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The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
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June Update: Beta has officially begun!


Hello all,

Well, let's get to it shall we?


I know we are late with this update but it's been a bit crazy here at Zojoi. Two weeks ago we launched a soft-beta of the game and had a small number of testers beat on it - primarily finding 'blocker' bugs so that when we let more folks in, the game would be pretty darn stable.

Well, after 7 updates and tons of fixes, we're ready to move into full-blown beta. For those of you who pledged the Novice level and up and signed up for the beta (as well as those who bought the Hero tier on the Zojoi website), the wait is over. You will be receiving an email from us in a little bit outlining how to get into the beta.

Game launch

Our plan is to be in beta for eight weeks, squashing bugs and polishing the game before finally releasing the beast. After that, we will send out the final rewards to those who have been waiting so long. 

We will keep you up to date on where we are at and how things are going over the next two months and, as always, we are very grateful for your support!

The Zojoi Team

The Grim Reaper awaits!
The Grim Reaper awaits!
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    1. Missing avatar

      stufff on June 26, 2014

      I didn't get my beta invite key. I'd signed up for the beta previously and backed at the Enchanter level. I just re-signed up for beta access, but is there anything else I can do?

    2. Missing avatar

      Andrew sheriff on June 20, 2014

      I'm having the same problem as Lucy Maser :(

    3. Lucy Maser
      on June 19, 2014

      So, I got the Steam Key for beta in my mail, tried redeeming it and was told it's already been used on another account? Not sure how to go about getting a new key that actually works. :/

    4. Zojoi 2-time creator on June 19, 2014

      @Norse please submit the click to continue issue in the bug submission report. @Norse and @Dustin - ok, we'll look at adding a classic pixed death image for NES mode :)

    5. Missing avatar

      NorseFTX on June 17, 2014

      After playing a bit of the beta, three comments so far:

      1) The randomly interspersed "Click here to continue" (where you have to move the mouse over and click within the text box) is somewhat interruptive to gameplay, particularly since a lot of the time you're experimenting with many things in succession. Either the necessity to click the text box should always be there 100% of the time, or not be there at all (I believe that it not being there at all probably would be better, as I don't see how it adds engagement to the gameplay beyond artificially lengthening gameplay time).

      2) The introduction was excellent. The narration and the art synthesize together well, and got me excited about starting the game. Great job--!

      3) I think it would be nice if every unique death had a still image of how you die before a transition to Mr. Reaper. Back in the NES days, a single image of the reaper as an umbrella image for all deaths was understandable due to space constraints on a cartridge, but now I'd think there's no reason not to. It'd make collecting all the deaths a whole lot more worthwhile as well. ;)

      Keep up the great work--!

    6. Dustin Gray on June 17, 2014

      Sorry for another comment, dont see how to edit my old one. I love the old music it really makes this great! Can we add the option for a classic death screen w the old music? Not feeling the new death screen, not scary enough. Games great so far!

    7. Dustin Gray on June 17, 2014

      Option for original music, this rocks!!!! Im hoping there is an original death screen?

    8. terrisus on June 17, 2014

      It's so amazing this day is finally here. It's so unbelievable. Thank you so much to Dave, Karl, and everyone over at Zojoi for making this day happen. I know there's still work to be done before the final release, but the fact that the Beta is here and as soon as I finish writing this post I'll be able to go and play it - it just doesn't even feel real.

    9. Dustin Gray on June 17, 2014

      OMG So excited to play! Downloading BETA right now!

    10. Ariel Segal on June 17, 2014

      Hi! I backed the project. I have a 2008 Mac w/ OSX 10.6
      2.8ghz processor About 150 gig of hd space
      4gig of ram
      But only 256 mb of dedicated video memory.
      Will Shadowgate not run at all on my computer, or just run slow?

    11. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on June 17, 2014

      Sorted it out: The beta forums link is only there if you are logged in. Which kinda makes sense... ^-^

    12. Jeremie Lariviere
      on June 17, 2014

      Thanks for the update!

    13. Zojoi 2-time creator on June 17, 2014

      @scani - did you click in the game, forums, then scroll down on the right and thee is beta tester. I don't look on the site but I use the steam exe client for this but it should be the same.

    14. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on June 17, 2014

      Alright, thanks! :)
      I just opened the steam forums on the website and could not find anything.

    15. Zojoi 2-time creator on June 17, 2014

      @scanix - sorry, per the beta rules we are not allowing video of the beta. The threads are in forums/beta testing on the steam client.

    16. Zojoi 2-time creator on June 17, 2014

      @all - the invite to beta was in last months update. Here is the link if you missed it.

    17. Ken Gagne
      on June 17, 2014

      I'm at the novice level and haven't gotten any email about beta. But I think I'd rather wait for the final version so I can do a Let's Play for YouTube. :-)

    18. Gavin Lambert - Tormented Dreamer on June 17, 2014

      I think I must have missed the beta signup announcement. Any chance to sneak in a late entry? (Normally I don't like to beta-test story-based games, but as this is a remake and I still have the success path memorised from the original, I think it'll be ok.)

    19. Trent Petronaitis on June 17, 2014

      Love the soundtrack. Playing the beta reminds me that I didn't really adventure far in the GBC version I had, and what I did I can't remember how to solve most of the puzzles haahaa. Though seems some new ideas into the mix as well. Not sure if I'm a fan of the old school click what needs to be done and do it idea in this era. Might of been able to do that better, differently or something. Though polish is needed here because countless times I find myself clicking one thing and it doing the other. Though it is a beta :P

      Excuse me I died so I'm going back to watching Master Chief.

    20. ScaniX - Silent / Friendly / Axe owner on June 17, 2014

      I can't find those sticky threads on the steam forum. Will it be ok to publish let's plays of this? :)

    21. Tomimt on June 17, 2014

      Great news. Squash those nasty, little bugs, squash.

    22. SoulLifter on June 17, 2014

      Hey Zojoi -- Good news re: Beta! I'm at the Novice level but don't think I signed up for beta. Is it too late for that?

    23. Bobracha on June 17, 2014

      Keep up the good work, I can't wait to die many agonizing deaths!

    24. CecilNezuto on June 17, 2014 everyone ready to have their adventures ended? This will be a great thing for us all.

    25. Zojoi 2-time creator on June 17, 2014

      @Serena - Great! Hey, long time no talk :)

    26. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM
      on June 17, 2014

      Got my key and downloading it now.

    27. Zojoi 2-time creator on June 16, 2014

      iOS comes out after Win and Mac.

    28. Missing avatar

      Brian Jagielski on June 16, 2014

      Awesome! What's the status of iOS?