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The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
The beloved fan-funded comedy returns for an epic third season! It's a journey... uh, a quest.. a JOURNEYQUEST!
5,602 backers pledged $425,474 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you for an awesome first day!

Posted by Zombie Orpheus (Creator)

Wow, what a crazy day! THANK YOU!

We raised more than 20% of our goal in less than twenty-four hours, thanks to your support, excitement, and encouragement. We asked you to step up and make a splash on our launch day and you all delivered!

Now 31 days remain to raise the rest of the funds and renew JourneyQuest for a third season. We've been analyzing our Day 1 metrics and have some good news and some bad news.

First, the good news. Over 1000 fans pledged on day one, which is amazing! Our original goal was to line up 4200 people who wanted to renew the show, over 4700 signed up, and for that many to pledge on Day 1 is incredible.

However, almost half of yesterday's total came from only 42 people. We're incredibly grateful for the boost, but that means that moving forward, small pledges will make or break this campaign. Based on the current average smaller pledge, another 3000 backers will only get us to $150,000.

So, how does this affect our plans as we move forward?

First, we will continue to communicate with the RenewJQ list, which has thousands of additional potential supporters who have been eager to renew the show. This is our single biggest resource to help the campaign succeed.

Second, we'll continue social media outreach, especially on Facebook, where our most engaged fan community resides. Historically tons of supporters have joined us from there.

Third, we are (for once) getting a great response from our YouTube audience and that should continue as more of them view our videos. (There's a promo for this campaign in the description of every one of our videos right now and it's working!)

Fourth, we need to create an alternative $250 reward level for people who don't want to travel. Your comments and feedback have made that very clear. A stronger $250 option will help our average immensely. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments about options for a second $250 reward!

Finally, we know that the $100 reward isn't hitting as strongly as we would like. That level will be amazing when the first two stretch goals are unlocked (a History of Fartherall book by Matt Vancil and a 24x36 poster), but for now, it's not enough to be the most-pledged level. Our next step there will be to share concept art for the metal cards in a future update, because those things are so unbelievably cool.

We're still positioned well for success, but none of us should take anything for granted. It's going to take work and outreach for this campaign to succeed. Luckily, JourneyQuest fans are some of the most passionate and dedicated people out there. We're lucky to have you on our side and can't wait to finish this journey... sorry, this quest... this JourneyQuest with you.

Team JourneyQuest

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    1. Missing avatar

      Allie Atter on

      I agree that a 250 $ pledge without travel would be great. It could be something like a simple mini, or some painting tips, more behind the scenes updates and funny stories.
      Traveling isn't really an option, but it would be nice to have another reward tier.

    2. Missing avatar

      Josh Triplett on

      @ZOE What about the painted minis? Could those scale enough?

    3. Missing avatar

      Jessica Gregory on

      Mmm... In terms of rewards that have relatively low cost scaling over unknown numbers of takers, I've a few thoughts:

      - If you think the metal cards are really neat, you could open a lower tier to $250 that doesn't create an orcish word, but can get something etched on a card anyway (character cap and whether or not it can be non-text like an Orc Sign would need to be specified based on the company you're working with). Things like 'Onwaaaaards!' might be neat.

      -Design Diaries: Giving early access to a blog or set of videos made by one of the cast or crew over the course of filming Season 3. It can change day by day who has to write or record something, but just giving thoughts on the day's work and/or sharing silly stories about some of the challenges they have had to deal with. You can always cut and use some of it in the DVDs as an extra afterwards, and having changing people in charge of it by day keeps it from being too draining on one person's time. And if daily updates is too much on top of filming, then maybe a weekly thing.

      -World of JourneyQuest: access to some digital documents that describe more of the world setting of JourneyQuest like history, the bardic agreement, how the different people of the world see each other etc. Useful stuff for those wanting to run rpgs in the world and that will mostly have come up at some point in writing and filming the show.

      Hope the suggestions help! ^_^

    4. Missing avatar

      NightWind on

      While discussing "gaps" between $100 and $250, I'd like to bring up a pledge level at $70-80 -- give this level the metal card and $10-$20 credit for add-ons after the campaign (or part of the exploding value of the $100 pledge). This may help you to get people from $50 closer to $100.
      At the moment, I am looking for a good reason to increase my pledge but $50 fits best.

    5. Roy Kubicek on

      I know I would definitely go for a series of levels for props used on camera. Just off the top of my head I could see atrocity knives, arrows, and potion vials.

