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Every story has more than one side. Two photographers set out to document the Syrian Camp in Hatay without Politics or Commentary.

Every story has more than one side. Two photographers set out to document the Syrian Camp in Hatay without Politics or Commentary. Read More
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Zin Chiang
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Zin Chiang

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About this project

What are you investing in ?

We want to fund a trip to the Syrian Refugee Camps in Hatay Province, Turkey. The goal is to understand and document their stories from the refugees' point of view.  Very often one sees extraordinary images on the news or in the papers, but there are only so much space in mainstream media.  The internet has become an important platform for images from around the world.  Usually, a video or set of photos is done by one person, from one point of view.  We want to explore the practice of covering stories with the explicit intention of showing a duality of perspectives in documentary work.  

Questions we want to address in our work ?

  • What happens to an image if you can see beyond the frame?
  • If it is on film, it happened.  But how does a photographer's perspective alter the event and how you as a viewer interpret the image?
  • Does the meaning or truth of the image change simply through stylistic choices?  
This is an example :  On the left is Benedicte's shot of a Moroccan man walking by the "Election Wall" in Marrakech where the parties contending for power are represented as cartoon symbols on walls across the country.  On the right is Zin's version.
These questions have been asked over and over again in photography schools and discussed amongst professionals, but never explored with action. 
  • At any given moment, there are hundreds of photographers covering the variety of events going on around the world.  But where are the pictures? 
  • How do we share a different perspectives on one subject matter without the constraints of which paper or website your images are published on?

Where did the idea come from ?

We met in Morocco at a cheap hostel, both traveling alone with no plans and nothing but a backpack and a camera.
Since then, we've developed our unique way of collaboration and covered the demonstrations and riots in Athens together. We do plan our trips now but never lost the sense of creative freedom and open mind.  The experience was humbling and inspiring.  We've met so many people eager to have their voices heard.  They've opened up their hearts and their homes to us and we plan on returning the favor by sharing their stories with you.

Every story has more than one side. Every person should be given the platform to tell their story. We hope to continue our journey learning about life in the real world through our lenses and share it with the public.

Are we activists? 

No. We have no political agenda.
We are simply there to photograph with humility and compassion, and share their stories through images and videos with people like you. People who are interested in the world beyond their immediate surroundings.

What is going on in Turkey and Syria?

The refugees in the camps are being moved to shelters at the moment and the situation is changing everyday. The Turkish government expect more influx of displaced persons to arrive in Hatay but we are not sure at the moment. We would like to be funded as soon as possible to allow time for proper preparations.

Where are the camps and how will we go there?

The camps are located across the South Western part of Turkey near the border to Syria.  We would fly in to Istanbul or Ankara.  Benedicte departs from Paris, and Zin will leave from Berlin.  We will then take a bus/train to Ankara where the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will issue us with permits to enter the camps.  Then another bus to Adana where we will make arrangements to drive to Antakya, then off to the camps in one or more of the following locations depending on the situation at the moment :

  • Kilis
  • Gaziantep
  • Şanlıurfa
  • Hatay

How are we using the money?

  • Plane Tickets & Transportation
  • Minimal Lodging such as camping, hostels, and guest houses.
  • Permits & Other necessary fees.
  • Internet and Communication during the trip.
  • We are currently using rental equipment and our old cameras (which have become unreliable and require repair all the time).  With your help, if we have leftover/excess funds, it will go towards new equipment. 

Where will the documentary be published ?

The slideshows and videos will be on Vimeo and our blog, as well as other mediums that are interested in sharing the stories.

The photobook and limited series prints will only be available to funders of the project as a big thank you for supporting our work.

How do you follow our trip?

We will try to get internet access and update as often as possible.  You may follow us on our blog and other social media platforms listed below :





Why are we on Kickstarter and KissKiss BankBank?

We want to reach out to anyone that supports freelance photography and documentary work.  We also understand the cultural and financial differences between Europe and the United States let alone the rest of the world.  But the internet is an open space for all to participate and contribute regardless of who you are, where you're from, and what you can give.  So we want to be available on both platforms providing as many options as possible for participation in the most convenient and comfortable way for you.


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