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Eyez™ by ZionEyez are HD video
recording glasses designed to share your
memories with friends and family on
Facebook and Youtube.
Eyez™ by ZionEyez are HD video recording glasses designed to share your memories with friends and family on Facebook and Youtube.
2,106 backers pledged $343,415 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. John Bowen on

      The kickscammed link leads nowhere (page not found) now... :-(

    2. Missing avatar

      JMoney on

      Mark Gibbs wrote another article. Find it here and share share share.

    3. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I like how Kickstarter wont even reply to support tickets regarding this issue anymore /sarcasm

    4. Aleksandar Srdic on

      Morrer, scammers and thief!!! Both kick starter by washing it's hands and this brat that appears on the video! Hope you had part of that money to do some plastic surgery so no one could ever cross you on the street and point you as an irresponsible child!

    5. Lenny Lam on

      @William Walker, Registered dragotequila. at 2/22/2014 19:32 EST

    6. Missing avatar

      Kristina on

      Hope someone will kill those bastards.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steven on

      How interesting, there's an option to bulk order this product on their website...

    8. Mimi Eyes on

      Pls add me on Forum - Travis. :)

    9. Manny S on

      This page will never be taken down. Eyez can claim to be "in development" indefinitely without ever having o update us again. Kickstarter's TOS has no measures for taking down projects that are indefinitely "in development."

      Kickstarter profits from scam projects like this one because there are no definite terms outlined for project creators to give updates AT ALL once the money has been transferred.

      And now they're closing tickets about this with no follow up because it's far easier to wash their hands of the situation. The money has been transferred. Better luck next time.

    10. Nehemiah E. Spencer, MD on

      yeah I think Google Glasses is the way forward.

    11. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Kickstarter simply ignores any ticket you open to ask about this. After a week or so, they will just close the ticket with no response.

    12. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel ABRAS on

      What does Kickstarter say about this?

    13. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel ABRAS on

      Ho do we get our money back? It was a lot of money for me! Have anyone contacted Kickstarter?

    14. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      well, these scammers appear to have won. It's been 2 full years since they failed to deliver, and we still have no updated plans or refunds...

    15. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ying on

      @William Walker, registered kevikev on the forums

    16. Missing avatar

      Timothy Larcos on

      So, how bout that refund?

    17. Missing avatar

      orlendr on

      Just registered on the forum!

    18. Michael Pace on

      ZionEyez BURNED everyone!!!

    19. Missing avatar

      pol on

      Chip, same for me

    20. Chip Foley on

      Just got a pair google glasses - putting a closure to zioneyez. lesson learned - cost $150 to never back another project on kickstarter.

    21. vinookanth on

      hello, either give us the product or return the amount

    22. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Hey Zioneyez guys! I think something must be wrong with my email and kickstarter! I have not heard from you in over a year about the refund you owe me for this failure of a project!

      Get back to us ASAP!

    23. William Walker on

      @Jeff -- Is that email address for real? I tried sending you an email and it bounced right back. Twice. Copied address exactly as you wrote it.

      How about we chat through so you're not putting your biz out in the open. I can't tell if you're already signed up or not because the forum only asks for a "user name".

    24. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      @Jeff -- I think at one point they did list their address. They removed it *after* the deadline for chargebacks passed...

    25. Missing avatar

      Neil Brown on

      You might be interested to hear that I was contacted a couple of weeks ago by an investigative journalist from the BBC, looking for background information on a potential radio piece on crowdsourced funding. ZionEyez appeared to be one of the projects which had piqued their interest.