    6. Moritz Schubert on

      @ZOE: Just read your response comments. I didn't realize that potentially 100+ people could back the alternative $250 tier. That would make my idea quite unfeasable...

    7. Moritz Schubert on

      I have an idea: ZOE could write a sketch that can incorporate videos submitted by the backers at the $250 level. For example, a character in the sketch is on ChatRoulette and the backers are the different people he talks to (I'm sure ZOE can come up with better ideas than that).
      That way, people can be part of a ZOE video without having to travel to Seattle.

    8. Dave Woods [Owner of the Daffy Duck] on

      I agree with Gerrit on the $150 pledge level. Certainly would be interested in seeing what could be offered at that level that would appeal to us international backers.

      Either way, I am stoked about this.

    9. Jacob Spangler on


      I'm really excited to see how this story continues, and to help achieve that I recommend posting updates on your past kickstarters. Those updates go directly to the e-mails of the backers of those projects and will help get the word out to people who might not hear it otherwise. I know that I'm not that active on social media and only found out about it because the youtube video appeared on my front page. Hope this helps and as always I look forward to seeing your future work. Now I'm going to watch season 2 in anticipation.

    10. rachaelblevins on

      I signed up on the RenewJQ site and I'm stoked that we finally get to back Season 3! I *HAVE* to know how the story continues...and if Matt figures out how to get out of the trunk...hopefully not before Christian gets to direct.

    11. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      Morton – That's exactly we. In order to avoid a campaign goal of $500,000 or more, we're operating with very specific margins on reward costs. Add-ons make it impossible to calculate those margins and, if the campaign is tight at the end, could end up losing us money. First and foremost, we have to be good stewards of the production budget so that we can actually make the series!

    12. Morten Poulsen

      Being able to get loot in backerkit is nice ... but it does not help get us to $420.000 unless backers add to their pledges before the campaign is over. I suspect that you have a specific reason for not publishing a pricelist with addons, so backers can add to their pledges in advance. Does it have to do with uncertainty of loot vs investment for fulfilling rewards?

    13. Zombie Orpheus 11-time creator

      August – Good point!
      Quinlan – Will do.
      Jaysin – Personalized videos are great until we have to do hundreds of them. Then the producers start getting worried about having enough time to shoot the actual project.
      Gerrit – A $150 level could fit well, actually, without throwing our numbers off.
      Gabriel – Would you like to manage creating all of that personalized material? ;)
      Daniel – Agreed.
      Josh – We may offer a few more Perf hats in BackerKit, but since they're handmade they don't scale well at all.
      Chris – Add-ons will be available in BackerKit, thanks!

    14. Chris Jean

      What about add-ons for signed copies of seasons 1 and 2?

    15. Missing avatar

      Josh Triplett on

      I'd love to see a pledge level that includes a professionally painted version of the Perf miniature.

      Also, have you considered offering Perf hats as a reward, or will that one not scale to many more backers than those in the highest tiers?

    16. Daniel Goldman on

      A second reward for those who can't travel would be great. Just keep in mind that if there's something that's seriously different than the current $250 level, I'd suggest not making people choose, which would mean adding a higher tier which includes both options.

    17. Lautaro Gabriel Gonda on

      I know that personalized stuff from the cast like additional scenes, outgoing voicemail messages, and the like are a bit of a pain to make (not my problem this time!), but they do seem to be popular with the fans. It's just a matter of valuing them properly. They also have the advantage of not incurring any hard costs, if they can be done quickly over a lunch break, or during down time.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gerrit Zimmermann on

      While I can't offer a good idea on improving the 100$ level I'd like to suggest maybe an additional 150$ level. Frankly 250$ is not really something I'd personally judge to be affordable enough (and doing intercontinental travel for a wrap party really isn't that appealing anyway), but I'd be willing to raise my pledge a bit, if there'd be an intermediate step, and maybe I'm not the only one.

    19. Jaysin Osterkamp on

      Your update brings up a strong point. I am willing to contribute more, however, most of the $100+ range were for travel and red cards, both things not in my realm of desires / possibilities. Ideas: A personalized video would be cool and would not take long to shoot / edit.

    20. Missing avatar

      Quinlan Schultz on

      Don't forget to post updates in your other campaigns! Should reach a lot of people that way (especially from the Hands of Fate one).

    21. Missing avatar

      August Jokela on

      I liked the Perf miniature part of the $250 pledge level, just not going to Seattle to get it.