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The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
The creators of Shadowgate are developing a new, epic version of the first-person fantasy adventure smash hit. Help make it happen!
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Tablet reward correction


Hey everyone!

Sorry about the second email but we accidentally posted that the tablet reward was for $30 tier and above. It's actually the $60 tier. Again, sorry about the confusion. 


Team Z

October Update - Tablets are done.


Hey everyone,

Well it took longer than we had hoped but the tablet versions of Shadowgate are done. The cause of the delay was two-fold. First, while we had an eye on mobile, we really designed the games for PC so almost every part of the game had to be worked on to make it work well on mobile. Second, we had to keep jumping back into the PC version (linux, languages, UI update, bugs, etc.) so that didn't help.

So, this reward is for $30 and up folks. Here are the specs and info.

  • iPad: iPad3 or newer.
  • Android tablet: 1.2Ghz Quad Core 1 gig of space (If you phone has these specs it may work well on there if the screen is big enough).
  • If you don't have either, and you were in this tier, we can get you a Steam key for all four of the original Mac/Apple IIgs versions of the MacVentures (Shadowgate, Deja Vu, Deja Vu II and Uninvited.)

Please send an email to with your email address and what version you want. Once the game goes live in the App store (this week) we will start sending out keys (iOS) or a link (Android). We will get these out to you as soon as we can.

Again, thanks so very much for your patience!!!

Team Z

Mobile update


Hey everyone,

Apologies that we have been a bit quiet lately. The tablet versions have been waaaay more work than we originally thought and the fact that it was supposed to be easier because of Unity just makes this more frustrating. The other big delays are because:

- some features weren't working properly and we didn't want to release only a subset of the many options we offer in the PC version. So the good news is that all features are in and there are just a few bugs left. 

- the PC version required a few big updates and patches and jumping back and forth didn't help.

So for iOS it looks like it's iPad 3 or newer and this will be out first (hopefully in a few weeks as we will be submitting to Apple very soon). Android follows closely afterward and it looks like it's going to require a quad core. 

Here's a few screenshots:

Thanks for your patience! We will be sure to get back to our monthly updates ^_^

Team Z

May Update - Happy Memorial Day!


Hey everyone!

Apologies for missing the April update! Let me get right into it!


For those who pledged, yes, we are still working on the tablet versions of the game. Even though we are using Unity, these versions have been much more difficult than we thought. The good news is that we have played through the games completely on both Android and iOS. But we have found (and continue to find) a decent number of bugs. Let me highlight a few of the key current issues!

  • Min Specs: Shadowgate just refuses to run decently on a dual core Android tablet or an iPad 2. Still looking into these but I don't have high hopes. Just too much stuff is being done in the background. Again, still working on it!
  • UI: Zooming in and out on the map is causing some wonkiness. Adding a button to glow all objects (as there are no key commands)
  • Saving: Some saving issues on the iPad that we're looking at.
  • Particles: Too. Many. Dang. Particles. We have knocked it down procedurally but are going through room by room to make sure it runs properly.
  • Slice and dice: Changing and cutting things that only worked on the PC (binds, resolutions, etc.)

Thanks so much for sticking with us. We're a small shop but we are dedicated to finishing this right!

Beard: Life Grows On

We have some friends at a new shop called Bruxe Studios whose neat Kickstarter could use some love! It's a game called Beard: Life Growns On and it's a fun platformer. Please consider backing them!

Thanks again everyone for your patience!!! You can always contact us or send questions to  ^_^

Team Z

March Update: Linux and Languages


Hey everyone!

Well, we've been pretty busy trying to wrap everything up in the campaign as well as adding a few new things that have been requested. Speaking of...

Linux: Yes, Linux. For those of you emailing us, it has paid off. It's now available on Steam. We are talking with GOG about making it available there as well. We will let you know if/when that happens!

Languages: Six months and 125,000 (x 4) words later, French, German, Spanish and Italian are available on Steam (same disclaimer about GOG). We've got a minor patch coming out this week to fix a few things (includes a missing French character) and I think Dutch will be done maybe next month.

Tablet versions: Well, these versions are definitely taking longer than we had hoped. With the third party plugins we used and this being our first time doing the ports from Unity, it has been 2 steps forward and 1 back - especially dealing with some shaders that are causing us issues. However, we are making progress and we will be getting these out. I just can't say when quite yet.

Thanks everyone and feel free to email us at if you have any questions.

Team Z