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£9,622 pledged of £90,000 goal
By Zombiefood
£9,622 pledged of £90,000 goal

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The Creation of an Artwork

Dear Backers and Fans,

today we like to show you how an artwork of Iron Dawn is drawn. In the video you can see the whole process from the first sketch until it is finished. 18 pictures of different stages of the artwork are shown. The artwork shows a battle between the Commonwealth Units and the Hordes of the Quel’Nar. 

It was created under the guideline of being used as a background for a website.

Have fun, 

Your Iron Dawn – Team

Iron Dawn in the German gaming press!

In the last weeks we had the great opportunity to show our game Iron Dawn to some of the most important gaming-sites in germany. Sadly, all these previews writen about Iron Dawn are naturally in german, so all the quotes are in german. But in the end, all of the sites offer a positive summary of Iron Dawn and recommend to back our game on Kickstarter.

“Iron Dawn wird kein grafischer Überflieger, aber das Potential für ein gutes Rundenstrategie-Spiel ist gegeben.”

“Rundenstrategie-Matches, die an einstige Genre-Könige wie Jagged Alliance oder Heroes of Might & Magic erinnern. “

“Den brennenden Enthusiasmus, die ehrliche Begeisterung entnimmt man jedem ihrer Worte. Von Iron Dawn erzählen sie, ihrem Baby.”

“Kleines Team, große Ziele: Zu vielversprechend, um nicht mehr fertiggestellt zu werden.”

“Zurzeit steckt das gesamte Team sein Herzblut und Können in die Entwicklung des Spiels Götterdämmerung – Iron Dawn.”

“Das gesamte Team von Zombiefood freut sich über jede Spende – Wir sind der Meinung, dass es das Spiel wert ist.”

“Düsteres Szenario in einer postapokalyptischen Welt und der Menschheit in Angst lebend: Das Online Strategie Rollenspiel Götterdämmerung: Iron Dawn nimmt dich mit auf einen gefährlichen Trip durch ein gottloses Land namens Tharwyn.”

“Zombiefood ist wirklich mit Herzblut bei der Sache und man wird das Gefühl nicht los, dass es hier auch darum geht, sich einen alten Kindheitstraum zu erfüllen. Besonders die Nähe zur Community, welche auch die Möglichkeit hat, die dynamische Story mitzugestalten, ist ein Grund sich auf dieses Spiel zu freuen.”

“Laut den Entwicklern ist das Spiel ein Genre-Mix aus Taktik und Rollenspiel – als weitere Inspirationsquellen dienten Klassiker wie UFO, Jagged Alliance, Incubation und Fallout. “

Gameplay Video #1

We're happy to present a video of a play-through of the demo. The audio is in german but we added english subtitles for those who need them.

Hope you enjoy it!

Letter from Asmodius to Talya about Livingston

Dear Talya,

If my spies informed me correctly about the schedule of your zeppelin you should get this letter the moment you land. As you can imagine, I was not very pleased with the few information I could gather about Livingston. The dossier I received from the archives was too superficial, too incomplete. I kept digging and have discovered a few interesting details about the small city of Livingston. Did you for example that Livingston had been a very popular place of pilgrimage before the war? The goal of the pilgrimage was the many small churches and chapels that stood in Livingston. An extraordinary amount – 62 in total – of clerical buildings was gathered in this little city. 

 Sadly little is left from this cultural treasure. With the start of the war the flow of pilgrims stopped in favor of sites deeper in Commonwealth territory. At the same time Livingston began to overflow with refugees from the war. The city has recovered a little by now but you will not see any signs of its old splendor. You are probably asking yourself why I am giving you the tourist information and not something of value for your mission. Do not worry as I have found a detail that certainly would have eluded me if the entry in our archived had not been classified as top secret by the inquisition. 

 Apparently it is very important for the inquisition that no one finds out why the churches in Livingston were so special. Something that was known by all before the war: The reason why Livingston became a place of pilgrimage in the first place. Some of the stones with which the churches were built have wonderful drawings and reliefs on them that are of unknown origin. The church did not contradict the rumour that these were signs sent down by the gods themselves. The inquisition however seems to think that these drawings are of worldly origin, from a time where humans had not settled in the region yet. I will continue to investigate but I have to be careful as my research could get me into difficulties, should the wrong people find out about it. 

 I will contact you as soon as I have something new for you. Be careful! 


You can find this Story-Update here on our website!
Eine deutsche Version des Briefs findet ihr hier auf unserer Webseite!

Introduction to the Iron Guild Faction

We would like to present the drarf faction of the Iron Guild today. This faction will be implemented as the first dlc for Iron Dawn and is at the same time the first stretch goal of this campaign.

The Iron Guild is the largest and oldest Guild within the Dwarven Kingdom in Tharwin. The dwarves are an ingenious people who first discovered steam engines and clockwork technology. When the Quel’Nar first appeared the dwarfs were the first to come in contact with them. Although the dwarfs are possess very advanced technology, the sudden and brutal attacks of an unknown enemy took them completely by surprise. In addition the close proximity to the strange machines of the Quel’Nar caused horrible sicknesses mutations within the dwarven population.

The King decided to flee with his people to the nearby Commonwealth empire using giant cities on wheels which he baptized steam hives.

The Iron Guild itself refused to leave their ancestral homelands a view the exodus as a betrayal to their ancestors. To withstand the constant onslaught of the Quel’Nar and to counteract the mutations that plague them the Guild developed means of replacing injured or infected limbs using clockwork technology

The warriors of the Iron Guild are few but fearsome. With powerful rifles and explosives they dominate long range combat and use heavily armored fighters in case it comes to close combat. Their main drawback is their sluggishness as well as their low numbers. Troops of Dwarves are small. A skilled Iron Guild commander that manages to entrench his units in a defendable position can withstand almost anything.

If you choose to join the Iron Guild you will follow Gronar Ironfist, leader of the Guild and great warrior, as he desperately defends his homeland against any who would defile it. His former lands mate included.

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