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The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
5,602 backers pledged $425,474 to help bring this project to life.

We have until 9 PM to renew JourneyQuest

Posted by Zombie Orpheus (Creator)

This is it, the final twelve hours!

With less than $80,000 to raise, we can still make our goal, but only if we reach every JQ fan with this simple message: 

It's now or never.

If you love JourneyQuest, if you want the show to succeed, your pledge can mean the difference between a success or a failure when midnight rolls around.

So, to all 4200 backers who have already joined us, here's the plan:

1) Click through to this project update
2) Click this Facebook link and share, like, and comment
3) Click the Twitter link and retweet and like

Right now our top goal is to reach the thousands of JourneyQuest fans who still don't know that this campaign is happening. And we do that by amplifying our message. The more shares our post gets on Facebook, the more Facebook will expose our message to the people who like our page. It's that simple.

We'll have more updates and action items throughout the day, but this one is the key, right now, to building a huge final day.

Thank you!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Sarah Schulz-Arnold on

      Love you guys! Happy to help:D

    2. Missing avatar

      Jennifer on

      Is it possible to open up more invites to the wrap party? I'll gladly up my pledge to $250 for it!

    3. HaiKulture

      @ZOE I have to admit I did not know about this until a few days ago. Someone mentioned it in another Kickstarter and then I got a note on BGG about it from someone I had introduced it to wondering why I wasn't all *UP IN GLEE* about it. I don't remember getting a ZOE newsletter about it or anything in a Demon Hunters RPG update. Odd that.

    4. drow on

      i don't blame PA for not wanting to get into the KS promotion business. because that's inviting nothing but a ton of begging and hurt feels.

    5. Missing avatar

      Bruce Hembree on

      I've upped mine to $500. If I give any more my wife kill skin me alive and feed the twitching bits to Donald Trump. Let's step this up, kids!

    6. Markus Wierschem on

      Okay, 11 hours. We'll need to gain roughly 6.364$ per hour.
      Let's do it!

    7. Missing avatar

      Bruce Hembree on

      That sucks so much! This is a hometown effort for Northwest people kicking some butt. Some JQ fan has got to know Scott Kurtz, Mike, or Jerry. JQ is right up their alley, we are all here in Seattle, and I can't imagine a better synergy.

    8. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Bruce – PA doesn't typically share Kickstarters. They barely even promoted their own, the one for Automata.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bruce Hembree on

      Has anyone tried to get this shared by Penny Arcade or is there a feud there?

    10. Terry Sofian

      If everyone ponies up an extra 20.00 we can do this! I just upped my pledge!

    11. Justin Isley on

      I have absolute faith we can do this. Keep up the great work everyone!