      It was just an exploratory conversation and, unfortunately, they did not get back to me afterwards, which suggests that a follow-up is perhaps unlikely, but I thought I would mention it all the same. If I do hear back, I'll be sure to let you know.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeff B. on

      Any company that does not list any names or an address on their website - you know must be some guy trying to rip people off. I certainly have learned from this and hope everyone else will NEVER back any project that does not have a website which shows someone's real name and and a real physical address that can all be verified.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jeff B. on

      These scammers are eventually going to go to prison!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeff B. on

      I backed this project on 06/16/2011 and have NOT received the pair of glasses I was promised for the $150 contribution I made. I have attempted several times to get a refund or have my glasses sent to me but have not received either. I have hired an attorney and plan to file a lawsuit against this company soon in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas soon. If anyone else has been screwed by this company and would possibly like to be a part of this suit - please send me an email and let me know. I may be able to get my attorney to file a class action lawsuit against these guys.

      Jeff B.

    29. Missing avatar

      pol on

      Besides the fact that I gave my $165 to these scammers (I'd better give it to charity) the real sad thing about this is that there are many cute and promising projects on KickStarter I'd like to participate, but I won't because of this wonderful fraud they're not willing to solve or at least to help us to solve.

    30. William Walker on

      "...without jeopardizing their integrity." Is it just me or can you see a smirk on their face as they typed that?

    31. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Here is a snippet from the email I got from these scammers:
      "The Zeyez team is working diligently to get Eyez to you as quickly as possible, without jeopardizing their integrity."

      It's not clear if they are refering to the non-existent integrity of the non-existent glasses, or the non-existent integrity of the scam artists -- either way, worrying about their integrity *now* seems awfully late in the process.... All integrity related to the project is *LONG* gone....

    32. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Hey FraudLiez,

      Can we get a (lack of) progress update?

    33. Missing avatar

      David Elliott on

      One big difference here is that software doesn't have as large of a manufacturing/delivery cost as physical goods. Sure, there are rewards like boxes and shirts, but those really aren't where the majority of the money is expected to be spent. With ZionEyez, the thing that is unforgivable is that they spent all of the money - not just the money that was supposed to be for research. They had (or should have had) an initial business plan that laid out how much each unit would cost to produce and ship. Done correctly, they would have set aside all of that money (plus a bit more for the possibility of increased shipping costs and income taxes in case they failed to deliver before the year was over), and they should have been able to refund that amount.

    34. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      awful lot of crickets around here.... Zioneyez, how about a freaking update on where our refunds are?

    35. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Once again, I got an email saying they blew the money and cannot give a refund -- but they refuse to state what they blew more than a quarter of a million on. That's a fair amount of hookers and blow, I would think....

      Kickstarter *still* wont reply to tickets on the issue...

    36. Missing avatar

      pol on

      Got same answer from them about a year ago. Word in word.
      Seems despite their "100% vesting" they haven't forward too much since then :)

    37. William Walker on

      I see they're still shoveling out the same bullshit ("...working diligently on the project ...") they were pitching back when they should have been delivering.

      The following is clipped from their "Update #14" from December 2011. "We are working diligently to produce Eyez. Thank you for your patience while we endeavor to fulfill our mission."

      One third of a million dollars and all they've got to show for it is a mouthful of bullshit, a cigar box half full of some cheap-ass parts, and a few pretty pictures. (and lots of memories of good times enjoyed in tropical climes spending cash and talking trash)

      Tis my belief twas a scam from the very start. They formed a corporation to hide behind to protect them from personal liability. Carlos Becerra is certainly in the right profession...a stinking lawyer. Next step for him is a political career. He'd fit right in with the slime running the show now.

      What I find confusing is "...we have been trying to direct all our Backers inquiries to our email to avoid confusion, and make sure we have the resources to address each and every one of you..." Can it get any deeper?

      Have the resources? Does that mean they're running low on postage stamps now? What a bunch of sleaze bags.

    38. Missing avatar

      Bill Newsome on

      A few days ago I sent the following e-mail to Zioneyez and, to my surprise, received a reply.

      The e-mail I sent was:
      With your "company's" (if I can even call it that) record of not responding or giving updates, I don't expect a reply but ...I backed your project through Kickstarter more than 2 years ago. At this point, I fully expect that I backed the wrong project and lost my money, but is this product ever going to see the light of day? It seems like Elon Musk's Hyperloop has a better chance of getting built (and much more quickly) than the Eyez.

