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The first app-controlled aquatic drone that plays augmented reality games and shows autonomous behaviors. Ziphius™ is zillions of fun!
472 backers pledged $127,199 to help bring this project to life.

DIY Edition

Ziphius is much more than a RC gadget. By having a Raspberry Pi inside and being Arduino compatible, it has enough computer power to make Ziphius perform actions, based on image processing or other any other sensor. We are creating a DIY edition that will make available to you all the electronics that make Ziphius so special as well as the software that controls it. So you can build your own drone for land, sea, or air. The build your own kit includes:

  • Camera: HD 1080p camera on a servo motor allowing a tilt of 160º
  • Processing: a depopulated Raspberry Pi and ATMEGA microcontroller on its own board
  • Memory: 16 Gb MicroSD card in the standard version
  • WIFI: 802.11 access point on board with external antenna
  • Motors: Differential drive with independent control of two brushless DC motors with reverse
  • Flashlight: Strong LED to improve image quality
  • Other electronic components, including RGB LED lights, a buzz and two speed controllers.

And it is available from today from $99!

We've started to play with it and made our own Ziphius car. It is racing or what?

Keep sharing our campaign, so we will get more Ziphius' adopters and turn this project into reality.

Cristina Gouveia

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    1. Creator Azorean - Aquatic Technologies on July 10, 2013

      @John Thanks for the message. The DIY comes with a raspberry pi without some plugs (the usb, the Ethernet and the rca video) and it comes with ziphius’ own board which includes an ATMEGA processor and other components such the LED, the speed controllers, charger and a wifi module.

    2. Creator johnMW on July 9, 2013

      sorry, a bit confuse here..

      "Processing: a depopulated Raspberry Pi and ATMEGA microcontroller on its own board"

      does this mean board comes with DIY components or just plain board?