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The documentary about the birth and the growth of Occupy Denver Movement, its conception and influence it has on the community.

Hello, My name is Gary Crabtree.  Many of you know me from the marches, demonstrations, direct actions and the Occupy Teach-in.   Almost always -- I'm behind the camera, filming the actions. 

Today I'm stepping out to ask your help to continue making the feature documentary about the Occupy Movement story.

Since the inception of Occupy I have been documenting the unfolding story of the struggle, the awaking and the impact the movement is having on our culture. 

I have interviewed everyone from the street occupiers, doctors, lawyers, teachers, college professors, clergy, nobel peace prize winner, economists, police and even politicians that support Occupy and the issues that have brought hundreds of thousands of protestors out onto the streets.

 It is important to tell the Occupy story from Occupy perspective and not to rely on the main stream media to tell our story. 

 I've made my videos available to the Occupy websites,,  television outlets such as Al Jeezera Television, Huffington Post and the Associated Press.  Postings to my YouTube channel ZGGary Occupy where we've received more than 86,000 views. 

I produce a weekly television program about Occupy every Tuesday evening at 6 p.m.on Denver Open Media and the network re-broadcast twenty to thirty of the programs on Denver Open Media every week on Channel 56 and 219.

The task is Hercilian...  A Washington lobbyist approached the American Bankers Association asking for 1.5 million dollars to do smear videos against the Occupy movement. At every level we face the attempted suppression of the movement.

But we will perservere because I truly believe that nothing is as stong as an idea whose time has come!!!   We will continue to carry our message on our lips, our signs, and our stories expressed though the alternative media.

Please help me to continue my personel mission to tell the Occupy story.  This kickstrater project helps in a small way to level a very lopsided playing field.  A small contibution makes it possible to tell  and continue to tell our story and build an accurate feature documentary.

 I'm thanking you in advance for your support because I've seen first hand the generousity, kindness and the humanity of the Occupy Movement and the people involved. 


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