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Zombiethon is a cutthroat game of survival. Kill your friends, band together; it's up to you, only one will live in the end.

Zombiethon is a cutthroat game of survival. Kill your friends, band together; it's up to you, only one will live in the end. Read More
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Kawika Valentine
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Kawika Valentine

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Hello fellow Zombie enthusiast!

Welcome to the Zombiethon Kickstarter page. We are trying to raise funds to produce a new tabletop card game called "Zombiethon". It's been a fun process getting up to this point. Our illustrator, Logan Feliciano has worked on many games. If you'd like to view his past work, please click HERE. he is an amazing artist that is very diverse.

Zombiethon, is game designed to bring friends together with a common goal...kill each other. LOL! The Zombie apocalypse may be just a work of Hollywood fiction, but Kawikapedia Kreative intends to bring it to table top gamers everywhere this fall. 

Game Description

The Zombie Apocalypse is in full swing and you're infected. You've managed to survive long enough for medical science to have discovered a cure. Seems happy enough right? WRONG! There's only one injection left and you and everyone else is racing to get it. The government decided to turn it into a contest; the first to arrive is the only one who'll live.

Zombiethon is a cutthroat game of survival. Kill your friends, band together; it's up to you, only one will live in the end.

The only way we can get this game out there is with your help. So please, PLEDGE today and make Zombiethon a reality!

  • Each player starts with 8 cards, 4 from the road deck and 4 from the backpack.
  • Players prep by laying down in front of them any cards that would be considered armor, weapons, or enhancers.
  • As determined by the rules, the starting player then draws a card from the road deck and acts accordingly.
  • This could mean fighting zombies, trying to kill your fell infected competitors or making yourself more powerful.
  • During your turn, there can be only one phase or several phases, this really varies upon who you play with and the cards you are dealt. This could mean beating a zombie, and traveling further down the road to reach your 10 mile goal or getting killed and laying dead on the road.
  • The object of the game is to make it 10 miles down the road to where you can claim the very last syringe of the cure. without, you'll lose and become just like the undead masses you're trying to so hard to kill.
  • 168 Cards divided into 2 decks; road cards and backpack cards
  • 1 six-sided die
  • 1 rulebook

Our goal is to have the game printed and ready on shelves but Sept. 2012. This would allow us to participate in Dragon*Con here in Atlanta, to which organizers have expressed great interest in our attendance, as well as have the game up for sale for the Christmas shopping season.

What would $4000 pay for?

  • Getting the illustrations paid for.
  • Initial sale load production.
  • Booth rental at Dragon*Con.

With your pledges we are committed to having the game fully illustrated and printed by mid August. Our deadlines are firm and our printer is ready to roll out the cards as soon as we have them designed. 

Below you'll see some of the great card artwork that Logan is churning out for this game. The cards are humorous and very tongue in cheek. We'll upload more soon.

Card Concept
Card Concept
Fifi's Shock Collar
Fifi's Shock Collar
Justin Bieber Poster. Even Zombies hate Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber Poster. Even Zombies hate Justin Bieber

For more Zombiethon game art, please visit us HERE.


Want to see Zombiethon in your hands? The best way to help ensure that is to spread the word. Please share our page, our FACEBOOK, and WEBSITE. We are excited that you've share your enthusiasm with us and we would love for you to do the same with your friends and family. Don't worry, we don't expect you to do this without reward.

How do you share?

Simple. Blog us, Facebook about us, call, text, tweet. Whatever your preferred method...that's what we can't get enough of. Just be sure to tell you friends to comment when backing saying that you sent them. :)

For sharing us on Facebook, your blog, or wherever you're best heard, we'll give you a very special and very powerful in game bonus card. We can't tell you what is here...but once you share and we see people posting that they backed because you shared, you'll get in on the scoop.


  • None, that's correct...absolutely none. Our printer allows us to ship all over the world without insane shipping fees! :)

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    "Hey everyone! I'm backing a cool new game project on Kickstarter. It's called @zombiethon. Go check it out!"

    **The @ symbol allows for you to tag us on Facebook. Alternatively, if you don't use Facebook that often, simply referring people to us, having them back the project and having them comment saying that you sent them...this will also get you the same reward.

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    Pledge $10 or more About $10 USD

    You've been infected:

    So you've been bitten by the craze and you can feel the hunger growing. For that we offer to you a FREE copy of the game, signed by the artist and creator.

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    The race has begun:

    You've gathered your supplies and have hit the ground want to live! Well that's just great, good for you. For that we want to give you Reward #1 and a limited edition poster signed by the artist.

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    Nice job. As he/she lay helpless as a meal for the Zombie horde, you shrug it off your shoulders and take off. I like you already. For that we want to give you Rewards #1 & 2 and also turn your likeness into a special edition card. These cards will come in a special expansion pack, only available to kickstarter donators.

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    You've made a deal with the Zombies and sold your friends for safe passage to the hospital:

    Not only are you resourceful, but you've made friends! For that we want to give you rewards #1-3 and A thank you mention with your picture (carbonized) in out rule book.

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    Congrats, we couldn't be more proud of you. Everyone you knew is now dead or undead and you stand to live another day, well done. For that we want to give all of the other rewards plus a FREE 2 day pass to any con of your choosing. What the what!??!

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