      I received the following reply from
      Dear Bill,

      Initially when we started the "Eyez Glasses" project we received quotes from engineers and manufacturers that were far less than what was actually necessary to complete the project as we had detailed in our KickStarter Campaign. Because the project is such an innovative concept, engineering firms and manufacturers had nothing to compare it to at the time and misquoted the task of producing the product to our specifications.

      After we received our Kickstarter funding we put that money towards engineering the glasses, and discovered that even though we had exceeded our fund raising goals, the money raised was only sufficient enough to create an inferior product. To create a fully functioning prototype of the Eyez glasses as specified and promoted would cost much more than we had anticipated and had raised through Kickstarter. Although we had initially explored the traditional financing route in hopes that we could create the product better and faster, as soon as we discovered that the project would require substantial additional funds, we more vigorously pursued this avenue. Conventional means of raising capital from Venture Capital firms and Angel investors is necessary to secure the remainder of the funding required to fulfill and complete the project.

      Unfortunately, unlike the Kickstarter platform, traditional fundraising opportunities are incredibly difficult to obtain and even harder to close. Despite that, and because of the viability of our product and the experience of our team, we have had over 20 meetings with different potential investors ranging from well-known venture capital firms to billionaires looking for a new project to invest their money. We have received excellent feedback about our product, business model, and our team from every one of the investors we met with. We are currently in serious discussions with several investors who are prepared to invest in this endeavor but closing this type of financing takes a lot of time and effort.

      The project cannot be completed without these additional engineering/manufacturing funds, so solidifying investment is our top priority at this time. At the same time, our engineers continue to work towards the creation of a fully working prototype. However, we are not currently in a position to make any promises regarding the shipment date, as we would rather wait until we are absolutely certain so as to not disappoint our Backers once again.

      We understand that some of our Kickstarter Backers are disappointed about the delays and have reached out to us in search of further information. We are currently working on another update for our Kickstarter Backers that will offer more insight into our current investment pursuits and engineering efforts, but due to confidentiality agreements that are in place, we cannot yet post anything publicly about the specifics. We are still 100% vested in this project and we are working as hard as possible to turn this dream into a reality. We assure you that we will not stop working diligently on the project until we have exhausted all avenues at our disposal.

      Also, we have been trying to direct all our Backers inquiries to our email to avoid confusion, and make sure we have the resources to address each and every one of you in a timely manner. So in order to receive a quick response, please contact us at We will not be monitoring our KS comments/message board.

      Best Regards,

      -The Zeyez Team

    39. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      I just got an email from 'ZionEyez' stating they are out of money. Where the hell did they spend it all, given they have not had *ANY* progress in *YEARS*?!?!?

    40. Neil on

      "It has been two years, and I am yet to receive the promised product. The project team has seemingly sold us fibs all this while. To say I am disappointed in the lack of accountability, commitment and honesty would be an understatement. I do hope the administrators of this promising forum take notice and penalize the culprits. Decent people have lost their investments. Surely some sort of justice is in order. Please take note."

      My recent communication to 'Kickstarter'. Anticipating a response...

    41. Manny S on


    42. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      Well, it looks like kickstarter is closing any ticket opened with them regarding this issue with no replies.


    43. Missing avatar

      Roland on

      Boyz, it's time to put more pressure against Kickstarter. Without getting support from Kickstarter we are in a bad position. But talking everywhere that Kickstarter doesn't care about us backers will put more pressure in them and I'm sure they will start.moving. please guys write down yiur storriea about this project and the bad aditude of KS and send your email to all writers you know. Post this on your facebook page and google +.
      Making this public is step one, more steps will follow.
      KS I did ask for support and you never answered my emails.

      Thanks backers

    44. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    45. Justin Milaski on

      ...i think we were all robbed.

    46. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      @Graham good luck. I can't even get a response to my emails, let alone the money they owe me.

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