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A sequel to Dorkness Rising, from the makers of The Gamers and JourneyQuest.
A sequel to Dorkness Rising, from the makers of The Gamers and JourneyQuest.
4,311 backers pledged $405,916 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #3 – At $380,000, AEG Will Produce a "Romance of the Nine Empires" Game

Posted by Zombie Orpheus (Creator)

ZOE and AEG are proud to announce that

If we reach $380,000, AEG will produce the 15th Anniversary "Romance of the Nine Empires" Boxed Set, a fully playable card-based set!

The 15th Anniversary Boxed Set will feature factions seen in the movie, and be a stand-alone card-based game you can pull out and play on game night. All backers will receive the first opportunity to pre-order the game. The set will include player-designed cards from the $250 reward levels.

Yes, you heard us right: Your designed cards are going IN THE GAME! Additionally, we'll add your name and a fictional date of the story event you "won" to the side of the card and feature it in the game.

Backers who pledged for THE HUJEM CRUSADE, the SUNKEN PYRAMID OF IXHASA, and/or the GRANDMASTER OF RENOWN will have their cards and characters included in the game as well!

The game will be based on fifteen-years of a fictional CCG back-story and populated with killer cards from various sets released in years past including those won as tournament prizes, cards created when competing player factions attained dominance, and even limited convention exclusives and "mistakes" (like broken cards!).

Finally, if we hit this target, every backer who is receiving shipped items will also receive a random card from the game, signed by us!

Can we reach this goal in only two days? Let's find out!

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    1. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on

      ZOE is still making me crazy...

      Oh its so annoying. I have a two card combo for the game... but I only get to design one card....

      Ah well, just 247 other card ideas to try out...

    2. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      And that's an official "no" on the pre-orders. *sighs*

      Well, I guess that will prevent a premature death for my F5 key.

    3. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Hmm. Yes. _If_ they allow us the preorder option in the next 6 hours or so (they've already updated the unlocking on the first page), I'll also find fund for the $20 set of minis and the $10 Stack of Bards (which I'd passed on for Mask of Death).

    4. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      I agree with you both. I might even cave and get the minis, but I'm not sure yet. I don't really game in person much and you don't need minis online.

    5. Clint Brubakken

      I agree with Stevem tell me how much money, and I can help reach the next stretch goal.

    6. Steve Jackman on

      now that we've hirt the stretch goal will there be a preorder option, so everyone will preorder and up their pledges and we can have our mini and my song and dance number?

    7. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Indeed it is. Squee!
      I didn't have money just to boost my pledge to one of the $100 levels, but I can hopefully boost my $50 up there if we can pre-order this :D
      (Strange how specific personal financial planning can get on these things;)

    8. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      @Céline They didn't want to offer them until they were sure it'll be unlocked. Now it is.

    9. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Quoting Steve Jackman, above: "We have future plans for Time Felons and Pizzajitsu, especially based on how well the Mask of Death campaign went!"
      This excites me greatly, and being a supporter from the mask of death campaign I wait anxiously for these projects

      Unfortunately, Alexander K, the reply to my last comment seems to imply that they _won't_ be adding the option here. That's a pity, really. Since it's probably the only way I would get to the other stretch goals that are only released as _twice_ my current level... (Otherwise, I would agree. I think that if it's, say $50 for the boxset [which may be low] , we'd only need 40 people to up their pledges in the next 13-or-so hours. And then we'd already have the "add on" so we wouldn't miss the deadline.

      This makes me a waffleless sad panda :(

    10. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on

      Does anybody want to buy a soul? Going fairly cheap. One owner, barely used. Slight wear near the top but in good working order. Have fund I wish to pledge to.

    11. Alexander "Xan" Kashev

      Now that we ARE so close to the goal.. Can you clarify?
      1) Once hit, will the game be available as an addon? (i.e. can pledge raises be used to preorder it?)
      2) Considering we are close, can you disclose the price of such preorder?

    12. Benjamin Eisenhofer on

      3,700 and 19 hours left ...

    13. Ben "Aecium" Phipps

      time to up my pledged must stretch just a bit more!

    14. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Celine - Which is why we're not offering preorders.

    15. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Hmm reading the other replies, this is a Catch-22 situation.

