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Eyez™ by ZionEyez are HD video recording glasses designed to share your memories with friends and family on Facebook and Youtube.
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Zeyez Engineering Update

Posted by ZionEyez Team (Creator)

Technical update:

Zeyez is very excited to announce that it continues to grow its engineering team.  Zeyez now has  top quality engineers working full-time on Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Software & Firmware development of the glasses.  We are all working together to finalize the design of the Zeyez circuit board, ensuring that we have all the electrical features we need in the smallest physical size possible.

So far we are happy with how the design is shaping up. We’ve been able to eliminate a lot of bulk in the earpiece areas and hinge areas, which contributes to a sleek, discrete pair of glasses.

ME next steps:

  • Finalizing the hinge.  We must ensure that the electrical cabling running through the hinges does not bind or break as it bends through the earpiece. We’ve designed a hinge that should perform well, we are preparing to test this hinge design to ensure that it can handle 100,000 folding and unfoldings of the earpieces without breaking any wires inside)
  • Review molding strategy for power wiring.  We’ve devised three unique methods for transferring electrical power from our battery in the left earpiece to our circuit board and camera in the right earpiece.  We’ll be reviewing these methods with our potential manufacturers in China to develop a production process for running this power bus through a thin sunglass frame.

EE next steps:

  • Finalize camera module selection.  We’re currently evaluating camera modules, with the goal of final selection within the next 4 weeks.
  • Finalize CPU selection.  We’re currently evaluating 2-3 promising CPUs for the on-board Zeyez circuit board.  Some processors offer more power at the expense of a larger, less sleek circuit board.  Other designs are a little slower, but also smaller and less power hungry.
  • Antenna placement and evaluation.  We need to verify that our antenna gives us the wireless streaming performance that we need, despite being a very small antenna.  We’re evaluating a few different antennas in a few different locations within the right earpiece.  Our goal is to maximize streaming performance over BlueTooth4.0, while minimizing the SAR (specific radiation absorption) exposed to the wearer of Zeyez glasses, we still have a lot of testing to do here.


SW FW next steps:

Our SW/FW team is currently working closely with the EE team to implement streaming to our Zeyez system over Bluetooth 4.0, using Android and iOS platforms.  

Currently, the development tools available for Windows Phone don’t appear to allow us to implement our app on their platform.  

We are also building the look and feel of the Zeyez App (designing the controls that will allow you to record, review, and livestream with Zeyez through the App).

Schedule update:

We have an additional 8-12 weeks of designing and testing we need to conduct before our design will be ready to give to our manufacturers for mass production.  At this point, we need to make a very large investment with our manufacturing partner to build and buy the tools and equipment we need for mass production, as well as pay for the electrical parts (batteries, cameras, flash memory) for our first production run.  This is a significant cost (over US 1M), so we need to make sure we have the design 100% right before this important point in the project.

After we’ve kicked off our first mass production run, it will take our manufacturer an additional 12-16 weeks to get their assembly lines built, tuned-in, and up to speed.  During this time, we will be assembling small batches of Zeyez eyewear to test out the assembly lines as they come together.  We are planning on building these pre-production glasses for our Kickstarter fans, ensuring that you get your Zeyez eyewear as soon as possible and well before mass-market availability.  24-30 weeks from now, our manufacturer should be able to ship us the first mass produced batch of Zeyez eyewear ready for sale.  We can’t wait to get there, we’re working as fast as we can to build our team and get these glasses out to the world as soon possible.

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Product Survey - Please let us know how you would like Zeyez to be

Posted by ZionEyez Team (Creator)

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Zeyez Update

Posted by ZionEyez Team (Creator)
Dear Kickstarter Backers -

Your support has been the driving force behind the Zeyez production, and we appreciate the momentum our Kickstarter community has given us!

We have received numerous emails and offers of assistance from our Kickstarter supporters since our last update.  We greatly appreciate all the feedback that you have given us and would like to increase the dialogue between us in the most positive way possible.

Your concerns regarding a shipping date have not fallen on deaf ears.  As mentioned in the previous update, the engineering process has taken longer than we originally anticipated and as a result we've had to postpone our target shipping date of Zeyez to you.  We have been hesitant to offer a new tentative shipping date without being certain that we can fulfill by that date.  Rest assured that we will be sending a shipment update featuring a precise list of production timeframes from the Zeyez engineering team soon. 

In a previous update, we shared with you a recognition we received from the World Technology Network, a nomination as a top 5 finalist for most innovative IT Hardware of 2011.  In light of our previous award, we would like to officially announce that Zeyez has also been recognized as a top 3 finalist by the Edison Awards for most innovative photography/video product of 2012!  We would like to share this exciting accomplishment with all of you, and thank you for helping us make it a reality.

To further our goal of increasing dialogue with you, we would like to get feedback from you in regards to the Zeyez smartphone application. We would like to hear your input on what features you'd like to see in the final product.  Please share your insights so we can incorporate your feedback now and create the best smartphone application available! 

Here is a basic list of the functionality of the Zeyez application that we believe is crucial:

1. Direct synchronization with social media websites for sharing video (Facebook, YouTube, Livestream, JustinTV, Ustream) which would provide the ability to either livestream video or upload recorded video.

2. View finder for easy video review.

3. Seamless video editing which would provide the user with the ability to upload portions of recorded video. 

4. The ability to synchronize the application with not only Zeyez products but also with the camera embedded in your smartphone. 

Please feel free to post any recommendations on this Kickstarter update or email them to Don’t forget - you are the architects of RevolutionZeyez.


Issue #2 -- February 14, 2012

Announcing the 2012 Edison Award Finalists
133 Outstanding New Innovations Recognized 


In a press release  yesterday, the Edison Awards announced the 133 nominees that were ranked as the top three Finalists in their respective categories in the 2012 Award competition.  These lucky nominees, as judged by a panel of more than 3,000 professionals from the fields of product development, design, engineering, science, marketing and education, represent a broad spectrum of innovation and creativity across 15 categories.

"The Edison Awards provide an exclusive platform for honoring innovation, recognizing innovators, and encouraging ongoing innovation among today's development teams, researchers, designers, 'intrapreneurs' and entrepreneurs. We're inspired by our 2012 finalists and delighted to have this opportunity to recognize and promote the outstanding accomplishments they represent," says Thomas Stat, the 2012 Edison Awards Steering Committee Chairman.
The Edison Awards™ are among the most prestigious accolades honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation.Unique to the world of award programs, the Edison Awards are focused on the innovators as much as the innovations.Award winners represent "game changing" products, services and excellence and leadership in innovation around four criteria:Concept, Value, Delivery and Impact.An Edison Award represents significant value to the award winner and to the cause of innovation.  For a complete list of the top 133 Finalists, click here.
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Zeyez Engineering Update

Posted by ZionEyez Team (Creator)

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ZionEyez Update

Posted by ZionEyez Team (Creator)

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