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The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
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Stretch Goals!

Posted by Zojoi (Creator)

Hey all,

Now that we have passed $100k (THANK YOU THANK YOU!), we have been getting emails and reading comments about what we have had in mind for stretch goals if we reach our target of $120k. Obviously our biggest goal is to do everything we can do make that happen (additional info on add-ons coming in a few hours!). Once we do that, we can open up a Paypal system for folks that can't pledge via Amazon payments. 

So as far as stretch goals go, we really want to first expand on the game play itself so here you go!

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    1. Strider Hiryu on

      Yeah people $150000 should be the goal we should reach, so much content and extras :) And also yes Scott Opdendries, the next level should include XBLA and PSN support! Imagine how big this game can go with all those supported platforms. I am so looking forward to this game and all the sequels in the future :)

    2. Steven "Blackthorne" Alexander on

      @Scott - not sure of the number off the top of my head, but I'm pretty sure the license just to distrubute on XBLA/PSN is quite large.... maybe more than the entire budget of the game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Scott Opdendries on

      $160,000 - PSN/XBLA support? ;)

    4. Tomimt on

      Nice to see some stretch goals. I do believe these are achieveable.

    5. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      I hear you Arthur but we can control extra content. We can't control when the Ouya ships :)

    6. Arthur on

      Would love to see Ouya support before extra content :)

    7. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      We're planning on doing Paypal to continue the campaign so the stretch goals would apply... :)

    8. advmal on

      Let's get to $150k!

    9. Greek Winter Media on

      Looks great! Love the idea of Ouya support, I'm a big fan of what Ouya is trying to do to open up consoles.

    10. Ian Kelly on

      With the Paypal system in place, will the cut-off for making the stretch goals be the end of the campaign or some later date?

    11. Christian Walters on

      What Bobracha said. If y'all don't make the stretch goals, I'd be willing to drop a few bucks for the extra content as an add-on.

    12. Sky King on

      Ouya console support...sweet! Hey, where is my Ouya anyways? :P

    13. Bobracha on

      Glad to see things have really picked up, looking forward to playing it next year! If you don't make the stretch goals, I'd be good with buying the extra content as an expansion pack.