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A classic puzzle filled adventure game returns to tablets and desktops.
A classic puzzle filled adventure game returns to tablets and desktops.
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Rewards shipping, other stuff


Hello Kickstarter backers,

Several things:

Copies of the game. If you’re entitled to a copy of Zoombinis, you should have it by now! If you haven't received a code/copy/gift, please email us at and we’ll take care of you.

Physical rewards have begun to ship. Look for a package or two over the next few weeks. Thanks for your patience!

Ringtones. We forgot to upload the ringtones when our email notice of digital rewards went out - we’re going to resend the notice to get you the link, but please note the only new item is the ringtones.

Bugs. We have had some bug reports and will fix issues as we find them - fortunately we’ve had relatively few reports but unfortunately that’s making it hard to really track the issues people have reported.

Contacting us. Bug reports, suggestions, questions, etc. will get the quickest response by email to


Zoombinis Desktop, Kindle, Digital Rewards


Hi Kickstarter Zoombinis fans,

Today’s the day! Not sure of the exact timing but the desktop will begin appearing in the Mac and Windows apps stores and on Steam (and maybe other places?), and the Kindle version should be up on Amazon by noon.

Digital rewards are also ready to go - the posters, ringtones, and soundtrack. For the fanbook, as we’ve mentioned before, that’s going to take longer!

For Desktop Backers. After much discussion, the easiest, fastest, most reliable way for us to get you your copy is via a Steam Key - Steam is a digital distribution platform for games. This means you can log onto the Steam client from any computer, download Zoombinis, and start playing. You’ll need to download the Steam client (1.5MB) here - - create a free account, go to the Games menu, choose Activate a Product, and enter the code we send you later today. Zoombinis should then begin to download. Be warned, it’s a 1.2GB plus file, so do this where you have a good, fast connection! The code (and info on other digital downloads) will come from our survey took BackerKit; we just got the codes and will have them out by mid-afternoon. Note that the code will get you either the Mac or Windows copy - make sure you get the right version for your device. Also - a few of you have had discussions with us about swapping versions and such; we'll handle the exceptions later this week, but poke us at if you don't hear from us soon.

For Kindle Backers. Soon after Zoombinis is up in the Amazon App Store, we’ll be sending you a gift that covers the cost of Zoombinis - please use it to get Zoombinis!

For Digital Downloads. Posters, ringtones, soundtrack (in 2 pieces) - we’ll be sending out the links via our BackerKit survey tool.


For any issues, please use our support email address of - that’s where we’ll be focusing our attention!

David Libby for the Zoombinis Team

It's Mid-October, Where's My Zoombinis Stuff???


Apologies - we had hoped to start shipping everything by now and have the Mac, Windows, and Kindle Fire versions out, but everything’s taking just a little longer than planned.

Mac, Windows, and Kindle Fire versions - you’ll see these by October 28th.

Digital rewards - most of the digital rewards will be out this week - look for an email with instructions!

Physical Rewards - Looking to begin shipping physical rewards the week of November 2nd. Still waiting on plushies, a few posters, and the hoodies; boxes of pins, t-shirts, and postcards are sitting in our office!

Sorry if we’re a little slow to respond to questions - it’s crazy as we work to get everything out the door! Thanks everyone.

Zoombinis Update


Hello everyone,

Here’s a status update on Zoombinis.

Mac and Windows version. The Mac and Windows version of Zoombinis is complete, and we have shipped a final version of the software to the distributor we’re working with. We expect Zoombinis to be available by mid-October at the latest. We’ll get more details out to you as soon as we have them both on availability and how our backers will be getting their copy.

Kindle Fire HD version. We also have a final build of the Kindle Fire version of Zoombinis and expect to have it out about the same time as the desktop version.

Android update. We have an update to version 1.0.3 for Android tablets. We know the ftp method we used originally did NOT work well for people and will be in touch with our Android backers in the next day or two about a new way of getting the update.

Physical rewards. We have t-shirts, pins, and postcards in hand - see the included photo. Posters are being printed. Plushes - well, they’re in production but we don’t have a date to receive them yet. We are hoping to start shipping physical rewards in 2-3 weeks. The fan book will come later and be shipped separately - it’s going to take some time to do the fan book the way we want to.

That’s it for now. Thanks!

Pins, t-shirt, postcards
Pins, t-shirt, postcards

Zoombinis Update


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