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The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
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January Update


Happy New Year!

We hope you have had a fun-filled holiday season and that your New Year has started off right.

We've had some great success this year already, Shadowgate was greenlit on Steam! Thanks to everyone who helped support us with your Up Vote and getting the message out! We were greenlit in 8 weeks and the comments have been phenomenal! Here are some interesting numbers from our Steam Greenlight page, including (in parenthesis) a comparison to the average top 50 games that were on Greenlight at the time:

  • Unique visitors: 47,987 (32,434)
  • Yes Votes: 14,626 (9,838)
  • Favorites: 1,231 (630)

We will be getting the official Shadowgate Steam page up soon, as well as a page on the Zojoi site to allow folks that didn’t participate in the Kickstarter to pre-order the game.


So far we've been busy putting in the remaining features for our Alpha delivery. It looks like we will most likely declare Alpha within the next 10 days.

Cool things just added...

  • Death and Game Over: We've hooked in the game-over functionality which drops you from the game and back into the main menu. Also the death sequences have just been linked in. This means that doing something foolhardy during gameplay (like jumping in that deep, deadly, lava-filled chasm) now matters and will end your adventure for good! As you might imagine, this now makes playtesting that much more difficult!
  • Cinematic Cut Scenes: The cut-scenes are built and have been added to the game script. You can now see and experience Lakmir in all his magical glory! It's awesome to see the story unfold during game play!
  • Map Features: The map is now fully functional with correct tie-ins to each location. In addition, interesting items that you run across will show on the map in the form of "notes". These can be used to help solve puzzles or remind you of unique areas that you visited.
  • Inventory: We've revamped the inventory to handle objects in a more efficient manner. We've also added an indicator for items that are currently equipped by the player.

Relax and take a look at the video that Sarah has compiled showing some of the latest features.

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
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 As you can see, we've made great headway and will be at Alpha soon. So what's left to do you might ask? Well, I'm glad you did...

  • The Darkness: A key aspect to Shadowgate centers on managing your torch supply and keeping the darkness at bay. This means that we need to control the light level in each room based upon your torch level and any ambient light in the room. When it's too dark- it’s deadly to a player. We are adding this logic for gameplay during low-light and no-light situations as we speak.
  • Winning: Shadowgate would not be much of a game if there wasn't a payoff to solving the adventure. By this, we mean appropriately handling the awards, achievements, and other various and sundry things one gets after saving the world!
  • Final Assets: Placeholder animation and audio is being replaced with final assets. The real trick to this is syncing the audio with the animation. We'll be doing this from now until the game is released I am sure!
  • Play Test and Polish: Be assured that we intend to play test and polish this game as much as possible! To that end, we will be setting up our beta test soon. So stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about that.


We have word that our game boxes have just shown up at the Port of Los Angeles from places overseas. The box design is awesome! We are in the process of getting these shipped to the Port of Richmond and then to our staging area where we plan to collate the boxes once the game is ready.

The Humble Store keys went out a few weeks ago to all our backers. These keys allow you to claim your digital rewards. Please let us know if you did not receive yours or if you have any issues. You can always email us here!


You guys are awesome! We want to thank you for your continuing support, especially as we start our final push to get the game completed!

Karl and the Zojoi Team


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    1. The Evolutionary on February 3, 2014

      Hey, while you are all fixated on Steam, what about our DRM-free downloads? Steam is NOT drm-free. A more firm ETA would be appreciated at this point. as we are 3 months behind schedule. Please advise, thanks!

    2. terrisus on January 31, 2014

      Dave, Karl, Sarah, and everyone over at Zojoi - everything looks amazing. Being able to see some of the game in action was unbelievable. All of you have been doing such a wonderful job with Shadowgate over there. Really excited to hear that Alpha testing will be starting any day now too. Everything is coming together into an absolutely perfect game.

    3. James M. Morris (deleted) on January 30, 2014

      Drooling over here guys. Looks fantastic so far!

    4. Zojoi 2-time creator on January 26, 2014

      @all - Thanks for the comments and suggestions! We really do appreciate the feedback!

    5. shibby191 on January 25, 2014

      Not a bad idea on inventory management. Even easier might be a few filter "buttons" or icons. Weapons, armor, torches, misc and all might be a good 5 to have. This would make it very quickly to find a weapon or torch.

