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A deck of high quality cards with a variety of markings that allow designers to quickly prototype and test many types of analog games.
A deck of high quality cards with a variety of markings that allow designers to quickly prototype and test many types of analog games.
219 backers pledged $6,788 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      Working on it

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      William Bushnell on

      On the box there is a link to a site called, any estimates on when that website will be a thing?

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      Dan Thiel on

      Just used it to play “The Mind” with friends...

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      Dan Thiel on

      Received in Canada... great deck. Thanks!

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      Chris Cox on

      Got mine too in UK, I also had the customs charge. Great product though :)

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      Vic Jankee on

      Thanks! Unfortunately had to pay £13 customs!

    7. Giulio Garau

      just got mine in Italy!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dan Thiel on

      Awesome! Thanks Zack.

    9. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      Nope because I’m shipping out International starting tomorrow. :-)

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Thiel on

      Anybody from Canada get a deck yet? Not a big deal... just keen to get it :)

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      Chris Youngblood

      Got my deck over the weekend, and it looks fantastic! Just one slight 'oops', though: the 'Y' and the 'T' of 'Martyr' on (I think) card #106 or 7 are reversed. Just thought I'd give you a heads-up so you can correct it for any future printings.

      And that's not even an issue, truth be told. These cards look amazing, feel amazing, and I'm eager to play around with them and see what develops. Stellar product, sir!

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      THE fastest received Kickstarter ever. Deck looks good and excited to try out

    13. Andrew Holaway

      Just got my deck today! It's amazing how early this project is fulfilling. Not many kickstarters finish ahead of schedule ;-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Cox on

      Great to see this fulfilling so early

    15. Patrick on

      Got mine today too! There's even more depth to this deck than I had originally thought!

    16. Erin Anderson on

      Received. Looks very nice! This was a great purchase, thanks!

    17. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @Emil: Yes, that is okay.

      @William: Sorry, I don't have the time to make that look good. :-)

    18. Emil Tochev on

      Hi! This is an awesome looking project :) Based on a comment below, I've pledged for a couple of extra decks at $30 each alongside the first $37 deck (w/ shipping to the UK)- just checking this is ok?

    19. Missing avatar

      William Bushnell on

      Any chance we could get a picture of all/many of the cards lain out on a table? I'm pretty excited and curious about what more of them look like.

    20. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @Ferdinand: EU shipping is $12. When you click to pledge, it should show you the shipping being added.

    21. Missing avatar

      Ferdinand Falk Hartelius on

      I can't find a list of shipping costs? Am I being thick? What would shipping to the UK be?

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      Julien Kloetzer on

      > Was there a particular element you were interested in?

      Not specifically. I thought that it would be useful information, that's all.

    23. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @Julien Kloetzer: Hi Julien, I don't have something like that handy as all the elements are baked into the illustrator file. Was there a particular element you were interested in? I could go through the deck and type them out, maybe?

    24. Missing avatar

      Julien Kloetzer on

      Do you have a list of all the symbols/text that appear on the card and how much of them there are ? I know we can see some on the picture, but it's not extensive.

    25. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @DGoth: Yes, I probably should have put an image of that as well. Here's a bad cell phone camera quality snapshot:

    26. DGoth on

      What do the backs of the cards look like?

    27. Lloyd Lowe II

      Looking forward to this! And I can't overstate the benefits of backing a project that has scoped itself properly! (So many kickstarters get bogged down in complicated manufacturing and design issues as a direct result of overreaching during stretch goals).

      I'm a big fan of multifunction decks like the Rainbow deck and the Badger deck. This design is a lot more eyecatching and robust. The utility may not quite as mathematically versatile as some others it's more than enough for my usual needs.

    28. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      Alright, based on @James Ramsey's idea I have a new header image for the campaign. Hopefully, it will go live momentarily.

    29. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @Michael Kraack: Please add $30 each. I'm actually losing money on the shipping for each deck, but I wanted to keep the overall price at a reasonable level. I really appreciate your support.

    30. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @James Ramsey: That's a good idea, James. Thank you. I'm juggling day job things at the moment, but I'll try and whip something up over lunch.

    31. Michael Kraack on

      If I want to add 1 or 2 additional decks do I just add $25 each or do I need to add $30 each?

    32. Missing avatar

      James Ramsey

      I was thinking about why this isn’t doing better. I would try to get 2 pieces of info into the splash image: 1) 110 cards, not 52/54. And 2) tarot-sized. Without those 2 pieces of information, the price seems a little high... With that info, it seems perfectly reasonable.

    33. Erin Anderson on

      Also, as @DaveTypo said, I am not a game designer, but I think these will play a large part in visualizing a concept I have been tinkering on for a while now. But at bare minimum, it will be good for money markers, dice roll, and general "extra information recording." And I guarantee a few times I'll say, "Ok, get ready for the most intriguing game you have ever played," bring this desk out, and start "sorting" them as if I am following game rules. This deck is an excellent idea, I am glad you came up with these, @Zack Hiwiller!

    34. Zack Hiwiller Creator on

      @DaveTypo: I've never tried it (because I don't do a lot of solo gaming), but sure. Just assign a particular action to each of the single-digit numbers. Then 1-10 could be one unit 11-20 another, 21-30, etc.

    35. DaveTypo on

      Now I'm no game designer but I think these look really interesting. I am a solo gamer so I'm hoping to see if I could use these to assist in an automate some AI in 1 vs many type of games.