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The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
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3,468 backers pledged $137,232 to help bring this project to life.

Seek Ye the Black Axe!

We thought we would do a fun update before Hurricane Sandy knocks on our front door… The Black Axe Update! What was the Black Axe, you say? Well, in the earliest release of Shadowgate, a mysterious arrow shot across the Grand Hallway and wedged itself into the wall. A message scrawled on an attached scroll read, “Seek Ye the Black Axe.” This puzzle never made it into the final game as there just wasn't enough room on the floppy. 

Was it a weapon of untold power for good or an evil creation of the damned? How can you find out? We're glad you asked! If we get at least 1000 likes on the Zojoi Facebook page, we will ensure that this unreleased quest/puzzle makes it into the new game!

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    1. Terence Bowlby on

      How dare you ask that I click some buttons and tap some keys in order to get something? You have offended me, sirrah! We duel at dawn! Bringeth ye a second! Zounds! By the mighty beard of ZEUS!!!!!11!!!

      LOL people. They asked for Facebook likes, not a "date" with your mom.

    2. Markus on

      Thanks a lot for the clarification. I played Shadowgate, Uninvited and Déjà Vu all on a Mac Plus back in the days before the Internet and online walkthroughs. My friends and I had weeks of fun trying to solve the puzzles and - of course - dying over and over again. It will be a blast seeing Shadowgate come to life again (since my old floppies are rotting away somewhere down in the basement).

    3. Bobracha on

      First and only time I played Shadowgate was on the NES, and was actually surprised to hear about the extended history of it. Looking forward to see how far you go with this.

    4. Missing avatar

      Zach on

      Really like how you keep updating the project. Keep up the good work!

    5. Missing avatar

      GiantenemyCrab of the Obsidian Order on

      In regards to Facebook...I personally dislike the service...however I think Zojoi is just trying to be as active at promoting their game as they can. No sense faulting them there.

      Backers liking Zojoi on Facebook gives indirect value to the campaign and Zojoi.

      We could potentially be drawing more backers similar to have a popular AMA topic on Reddit would.

      I have seen a lot of campaigns where the creators are a not nearly as active or who drop off after they feel like it is a sure thing.

    6. ET3D on

      Thanks, that's great news.

    7. Zojoi 2-time creator on

      Hey everyone!

      We just wanted to do a fun promotion while the campaign was running and figured liking the Facebook page was a good way to do that and, like the hidden Easter egg wallpaper, basically offer our backers a free thing. So, if you would like to like us on FB, we appreciate it but we are more than happy to add the Black Axe puzzle to the game regardless.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mike on

      No fb for me, but go for it for those who are. Only thing I ask is to keep backers properly updated please.

    9. ET3D on

      *It was kind of a game

    10. ET3D on

      I agree with those who dislike the idea of hinging something like this on Facebook likes. This is obviously something Zojoi wants in the game and is capable of putting in the game. Would they leave it out if the number of likes is not high enough? If the answer is yes, it's simply stupid. If the answer is no, then the goal is a sham. Either way it means that this "goal" shouldn't exist.

      Frankly I didn't like what Obsidian did either, but the dungeon itself didn't hinge on Facebook likes or anything else If was kind of a game to get more levels. Kind of silly as well, but not as bad as this one.

      I agree with Markus, if they just pointed to the Facebook page it would have been natural to like it.

    11. Missing avatar

      GiantenemyCrab of the Obsidian Order on

      Jeez guys don't be harsh....this is same strategy used by Obsidian to bring additional content to rpokect eternity.

      We got 450 likes so far so we are almost half way there

    12. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      So I guess all the Facebook naysayers will pass up the ax if it's in the game? NOT...

    13. Markus on

      If you had only asked for a facebook "Like" I might have done it. But since you're making it a condition for getting the unreleased puzzle into the game, forget it!

    14. Robin Andersson on

      Maybe I should use my facebook account for something other than a handy login feature :P

    15. eXoScoriae on

      It's not a slam dunk as far as I'm concerned. I already pledged money. I'm not going to go whore my facebook profile out as well.

    16. Serena Nelson - Hero of the AGRM

      Liked the Facebook page, and not just because of this "Black Axe" thing. I like following all of the projects that I back. Just so that I can get ALL the news.

    17. Drew on

      I'd be happy to +1 a G+ post about it, but like darkstorm, I no longer use Facebook. At all. Nor will I. Best of luck on this though, hopefully enough of the other backers use it and can make this happen!

    18. darkstorm on

      @James You're forgetting those who don't use - and never intend to use - social media. Like myself :)

      Oh well, hope there's enough to make it happen.

    19. Jim Johnson ValorianRidgerunnerPrsvt on

      Well, there's over 1500 Backers right now, sooo...should be a slam dunk...

    20. Eric Shofe on

      Look like you guys are going to get pounded out there...hope you don't sustain much damage!