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$157,906 pledged of $600,000 goal

Interstellar Marines - Game Update #5


Fellow Kickstarters,

It's been some time since you've heard from us! Interstellar Marines has successfully released on Steam's Early Access and thanks to our amazing community we're going from strength to strength.

In this, the 5th update since we released on Steam, we have many great new features, with top of the list being the first iteration of Martin Jonsson's stunning competition-winning map. Martin's map is in the playground area, so please take a few minutes to check it out.

Other new items include a major update to the popular Evacuation map, tap/hold key functionality for running, aiming, flashlights and targeting lasers, separate sensitivity sliders for zoom and hip fire as well as work-in-progress concept images from Louie Ishii for our Spearhead members.

It's been incredibly hectic here at ZPS as we complete building up the team and continue development of Interstellar Marines. There will be many more updates from now on and we can’t wait to share the incredible new stuff with you that is on the way. Thank you, our awesome community, for all your support!

Interstellar Marines on Steam

What's New

  • ADDED: New playground map "Elevation" - this is the first iteration of Martin Jonsson's winning entry in the community map making contest. Modes: Power online, emergency power, fire alarm, power offline and shut down.

  • ADDED: First iteration of dynamic platforms for the new Elevation map.

  • ADDED: Support for "join game" on Steam friends. 

  • ADDED: Louie Ishii's work-in-progress concept models to the Spearhead content folder.

  • ADDED: Tap/Hold key functionality to Run, Aim, Flashlight and Laser.

  • ADDED: Camera shakes on weapon firing.

  • ADDED: Basic bobbing animation to the weapon.

  • ADDED: Separate mouse sensitivity for zoom and hip.

  • ADDED: Ability to sort servers by name, map, players or ping.

  • ADDED: Ability to set the speaker setup (Stereo, 5.1, 7.1 etc).

  • ADDED: Basic HUD concept.


  • UPDATED: The Evacuation map with new "capture" areas (tower and platform area).

  • UPDATED: Muzzle flash particle fx and lighting to be a bit less obscuring in aim and added shadow casting.

  • UPDATED: Network system with improvements in CPU usage and data throughput.


  • FIXED: "network smoothing isn't saved when quitting"

Known Issues

  • FIXED: Camera shaking becomes unstable with low FPS.

Head on over to our Steam store page and check it out!


Your team at Zero Point Software

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    1. Andrew Gibbons on October 17, 2013

      Please, just wake me when we get to the Mutant Sharks...

    2. Zero Point Software Creator on October 12, 2013

      T.N You have bought the game once. So you will never have to pay for any updates or DLC's... evah ;-)

      It's very unlikely.

      @Ben Lorenz
      You guys were here for us all the way during the Kickstarter. We owe you to be at least updated on our progress. We will do a lot more Giveaways on twitch, so just keep dropping by and say Hi in the chat :-)

      / Bozar

    3. Anders T.N
      on October 11, 2013

      Bought a spearhead copy. Any word on what kind of expansions we are paying for here? I have had some bad experiences in the past with over-hyped Mass Effect dlc packages :(

    4. Pink-Pummy
      on October 11, 2013

      Great to see you are still going! And going well :)
      Are there any plans to re-attempt a kickstarter project by the way?

    5. Ben Lorenz on October 11, 2013

      Incredible that you all are still keeping up-to-date with Kickstarter backers, even though the project fell through. Stoked that Steam has been a positive experience for you all - wish I had been lucky enough to snag one of the keys you all were offering via Twitch, but ce la vie! Hope you all continue to grow, and have a good reception upon formal release.