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The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
5,602 backers pledged $425,474 to help bring this project to life.

New Videos + How We Win

Posted by Zombie Orpheus (Creator)

New Videos

Hey, backers! We're at the stage of the campaign where anything is possible and we're trying everything in order to reach enough fans to renew JourneyQuest for a third season.

We encourage you to take a look at our newest videos and share whichever ones resonate the most with you.

How We Win

After crunching through the numbers and looking at past campaign data, there's still a path toward success for this campaign.

Basically, if we can reach $320,000 by the end of Thursday, a $100,000 final day isn't out of the question. We know that people are waiting for paychecks and tax returns and the last minute. We know that final days are always insane. And $100,000 in a day is on the outside edge of what we think is possible.

So between now and then we are:

  • Continuing our social media push
  • Emailing the RenewJQ list two more times
  • Releasing these new videos on YouTube
  • Updating our VidIQ campaign (that's how we put a message on every single YouTube video)
  • Reaching out to friends and partners who can help spread the word
  • Preparing a final mailing to our entire email list

What can you do?

First, please don't give more than you can afford. This is about all of us, not painful individual sacrifices.

Second, let people know that this is the last chance. There are still thousands of JQ fans out there who may not realize the stakes and the timeline. Our goal right now is to reach them. And remember that they may not know that this campaign is in progress. Those of you who have been with us since day 1 of the campaign? We've gone through a lot together. For others this will be very new, so stay patient, positive, and on message. Together we can do this!

Third, no matter what happens, we are grateful for your support and encouragement. Thank you!

Team JourneyQuest

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