey backers,

Neptune Flux releases this month! I have good news and bad news, so let's get into the details. :)

Steam Release on November 15th

Let's start with the good news: Neptune Flux is officially approved for release on Steam, so barring any life-or-death situations, I will publish the game on November 15th as planned. Woohoo! I'm still adding Kickstarter backer credits and a few in-game content rewards for the release, but other than that, it's done.

PlayStation 4 Release Delayed

Now for the bad news: Neptune Flux is going to be delayed on PlayStation 4 (and therefore, PS VR). This is my first console release and I underestimated the challenges involved in supporting an additional launch platform. The PlayStation 4 version is in QA, but unless there's a miracle in the next few weeks, it's just not going to make it by November 15th. I wish I could distribute PS4 beta keys to Kickstarter backers so you can play the game anyway, but that's not something that the platform allows until the game is through QA, at which point it will be ready for release.

I can't officially name a new date for PS4 until it's closer to launch. I'm hoping for December, but it might be Q1 2017. I will update you with information as it becomes available.

I sincerely apologize for this delay; I want to get Neptune Flux to everyone as soon as possible. To keep things simple, if your reward includes a copy of the game, I'm going to send you both a Steam key and a PlayStation 4 key. That way, you don't have to pick a platform, and if you wanted a PS4 copy but also have a Steam account, you're still able to play!

Update on Rewards

Like I mentioned in the previous update, if your reward level includes a t-shirt, you should have received a backer survey asking for your shipping address and t-shirt size. Shirts will go out before the end of the year.

I'm working on the digital downloads, and my plan is to send them out at the same time as Steam keys.

And just a reminder, I'm diligently working through the last few collaborative rewards and 1-on-1 calls. If you haven't heard from me yet, sit tight! I'll reach out as soon as I can. :)

For those in the US, don't forget to vote and have a great Thanksgiving holiday!



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    1. Andreas Aronsson on October 31, 2016

      I've heard about the cert processes that games have to go through for console, fairly comprehensive stuff, good luck with that :) And yay, release soon on PC! Congratulations! :D