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Played in the real world, this iPhone MMORPG pits players against hordes of zombies, and nearby players in turn based combat adventure.
Played in the real world, this iPhone MMORPG pits players against hordes of zombies, and nearby players in turn based combat adventure.
Played in the real world, this iPhone MMORPG pits players against hordes of zombies, and nearby players in turn based combat adventure.
256 backers pledged $16,638 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. David Heyes on

      Glad see a progress update.

    2. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      Not sure if anyone is keeping up with the game but here. I really hope that they use this for info too.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      Yeah I agree. If you dropped the ball let us know so we don't click on this link anymore. Well that and my $100 deserves an answer...

    4. David Heyes on

      Well, I got a pretty large keychain fob. There's that.
      It's about time for an update, even if it's to say that you're no longer working on this project.

    5. John Iwasz on

      No updates since March? Any success with open source contributions?

    6. Missing avatar

      lauchenauer on

      Certainly looks like this never really happened. I can see a lite version on the play market, but none of my devices are supported (Samsung Galaxy S, and ASUS Infinity Tablet, so nothing exotic). Also never received the stickers and starter items.

    7. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      Was really looking forward to playing this. :-/

    8. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      The programming is killing me... stack overflow is an understatement. (just me currently)

      We are looking at open sourcing the project... That's the short update.

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      No app update either? What's going on?

    10. Darren Hupke on

      I'd like some info too. I never was told how I could get my copy, etc. Thanks.

    11. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      You're absolutely right, I need to do an update... "imploded" perhaps a bit harsh, but not entirely inaccurate- all rewards have been shipped and there is a version available for download from multiple app stores... so...

    12. Abraham Dover on

      So, it's been 6 months since an update and it looks like you guys have imploded. Is this the case? A bit perturbed that the updates just completely stopped. Be good to know what happened.

    13. Terence Bowlby on

      Never got anything.

    14. Abraham Dover on

      Hi There,
      I saw the post saying Lite had launched, but it doesn't show up on the android app store and I haven't seen any links for downloading it. Where might we find a copy of the game? My apologies if this has been covered and I just missed it somehow.

    15. Patrick O'Luanaigh on

      Hi Owen. I'm a 'Serious Survivor' and now that the game is out, when will you contact us about how to get the game on iOS? I haven't received any emails about the credits/survivor list, my address etc..

    16. Ruke on

      Is the light launch for Android out yet?

    17. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      We are in the submissions process right now with Apple... Kickstarter rewards are going in the mail this week... Sorry I've been too busy to make a video... I should really get on that...

    18. Mitchell on

      So any word on what is going on with ARG zombies?

    19. Chris on

      i cant wait how much longer do we have aproximently for light launch

    20. Derek Hagerman on

      so is this an online game? will i have to use up my 3g. is it gonna use up my 3g as fast as youtube does, this is my main concern. i dont wanna be stuck playing in wifi zones only.

    21. Jane McGonigal on

      Congratulations everyone! Now we're a part of surviving ^_^ I can't wait to play.

    22. Shaun Hansel on

      Great job, excited to see the final result. Oh, the Carboard Box. Pick the Carboard Box.

    23. Randy Warren on

      Congrats! Can't wait for it!!! Great job. Found this project 108 minutes before the end. Glad I did!!!

    24. Alex Peake on

      I gave a Lightning Talk at Super Happy Block Party and I showed Code Hero's kickstarter then yours and commanded the audience to give you money on their cell phones before I continued the talk. Tweeted. Posted to my backers. Way to go, you guys rock and you totally knocked it into home plate!

    25. Missing avatar

      Corey Maher on

      I'm so glad we made it, congrats!

    26. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      $28 my butt... 1,628 more like...!!

    27. Mitchell on

      wow made it by $28 nice!

    28. Chris Sullivan on

      Congrats guys. Cheered in real life when I saw that you guys made it over, cant wait to play this game

    29. Missing avatar

      Tim McNeill on

      Congrats guys! Can't wait.

    30. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      Thank you everyone! We couldn't have done it without all of your support!!

    31. Pierre Tapia on

      CONGRATS!!! Can't wait to play this game!

    32. Nick Shapiro on

      Woo hoo! Congrats!

    33. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    34. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      ARG Zombies ‏ @ZomBApocalypse
      ARG ZOMBIES IS FUNDED!!! with 3 hours to spare John Reynolds (currently in Afghanistan) pledged 6,880 to bring us over the mark!!

    35. Jib Life Studios on

      if it doesn't succeed, u will have our support in round 2 as well :: )

    36. Nick Shapiro on

      Go go go! We can do this!

    37. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      Glad you won't give up. This will change gaming on mobile os's. And get people out of there house more. Thus maybe more people going on walks way from there homes. Who knows maybe meet new friends or something else :-D Lots of patenial in this kickstarter!

    38. David Heyes on

      Just upped my bid, Hope it helps

    39. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      We can ABSOLUTELY make it!! You're right though Aaron- FACEBOOK REDDIT TWITTER... Gotta make the surge happen people!!!

      ps- if it fails. we are doing it again, and again until it does not fail... I do not give up eaisly.

    40. Missing avatar

      Aaron T Mundy on

      I don't think we're going to make it :,-(. Common guys post everywhere reddit Facebook anything.

    41. David Heyes on

      Let me just amend my comment by saying that you really need to make it clear that this game can be played on an ipod touch or on the ipad. I know lots of folks have ipod touches but not iphones, and they like myself will be super happy to play a game like this when they are out and about, and not feel left out because they don't have a crazy data plan or a smart phone!

    42. David Heyes on

      Yes! You just got me as a backer, I'm super happy to hear this works over wifi!!!!
      I am currently spamming my social media!

    43. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      You will be able to play from home as long as your character is alive, but no- you will not be able to track back to the locations that you've visited... If you began a mission at a location- you can continue it, but once it's complete- you would have to be in proximity of that location to begin it again.
      With regards to QR placement in cities- we currently don't have the resources to 'hide' QR's around the country, but we would absolutely love to do stuff like that... just gotta get few thousand more backers... no biggie right?

    44. Ruke on

      has they question been asked... How will you be able to play from home? will you be able to have your avatar free roam the places you havce been(unlocked ?) also will this QR codes be placed in citys such as san diego?

    45. Robert Brown on

      I think they ultimately failed because the vast majority of audience members don't want to be bothered with crazy-hard puzzles-even Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero contained it's share of frustrations (at least three clues required a spectrometer).

      But the real-world tricks they both used were fantastic.

    46. Robert Brown on

      Owen: I hadn't even thought of that! Clear an area and the thankful residents give you tangible stuff as well. Have you ever seen the Perplex City card game that was done a few years ago, with their real-world clues? That's taking it a step further.

    47. Owen Morris 2-time creator on

      Robert: Absolutely thought of hiding QR items in public spots... We thought it would be cool to hide secret missions also- kill the Coffee monster in the game, get coffee in the real world. It would be pretty cool.

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