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An online documentary series covers the stories of a new Jewish culture that promises to transform the face of religion.


My name is Jesse Mann and I’m the director of Punk Jews. For the last two years my partner, Evan Kleinman and I have been following a community of Jewish musicians, artists, and activists, who are creating a sexy, new, unconventional culture around their heritage and religion. Originally we were going to produce a full length documentary but along the way we heard so many amazing and moving stories from the likes of fashion designer Levi Okunov, MC Y-Love, mixed-media artist Rivka Karasik, punk band Moshiach Oi!, and author / philosopher Yoseph Leib, that we realized that we couldn’t fit them all into a single film – so we want to produce a series of mini documentaries in a blog format where we will be able to bring all of these one of a kind Jewish stories to you every week.

What excites us about Punk Jews are the stories of people owning their heritage, and having fun with it – and doing so at any cost. We want to show you how people are creating a place where honoring who you are and where you come from is not mutually exclusive from free expression and creativity. This isn’t some silly irreverent schtick – this is some of the most captivating music, art, fashion, philosophy, and religion you’ll find, all in an emerging Jewish movement. We want to share their light, and inspire others around the world to create community, acceptance and inclusiveness around their culture and religion-whatever it may be.

Your money will help an Emmy award winning documentary team produce short videos on We will bring you short documentaries about Jewish people creating new culture you won’t see anywhere else. The funds will help us edit footage of stories we’ve had for a year, pay for camera rentals, pay for design and maintenance of our website, and a whole slew of start-up and operating costs. Most importantly, it will get this project to a place where it will be able to have a life of its own and support itself.

If you choose to support our project we’ve some great gifts for you! From the number one source for modern Jewish music, Shemspeed, we’ve got concert tickets, Y-Love’s album “This is Babylon” and EP’s from other amazing Shemspeed recording artists. We’ve got the Jewish fashion item that is blowing up in the press - the Israeli Keffiyeh – and the funniest Jewish t-shirts from Also, we’re offering DVD’s of Punk Jews season one, a Shabbos dinner like you’ve never experienced with the Punk Jews crew, and if you want to sponsor the whole thing we’ll shoot your wedding, your kids bar mitzvah, or any meaningful event happening in your life that you want documented.

Thank you for your consideration. With your help we hope we can bring these great stories to you and to the world with this new online documentary series.


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