      I'll be able to add to my pledge to preorder, but not until it's unlocked, which may mean they won't have the money to make the game, which means I won't have to give that money that I would have which would have allowed the game to be-- *head explodes*

    16. Céline .S. Sauvé on

      Yes, yes, please yes?

      Unfortunately, I don't have extra cash to bump up here, but I will try my darndest to preorder this thing if we do meet the goal!

      (No, _when_ me meet this goal. We must!)

    17. Clint Brubakken

      If I knew how much it was I could adjust my pledge, and if not reached just get more minis.

    18. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on

      If Trin wants this game, who are we to deny her this one little thing... Time to look at upping my pledge!

    19. Rebecca Quarles on

      Ah man, this looks amazing, I really hope we make it!

    20. Benjamin Eisenhofer on

      And just so you know: I keep my fingers crossed! =)

    21. Benjamin Eisenhofer on

      @ZO, didn't you guys suspect this game would be kind of a #1 seller for this kickstarter project? Kind of a missed opportunity to come up with it so late. We gamers love The Gamers and ... games. ;)
      I bet if you'd make it an option right now the pledges would go up a significant amount. That's what Reaper did and look where they got.

    22. Brad Gabriel on

      I honestly thought this would be a separate kickstarter, it's fantastic to see it as a stretch goal :)

      I've pledged as much as I may, here's hoping the rest comes in.

    23. Trin Miller on

      I want this game.

    24. Amanda Layne Olsen on

      Pizzajitsu?!? :) But we know how those games all have to end. The Purple Ninja NEVER loses!

    25. Steve Jackman on

      "We have future plans for Time Felons and Pizzajitsu, especially based on how well the Mask of Death campaign went!"
      This excites me greatly, and being a supporter from the mask of death campaign I wait anxiously for these projects

    26. Erev on

      Wow! What a stretch goal! Unfortunately it is also quite the stretch....

      Kickstarter - so many cool things and never enough disposable income to support them all at the levels you'd like! (I'm still getting over missing out on the Journeyquest Roleplaying game by $2000....)

    27. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      We have future plans for Time Felons and Pizzajitsu, especially based on how well the Mask of Death campaign went!

    28. Mike Ott on

      HAHA that is AWESOME!!!! CRY HAVOC!!!! FOR SAFETY!!!!

    29. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Dave – You know we made this just to make you crazy, right? ;)

    30. Jacob Spangler on

      This would be amazing, and if it's successful I'd like to see someone go back and make Time Felons from Dorkness Rising.

    31. Astrid

      Ok, that's really, really cool! Any estimate in what the set will cost?

    32. John Harlon Raisor

      Ooooooh! Oh my god. I have been saying I wanted this to be a thing since it was announced!

    33. Steve Jackman on

      @Lucian90 It's a fictional card game with a Fictional 15 year history, thus the first printing will be the 15th anniversary edition, commemorating 15 years of fictional existance

    34. Missing avatar

      Lucian90 on

      Ah thank you very much ZOE, feeling a bit dumb here.
      Sounds cool, I hope we get a chance to see it made.

    35. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Arlen – There's a lot more flexibility this time around for the cards, although we're happy to provide guidance.

    36. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Lucien – This began life as a fictional CCG, played by the characters in the movie. Now we're making a real game, as it it were a 15th Anniversary boxed set of the game in the movie.

    37. Steve Jackman on

      @Arlen wanted card: Pizza-Peddling, Pirate-Punching, Purple ninja.

      I would pledge the requires level myself, but there is nowhere local to sell bodily fluids to come up with more cash

    38. Missing avatar

      Lucian90 on

      I agree to Steve.
      If I'm honest I don't really understand what exactly this game is based on - maybe my foreign language knowledge is making me miss some things here.
      Am I right to say that its based on a fictional game the characters in Gamers 3 are playing? But why 15th Anniversary? I'm lost here and would appreciate help.

    39. Missing avatar

      Arlen Duncan III on

      Will there be a list of wanted cards like with the Orcish dictionary?

    40. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      John – We need to hit the stretch goal first. :)

    41. John Sepulveda on

      how can I add the game to my pledge?

    42. Steve Jackman on

      not as exciting as Pizzajutsu would have been (for me at least) but nonetheless, an awesome stretch goal

    43. Shawna Hogan on

      This. is. awesome!

    44. Missing avatar

      swolbrecht on

      YAY! So excited we can finally announce this!