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Zipang Portable is a fast-paced "pick one, play one" card game beautifully designed by Japanese artists with ukiyo-e style.
Zipang Portable is a fast-paced "pick one, play one" card game beautifully designed by Japanese artists with ukiyo-e style.
Zipang Portable is a fast-paced "pick one, play one" card game beautifully designed by Japanese artists with ukiyo-e style.
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    1. MADARA LLC Creator 3 days ago

      We should be getting the pictures from Longpack soon. Can't wait to see the fjnal qualjty of the product.

    2. MADARA LLC Creator on May 5

      Good news. LongPack has initiated the production with the new paper supply.
      We are still trying to confirm their production schedule, but should not delay too long from here.

    3. MADARA LLC Creator on May 3

      Yes, within few days I am going to write up the updates with more info gathered through the manufacturer.

      There is a bit of out of plan waiting that we had to go through due to ambiguity from the manufacturer around their sudden needs of restocking the paper materials for the cards. I am waiting for their confirmation of the receipt of the new supply, but according to their recent estimation, they are on the way to finish the production by May 15th.

      If that is the case, we can provide Go on the shipment around May 20th after checking on the final production sample quality.

      Apology for the delay, we have been going back and forth with Longpack trying to get clarity on their paper material resupply timing, but I was having difficulties obtaining this info. Still working to confirm this.

    4. Zach Connelly
      on May 2

      How about an update?

    5. David Landon Cole on April 30

      Do you have any news on when we might be receiving the game?

    6. MADARA LLC Creator on April 21

      Dear Anthony,

      Wrote you a direct message too, but I do confirm your 1 copy on the PleadgeManager, so no worry for that. We are targeting delivery around the end of June. Working diligently with the Chinese manufacturer now. Thank you very much for patience.

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Chila on April 19

      I upgraded my pledge and ordered and paid for the Zipang Card Game on Kickstarter Order No. ZIPANG-1024386 however, this latest order does not show up on my Kickstarter account ie. only the print and play version shows up.

      Please advise and confirm that the Order I paid for is being delivered


    8. Gerard Comas on March 15

      I think like @Savinien. More than a month since last update.
      A creator cannot delay the project for may/june and forget his backers

    9. MADARA LLC Creator on February 25

      Dawras: sorry for the late response, but 30 cards + 6 reference cards. If you want to sleeve them. Yes, there are some card sleeves this size available on the internet.

      About the CN delay. We have been communicating about it through the main KS update as in below link. Many thanks for the patience for the project delay.

    10. Missing avatar

      Savinien on February 17

      For what i have seen of this project, the game is promising but the creators don't have a lot of expérience with KS and maybe with production ( wich is fine, it's whats KS for)
      So i kinda expect big delays..

      And if i don't mind it, i do think there is a lack of communication from the creator here.

    11. Dawras
      on February 10

      @Serge - Thank you very much! Is there a card sleeve this size?

    12. Ved Uttamchandani
      on February 7

      @Creator, update please. CNY is coming up now.

    13. Serge Darveau
      on February 4

      30 cards and Card Size is 71.5 x 100mm.

    14. Dawras
      on February 2

      @Creator - Sorry if this was already answered: how many cards the game will have in total? What about the cards size? These questions are for sleeving purposes.

    15. emspace on January 25

      “We are shooting for Feb/Mar time frame.” Uh. Unless the files went to print shortly after Jan 2, we’re coming up to CNY on Feb 16. And then no, nothing is shipping out from Feb 16 until at least March – but likely mid to late March – if it’s not out of China by Feb 15. If that’s the case, ships won’t arrive at destinations until late April, meaning delivery to backers will be in May. Realistically. OTOH, if they get out before CNY, backers might get games in April. I’m lowering my expectations at this point with lack of updates.

    16. Missing avatar

      Marie on January 24

      Hello, I need to change my shipping address....who can I message/contact? Thank you!!!

    17. MADARA LLC Creator on January 2

      We are shooting for Feb/Mar time frame. Still doing quality adjustments with the Chinese manufacture right now with the sample prototype prior to the mass printing,

    18. Brian Hou on January 2

      When is this going to get ship out?

    19. MADARA LLC Creator on December 20

      Diego: There are other issues around the card size determinations. We wanted to keep the coin diameter big as we can as 26 mm then that will drive the size of the box then thus impacting optimal size of cards to fit in to that box... very complex issues.

      We heard you, but we are balancing all of this. We should get the initial sample very soon from the manufacture. Hope we can share that here later.

    20. Dawras
      on December 14

      To all brazilian backers.

