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Nerdrage is a Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chiptune showcase based in Philadelphia that focuses on local or under-represented talent. Read more

Philadelphia, PA Music
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This project was successfully funded on June 10, 2011.

Nerdrage is a Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chiptune showcase based in Philadelphia that focuses on local or under-represented talent.

Philadelphia, PA Music
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Philadelphia needs more nerdcore hip-hop.

Nerdcore Hip-Hop (you know, those guys who like to rap about Starcraft and Magic: The Gathering) has been a growing scene for over ten years now, and many spots in the country have begun to embrace this.

If you're left wondering what Nerdcore Hip-Hop sounds like, it usually goes a little something like this: 

While there is no shortage of nerdcore artists or fans in Philadelphia, there is a shortage of willing venues and outlets. Trying to explain to a club owner that a group of ladies and gentlemen would like to play a Nintendo as an instrument or rap about Portal isn't always the easiest sell.

June 18th, we're launching Nerdrage, our attempt at creating a Nerdcore Hip-Hop and Chip Music showcase based in the heart of Philadelphia on June 18th.

Our goal is to host a full-on concert featuring local nerdcore and chip artists as a means of generating buzz for the community. We're looking to raise awareness for the artists, as well as awareness for the music scene as a whole.

We have a venue in mind, as well as a bill of nine total musical acts, including:

Dr. Awkward (California)
MadHatter (KS)
Zilla Persona (PA)
Kris Keyser (NJ)Dain Saint (PA)King Pheenix (NC)Shammers & LefthandAttack Slug (NJ)

The money raised from the Kickstarter will be used to fund a venue for the show, and portion will be used to bring in acts from out of state who can draw in a larger crowd. The more exposure we can generate for the smaller acts, the better.

Philadelphia video game developers Cipher Prime have even stepped in and offered copies of their award-winning game Auditorium to help support the cause!

If it were up to us, we would host a nerdcore hip-hop show once a month. If we can generate enough interest through the June 18th show, we believe we can one day make it happen.


  • Nerdrage is a nerdcore hip-hop and chip music showcase in Philadelphia, PA

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    A redemption link for a copy of Cipher Prime's award-winning game Auditorium (Win/OSX/Linux)!

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    A copy of Auditorium, plus a soundtrack for Cipher Prime's newest game Pulse.

    We'll even toss in your ticket to Nerdrage!

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    All of the above, plus a CD copy of Zilla Persona's "You Wouldn't Think." Oh yeah, and stickers. Everyone loves stickers, right?

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    All of the above. Plus, because you're so awesome, some of the artists are taking you to lunch the day of the show (June 18th). Expect bundles of stickers, showers of free music, and heaps of compliments.

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