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The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
5,602 backers pledged $425,474 to help bring this project to life.

JourneyQuest Premieres on Steam!

Posted by Zombie Orpheus (Creator)
Steam's Home Page
Steam's Home Page

At long last, we can reveal what we've been working on: a launch on Steam to coincide with the final week of this campaign. Now Journeyquest will be exposed to potentially millions of Steam customers, just when we need more people getting excited about the show!

So now we need your help—if you are a Steam customer, we need reviews and ratings! These help us increase exposure, get new people watching the show, and help turn them into fans and backers during this last, crucial week.

Links to review and rate:

Season One
Community Hub: 

Season Two
Community Hub:

When writing reviews, please stay focused on the story and content. If you are opening discussions about the shows, that's an appropriate place to talk about this campaign. Remember that people don't like being marketed to. Steam is about community, just as we are, which is why we're primarily encouraging fans who are ALREADY part of the Steam community to engage.

We've also priced these streaming seasons extremely low for this week only, to help increase momentum and encourage more new people to give them a try.

Because as we all know, once people sit down and watch JourneyQuest, they can't wait to see more... and right now, we need more people doing exactly that!


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    1. Moritz Schubert on

      @nightarrow: If you mean the deadline of the Kickstarter: It's impossible to change the end date of a campaign once it launches.

      @Chantal: The Steam version is the same as the one on the dvd and the digital download.
      In the case of Season 1, it's all of the episodes cut together to a movie, but with the title cards still in place (which is a bit annoying imo).
      In the case of Season 2, it's all of the episodes cut together to a movie with seamless transitions from episode to episode. They also added a couple of establishing shots and new special effects (especially for the battle against the angel).

    2. Chantal Beaulne on

      Congrats guys! You're doing everything you can. What's the difference between this and the Youtube series? I love the promo on the site by the by.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bjoern Kowalske on

      Stream review ist possiblle after buying. . . . O. K. WHY Not. I have a physical copy (DVD) but heaving it also in the One and only, holy Steam Account, gives mehr a Good (God?) feeling.:-)

    4. Missing avatar

      nightarrow85 on

      Three days on steam seems short, maybe extend the deadline out a week or so? Get that weekend on steam to get word out!

    5. Jeremie Lariviere

      cool! hopefully it'll bring more people too

    6. Missing avatar

      XCompWiz on

      If the rentals were made free for a limited time then I believe that would make it possible for everyone to rate it.

      As is, only those willing to purchase the series on Steam can do so. This ties back to the update made a bit ago discussing people's available finances. I'm sure many people would love to help and Steam reviews is something one can do free... if one is allowed to review the item. Is this something ZOE would consider?

    7. Moritz Schubert on

      @James: ZOE has tried to get JourneyQuest onto Netflix for several years now, I think.
      It's already on Hulu, btw.

    8. James Dunsmuir on

      This is a great idea. Have you thought about trying to contact Netflix? Felicia Day has her "The Guild" webseries up there, and that's given it a lot of exposure. It might be too late to help out with this specific kickstarter, but it might end up being a backup plan if this one doesn't work out. If it gets enough views on Netflix, you may be able to try again with more support, or (thinking really optimistically) might even be able to talk to them about funding it. They spend millions making shows all the time. $420k is peanuts to them, if you can sell them on the idea. I know that deviates from the whole Creative Commons idea of the show, but whatever helps get the next seasons made.

    9. Moritz Schubert on

      Oh, I didn't intend to be mean. I'm sorry if I came across this way.

      I'm thankful for every single one who cares enough about JourneyQuest to have donated to this campaign. We are all in this together :)

    10. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Play nice, everyone. We're all doing that best that we can... and we want to be able to say that to each other on Saturday, no matter what happens between now and then.

    11. Moritz Schubert on

      I'm tired of your defeatism, Craig!
      I used to be a pessimist about this campaign like you, but then I took a dose of optimism to the brain, because of all the positivity and hope in the comment section.
      The last 48 hours of a Kickstarter often bring in a lot of money, so there is still a chance of this being funded!

    12. Aron Marczylo on

      Yeah, I hope buying the series will also help boost their pledge!

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Bennett on

      You can only write a review if you purchase them on steam first. It's less than 4 bucks and worth it!

      Also, I did some math and if everyone who has donated 150 or less so far bumped their pledge to the next level we'd be just shy of 45K from wrapping this up.... pretty tempting.

    14. Krys

      Unable to review, but I did try! Crossing my fingers for a magic miracle potion.

    15. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Craig – Isn't it great that we made it onto Steam at all? It's certainly better than not being there.

    16. Missing avatar

      Craig Thorne on

      If only this was released on steam weeks ago the show might have been made!

      Sad times:(

    17. Emil on

      I found out why I could not rate and review. Apparently, you have to buy the product from Steam to be able to rate and review. I own a physical copy of the DVD.

    18. Emil on

      I can't find any "Write a review", "Rate" or similar button. Can someone help me? I have a steam account and I am using a mac computer.