      A tradução das regras está no seguinte link:

      Todos que puderem dar uma olhada fiquem a vontade para sugerir as alterações e correções que acharem necessárias!

    21. Missing avatar

      Nejc Jerko on December 14

      They said it's a bit on the snug side, but it fits..

    22. Diego Alejandro Ricse
      on December 13

      @Nejc Jerko Bors sleeves are 70x120mm, but Zipang cards will be 71.5x100mm. If the creator reduces the width to 70mm, I will definitely buy those Bors sleeves.

      @MADARA LLC may you consider this aspect?

    23. Missing avatar

      Nejc Jerko on December 13

      I'm checking with them if the Bors sleeve would fit the width. I will cut the top so it should be a perfect fit;)

    24. Diego Alejandro Ricse
      on December 9

      I guess there won't be Paladin sleeves for this game then :(

    25. MADARA LLC Creator on December 8

      Card Size is 71.5 x 100mm. 300gsm blackcore.

    26. Missing avatar

      Nejc Jerko on December 7

      Any news on the card size?

    27. Serge Darveau
      on November 8, 2017

      The weekness of the Emperor and the Princess cards, I've seen that they are like gods in history, no one attack or steal them, so it could be used like the monk in defence.

    28. MADARA LLC Creator on November 8, 2017

      Hope many of you had experience to play the PnP version of the game. Let us know the feedback. Is the rules tight? No errors that need to be fixed? Hope the game is solid.

    29. MADARA LLC Creator on November 5, 2017

      PledgeManager is Live Now for shipping info collections and pre-ordering!
      All the backers should have received the emails about this info.

      For a non-backers, here are pre-ordering links, if you are interested in securing the game.

    30. MADARA LLC Creator on November 4, 2017

      Sergiu, we are fine tuning this right now as we speak with the manufacture. Will let you know when we fix the size. thanks for the patience.

    31. Sergiu V. Câmpeanu on October 29, 2017

      Hi there, can you give me an idea of the card sizes? I am looking to sleeve them when the game arrives.

    32. MADARA LLC Creator on October 22, 2017

      still working on the PM.. We are on one of the pilot program with the Kicktraq's Pledgemaster with pre-sale functionality and working out the details. Hopefully it will be ready soon.

    33. Ved Uttamchandani
      on October 21, 2017

      Any news on the PM?

    34. MADARA LLC Creator on October 16, 2017

      Responded in the private email, but not a whole lot of adjustment can be made and the distributed ones are the final version. Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Romil Jain on October 14, 2017

      I have a few requests/questions. Can the cards be set on A4 size paper and one sheet with just the back side for duplex printing?
      And what are the card sizes in the prints? I would like to sleeve the cards.
      Thanks a lot.

    36. MADARA LLC Creator on October 14, 2017

      Yes. The one we sent out is the final version.

    37. Missing avatar

      Romil Jain on October 14, 2017

      Hey. Are the PnP files final?

    38. MADARA LLC Creator on October 11, 2017

      We have contracted with PM (pledge manager), so the pre-ordering mechanism should be implemented soon. We are working on it.

    39. Ved Uttamchandani
      on October 11, 2017

      Any news on the PM? Thanks!

    40. MADARA LLC Creator on September 25, 2017

      Yes I am talking to Kicktraq folks to understand the pledge manager pre-ordering system.
      We intend to link some type of preordering system on soon.

    41. Johannes Benjamin III on September 25, 2017

      Congrats! We did it! Did you set up an order system for those who missed the campaign so that they can pre-order online?

    42. Ved Uttamchandani
      on September 25, 2017

      Hi, I'm a native bilingual (English and French). I'd be happy to help with the proofing/translating.

    43. Gianluca Casu on September 24, 2017

      Great job everyone!

    44. MADARA LLC Creator on September 23, 2017

      Cyleno thanks when we get the first draft, we will pass it on to you.

    45. Missing avatar

      CYLENO REIS GUIMARAES on September 23, 2017

      Hi, guys, congratulations! I'm from Brazil and I'm available to help with the rules translation to Brazilian Portuguese if you need.

    46. MADARA LLC Creator on September 23, 2017

      Henry, thanks for that advise. I also realized I wanted to have some good proof reading looks over the rules and PnP files again, so yes I think i should take at least couple to few weeks on the digital giveaways.

    47. Henry So on September 23, 2017

      I like getting stuff as much as anyone else, but I'd rather not see you short-changed, either. It takes Kickstarter a couple of weeks to resolve billing issues and get the money to you, so I suggest waiting until you receive funds before delivering any portion of the rewards.

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