    6. Eric Kolb on January 25, 2014

      A thought on inventory management:
      If one's inventory can become large enough to exceed 21 items on a single screen, I can see myself (and many others) needing to play icon hunt, which is bogus. In fact, that's not unlike work, like hunting for an icon on your desktop. You know it's there, but man where is it positioned?

      A possible solution would be to add a quick filter box. If I know I'm looking for the 'satchel', I would love to be able to type 'sat' in the filter box and see (almost) everything drop out.

      I suppose the challenge in doing this would be in having multiple equivalent terms for things for usability. You called it the 'dirk', but it could very easily be called 'dagger', 'knife', 'sword', or 'blade'. Not being able to filter something that way under the term you expect could be equally frustrating.

      Finally, from a UX perspective, are the inventory page buttons unsubtle enough? I only noticed them because you were calling attention to them. They look close enough to the window framing that they kinda blend in. This looks neat, but I can see users losing the buttons. A key interface button like that ought to be very clearly - almost painfully - obvious that it is a key UX element.

      I think some static image usability testing of interface ideas could go a long way here. Hand a non-gamer a screenshot with the element and ask them how many items are in their inventory. Ask them how they would find an item (by name) that's not in the static screen. I expect you'd find non-mainstream gamers get lost here: "What do you mean, find the crystal? There's no crystal in the box." Because there's no indicator how many items you have and the pagination is too subtle. But I'm speculating here. If you've already done a lot of this testing, bravo!

      Food for thought!

    7. Missing avatar

      Ismail Saeed on January 24, 2014

      It seems like every time people ask about their Humble keys and not having gotten the original e-mail. :P.

      I am very excited about this game and so glad it's edging closer to completion. To me the music is kind of soft but it may fit the setting of the new game better (and otherwise you have the retro option, yay)...

      I like the fact that the inventory is paging, I like the map, and I like that what Sarah was demonstrating felt like a realized game, with its title screen menu, loading a save game, having the map feature, torch feature, equipping feature, death realized, etc.

      One small oversight I noticed is that there was a message when your character equipped the shield but no additional message when Sarah took the satchel - the message about equipping the shield remained the most recent / currently displaying message in the text box.


    8. Jamie Dutton on January 24, 2014

      I'm so excited to see all the progress ya'll have made!
      Btw, you can also us Humble Bundle's key resender. It's on their main page at the bottom that says "lost keys." It'll send all the humble keys you have under the email you type in. If you can't remember which email, just type in all the ones you have.

    9. Zojoi 2-time creator on January 24, 2014

      @ Gamehorder - That is where you can redeem your digital rewards.

      on January 24, 2014

      what is the humble key for? not ringing any bells

    11. Zojoi 2-time creator on January 24, 2014

      @all - Okay, if you didn't get a Humble key and emailed me, you should have gotten a response and a new key.

    12. Jeremie Lariviere
      on January 24, 2014

      Thanks for the update!

    13. Zojoi 2-time creator on January 24, 2014

      @cheese- send me an email as these did go out...

    14. CheeseGraterSuicide on January 24, 2014

      The game looks like it's shaping up well!

      Just to check, the Wallpaper Pack #2 addon hasn't been released yet, correct? It said in the last update: "For those who purchased add-on wallpapers, we will send you those a link separately." So I just wanted to make sure those hadn't gone out yet, or else I haven't gotten mine.

    15. Antonio Garcia
      on January 24, 2014

      @xeoron: Email them at

    16. Missing avatar

      xeoron on January 24, 2014

      I never received my HIB rewards key or if I did it was deleted in error due to a family emergency that I have had to deal with for the last two months. Any chance it can be re-sent? Same keys. Thank you!

    17. Antonio Garcia
      on January 24, 2014

      @Lucy: Which would be odd if they were sent weeks ago.

    18. Lucy Maser
      on January 24, 2014

      I haven't received a key either. I'm wondering if Humble hasn't distributed them yet.

    19. Antonio Garcia
      on January 24, 2014

      @Zojoi: Emailed you as soon as I read the "Humble Store Keys have been sent" line.

    20. Zojoi 2-time creator on January 24, 2014

      @ Antonio/All - If you didn't get a key, please email us at and we will get it right out to you. Note that keys went to the email you used to pledge...

    21. Antonio Garcia
      on January 24, 2014

      Weird. I never got my Humble Key.