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Zipang Portable is a fast-paced "pick one, play one" card game beautifully designed by Japanese artists with ukiyo-e style.
Zipang Portable is a fast-paced "pick one, play one" card game beautifully designed by Japanese artists with ukiyo-e style.
Zipang Portable is a fast-paced "pick one, play one" card game beautifully designed by Japanese artists with ukiyo-e style.
814 backers pledged $18,115 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Gianluca Casu just now

      Great job everyone!

    2. MADARA LLC Creator about 18 hours ago

      Cyleno thanks when we get the first draft, we will pass it on to you.

    3. Missing avatar

      CYLENO REIS GUIMARAES about 21 hours ago

      Hi, guys, congratulations! I'm from Brazil and I'm available to help with the rules translation to Brazilian Portuguese if you need.

    4. MADARA LLC Creator about 23 hours ago

      Henry, thanks for that advise. I also realized I wanted to have some good proof reading looks over the rules and PnP files again, so yes I think i should take at least couple to few weeks on the digital giveaways.

    5. Henry So 1 day ago

      I like getting stuff as much as anyone else, but I'd rather not see you short-changed, either. It takes Kickstarter a couple of weeks to resolve billing issues and get the money to you, so I suggest waiting until you receive funds before delivering any portion of the rewards.

    6. MADARA LLC Creator 1 day ago

      We made it! Thank you everyone for backing this this project. The past three weeks experience was so exciting and unforgettable. Special thanks for those collaborators and those participated in the Bring Your Reinforcements campaign to help unlock the SGs.

      We will swiftly start working on the delivery of the digital rewards first. I am planning to get those items out today.

    7. rudy priecinsky
      1 day ago

      Pity we haven't unlocked bag. Congeatulation anyway.

    8. Missing avatar

      Joanne 1 day ago

      Congratulations! I'm looking forward to getting the game! I'm also happy we hit the reference cards and inner gold finish stretch goals. Will look very swanky I'm sure.

    9. Missing avatar

      Phạm Khang Ninh 1 day ago

      When will we be able to download the PnP file

    10. Brett Hrin 1 day ago

      Conrgats guys! Can't wait to play!

    11. MADARA LLC Creator 1 day ago

      800 backers!!

    12. MADARA LLC Creator 1 day ago

      3 more hours.. hey hey hey... getting excited!

    13. MADARA LLC Creator 1 day ago

      crossing fingers..

    14. Dawras 2 days ago

      @Creator - Thank you for the answer! Hope we can reach the next stretch goal in these last few hours!

    15. MADARA LLC Creator 2 days ago

      5 more hours.... very excited. Anybody watching this thread?

    16. MADARA LLC Creator 2 days ago

      We are so close.... can we get additional $1800 within 6 hours?
      Let's ignite the Bring Your Reinforcements Campaign and let the world know we are so close to winning the Battle of Sekigahara.

    17. MADARA LLC Creator 2 days ago

      Yes, it will have all the unlocked items.

    18. Dawras 2 days ago

      @Creator - Sorry if I've already asked this question before: will my "two copies of Zipang Portable" pledge give me access to all the unlocked stretch goals in double?

    19. MADARA LLC Creator 2 days ago

      Rudy: Yes all pledge level will still get the PnP as well as other digital stretch goal items. (Poster file and music)

    20. rudy priecinsky
      2 days ago

      If I change my pledge from P&P to full game, do I get P&P files as well ? So I can make some translations.

    21. MADARA LLC Creator 3 days ago

      Wow, that was really fast to unlock the SG on the Battle of Nagashino in a single day.
      We are now targeting Battle of Yamazaki for the Gold Inner Lids. Our personal favorite.

      Let's not forget that we are still working on the "Bring Your Reinforcement" Campaign together to further unlock those Coin Bags...

      Click here to join the battle!!

    22. MADARA LLC Creator 3 days ago

      Can we get to the next Stretch Goal? Probably yes, but what about the Linen Bag?
      We are projecting very close to it.

    23. MADARA LLC Creator 3 days ago

      Interesting about the PnP stuff.

      We are coming close to the final 48 hours stretch!!

      Does anybody know where we should be promoting this KS page at this moment?
      May be folks here could help us identify them and spread the words out?

    24. Mark Fadden
      4 days ago

      @MADARA LLC I would expect PnP card back art on a finished product. Hit and miss on a "playtesting" copy. Normally you would see a pdf of whatever is the commercial release with correct registration to the front sheets but I was suggesting use the alternative art. In that way the PnP'ers would have a something of an exclusive design at least for card back.

