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The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
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Mid-December update: Rewards links and more!


Hey everyone,


First, I hope you got a chance to read last months update as it went into where we are at in development. We are still on schedule for finishing the Alpha build this month. Then we have a dozen or so things to finish for Beta so we'll keep you up to date on that as it progresses!


We've teamed up with the Humble Bundle folks to create individual backer pages where you can go to get your rewards (including the game) as they are ready. Depending on your pledge level, links to the following rewards (zip files) are up on each page for the following:

  • Shadowgate wallpapers: 5 wallpapers + 4 bonus wallpapers in 9 different resolutions  
  • 2014 Calendar: 14 months (with and without the calendar overlay) in 9 different resolutions  
  • Digital Map: A digital version of the cloth map in 9 different resolutions

How to redeem:

  • Go to and enter the email address you used for pledging to the Kickstarter.
  • You will receive an email containing a link to your personal download page.
  • You can download your rewards from this page.
  • However, if you would like to come back later without having to use the link, you can CLAIM your page by either creating a new Humble account or logging in to an existing Humble account. 

Other notes: 

  • For those who purchased add-on wallpapers, we will send you those a link separately. 
  • Not all rewards may be shown on the page (for example, you will get a separate email for the iOS version when that is ready).
  • If you never got a soundtrack key, email us at

Audio Bonus

Recently we hooked up with uber-composer VanStratho to produce an epic metal version of some of the classic NES Shadowgate themes. We're excited about featuring it in the game. Of course, you get a chance for a first listen so enjoy!

Steam Greenlight

The support on our Steam Greenlight page has been phenomenal! In addition to the awesome comments, we've received over 11,000 Up Votes and are currently ranked #3 out of nearly 1,500 submissions! Thank you so much for spreading the word!


We would be remiss not to thank you once again for supporting our small company. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have so please drop us a line at

Happy Holidays everyone!

Karl and the Zojoi team

No doubt, the Warlock Lord's Christmas Tree :)
No doubt, the Warlock Lord's Christmas Tree :)
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    1. Ariel Segal on

      Very cool update! It was great to hear the "Lightning Rod" track, my personal favorite, in the metal mix :) Looking forward to the completed game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ismail Saeed on

      Hi zojoi folks,

      I've repeatedly said on Twitter that I like how the game is shaping up in the previews I see. I'm looking forward to the game.

      I just wanted to clear one question up, which hopefully doesn't make you feel 'committed to' something. When you state your expected completion months for alpha and beta... is the "beta" something that will be available to backers, or do you just mean an internal beta? Just kind of curious about how close we're coming to the game being in customers' hands.

    3. Thrakker on

      Just logged in through my Humble account, and I agree with AstralWanderer. It would be great to have the soundtrack available on there as well. I like being able to download everything from one source, instead of the game from Humble, then trying to remember that I have a bandcamp key saved in my email somewhere, worrying if I've used up my keys if I change computers, delete it for some reason, etc. Can't wait for the game.

    4. Frodo

      I'm another one who'd rather download through GOG. ( :

      Thanks for these updates, guys. It's good to know what's going on with the game.

    5. terrisus on

      Awesome. Great pictures, some wonderful details on the Shadowgate world, and... I now have my calendar for next year.

    6. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      @Jerry - Yeah, we are planning on one. In the meantime, we are actually pretty darn close to releasing a new ruleset that is easier to follow (without the constraints of the small folded size).

    7. Jerry J. Wilson on

      Sort of unrelated but could we get a video tutorial of the card game and how to play it in the near future?

    8. Jeremie Lariviere

      on GOG would be awesome! There's a wishlist they have, and the original is on it,
      There just needs to be one created for the new one :-)

    9. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      ... in some *form*

    10. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      @Ken - the metal mix will probably be used for the credits. Most likely we will make it available in some for outside the game. Dark/Aerendill - we have been in touch with the gog folks and we hope to get on their service.

    11. Aerendhil on

      same as darkstorm : could we download the game through GOG when available ? I loathe Steam.

    12. darkstorm on

      Would it be possible to get a gog code for the game instead?

      I don't really mind waiting the extra time before it comes up on gog(months if necessary), I just like to stick to one store if I can.

    13. Dustin Gray on

      The artwork on the calendar is amazing, thanks guys !!!!!!!!!!!

    14. Missing avatar

      NorseFTX on

      Whoa, that metal version is amazing! It's an awesome medley of the Shadowgate soundtrack. I actually got a few shivers when listening to it. The good kind of shivers--the kind you get when you see something you loved from a long time ago recreated awesomely.
      I can't wait for the game...!

    15. Missing avatar

      Ken Burwood on

      Wicked soundtrack addition! Are the metal versions full-blown songs, or are they short clips--just long enough reproduce the NES music in metal form?

      If the former, will it be available as it's own album?

      Great artwork too. I haven't used a calendar year (you know, outside of work or Google), but it looks like I'll actually have a reason to put a calendar up on my desktop next year.

    16. Ian on

      I would like to see you add 1,280x800 if you ever update the wallpapers. But the one I have look great! And I notice you changed the calendar so we still get 14 months.

    17. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      @saodhar - the bonus are extras cause we like you guys. I made a note in the update that the add on wallpapers will be sent separately. As far as the screen res you mention, we chose the top resolutions and 1920x1200 didn't make the list. However, we will go ahead and update the zip file with that res when we have time.

    18. Saodhar

      Great wallpapers!
      but I have to questions to clear. First - are the ones names wallpaper_bonus_x the wallpapers from the "Wallpaper Pack #2" add-on? And if not - how will I get those?
      Second - why are there no 1920x1200 wallpapers? :( 1680x1050 ones have the required ratio, but I don't want to upscale such quality artwork.

    19. advmal on

      I can't get over how awesome the artwork is.

    20. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      @Astral - we weren't planning on it. Are you having problems with bandcamp? If so, email me at

    21. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Thanks for using the HumbleStore - any chance of the soundtrack being added there for those who have issues with Bandcamp?

    22. Tomimt on

      Very smart to team up with Humble Bundle. Their store works very well in every regard I think. Nice to hear that Greenlight is going well.

    23. Venron

      I added Shadowgate a few months back to my Humble Bundle. I have a few kickstarter items that I saw on the humble bundle page before the developers announced it :-)

    24. Jamie Dutton on

      Oh wow, the metal version is fantastic!!

    25. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      @all - A bit more specific Humble Bundle info from one of our gracious backers...

      Folks: this was a little bit unclear, so I thought I'd add something to the instructions here. IF you already have a HumbleBundle account, which uses the same e-mail address, you can go to your usual downloads page. At the top it will say "Claim Past Purchases" and there's a little + sign on the right side. Click the + and it should pop down to say you can add Shadowgate as a purchase.

    26. Josh Gunderson on

      Loving the metal version. \m/

    27. Jess Tipton on

      Does this mean all backers get the metal version of the NES sound track to play with? PURDY PLEASE :)