    25. MADARA LLC Creator 4 days ago

      Can you contact the admin here?

    26. The_Real_Infernape 4 days ago

      Sorry for spamming the comments a bit, but I also wanted to give you my Discord if that works better:
      The_Real_Infernape #4417

    27. The_Real_Infernape 4 days ago

      Cool! How do you want to communicate offline?
      Do you guys have an email-adress or something?

    28. Serge Darveau 4 days ago

      French rules, version française préliminaire disponible, ouvert aux commentaires pour la version finale.

    29. Gianluca Casu 4 days ago

      @Madara of course PnP has back of the cards, why, where you expecting not to send one?

    30. MADARA LLC Creator 4 days ago

      How is everyone doing? Getting excited to see the growth in the last 70 hours?
      Please keep flowing in some interesting ideas that we can work together to make some impact!

    31. MADARA LLC Creator 4 days ago

      Sounds interesting. Does typical PnP comes with back of the card picture too?

    32. Mark Fadden
      4 days ago

      Ya know what would be stellar? If you made that original Kickstarter art into a card back for the PnP.

    33. MADARA LLC Creator 4 days ago

      The_Real_Infernape: yes, we are interested! Let's talk off line!

    34. The_Real_Infernape 5 days ago

      Hey Madara LLC, are you still looking for a volunteer who can translate the game to Dutch?
      I would love to translate it for you guys

    35. MADARA LLC Creator 5 days ago

      Inviting all of you see this post to join us in this battle thread here!!!!

    36. MADARA LLC Creator 5 days ago

      Final 3 days!

    37. MADARA LLC Creator 6 days ago

      4 more days to go.

      Here are few things you could do to help us achieve the Stretch goals.

      1) Reach out or leave messages to the board game reviewers to cover this campaign.

      2) Click below URL to elevate the Kicktraq ranking of ZiPANG.

      3) Do social Sharing of the ZiPANG related post with the link to the KS page.

      Hope we can gain your support!

    38. Serge Darveau 7 days ago

      On kicktraq, zipang
      20 game tabletop hot list
      22 game hot list
      probably 27-28 for the hot list of 25

    39. MADARA LLC Creator 7 days ago

      We got 500 backers!!

      Here are some latest reviews we have been featured recently.
      If anyone here has connection to decent size game reviewer networks that could potentially cover this game, then let us know!

      Nostop Tabletop


      The Board Game Maelstrom:…

      Board Game Anonymous (Pod Cast)

    40. MADARA LLC Creator 7 days ago

      Good idea to leverage the Kicktraq link... never thought about that.

    41. Serge Darveau 7 days ago

      Use the visit project link to may be get zipang on the hot list of kicktraq.

    42. MADARA LLC Creator 7 days ago

      Did the poster file printed well on your local printers? Let us know, how it went.

      Thank you all for participating on this Bring Your Reinforcements Campaign.
      We are growing momentum from here now till the end to unlock those SGs!!!!
      We need them as bad as you guys...

      Joint the battle here:

    43. Isabel Dréan on September 17

      Looks beautiful!

    44. Missing avatar

      boucontet antoine on September 16

      Thanks all team for your amazing work

    45. MADARA LLC Creator on September 16

      Bring Your Reinforcements Campaign is out!
      Let's collaborate, unite and spread the words out to unlock those stretch goals!!
      Check this FB site out for more info.

    46. MADARA LLC Creator on September 16

      I guess the question would be how can we get the friendly and committing backers to tell the others about this project? We would definitely appreciative of that, we would also like those stretch goals for ourselves too.

    47. SableFox on September 16

      You can leverage your existing backers with (paid for) add-ons. Ideas could be an add-on linen bag, or upgraded coins (I'd pledge more for these). You have to be careful that the additional funds will cover the incremental cost of the new rewards.

      The best way to increase the pledge level is simply to get more backers. That means the project creators and backers telling people about this: friends, family, forums, clubs etc.

      I agree that you may add new backers by offering a solo play version (often a fairly popular idea). I would like to see this, but unless you charge extra for it, it won't get me to raise my pledge.

    48. MADARA LLC Creator on September 16

      Okay, 6 more days to go. I wanted to ask folks in here, that how we can really stretch the funding target to higher projection? I wanted to unlock that "gold" in inner boxes...

      Ideas wanted!!!

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