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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 28 2012 3:00 AM UTC +00:00

Prologue Explained (New Kickstarter Video)

Posted by Zero Point Software (Creator)

Dear backers of believable science fiction!

Since our Kickstarter campaign started it has been clear to us that our explanation of Prologue has been somewhat vague. So we decided to sit down in a cozy environment, with the limited time that we have, and go through the experience from A to Z, like we've never done before!

Without further ado, here's two nerds, an ambitious indie game, and a beautiful AI :)

In the press

The fight continues 

We're still completely baffled by the lack of press we've been able to get, and we've truly been working day and night since the launch, reaching out to contacts and searching our networks in the hopes of getting features on bigger gaming sites. Unfortunately (apart from a select few up-and-coming sites - THANK YOU!) it's all been in vain, and a real wake up call for us.

But we're still hoping for a small Thanksgiving miracle, so rest assured that we will keep fighting until the very end! :)

Kim & Mikael


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    1. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      ZPS: Alright, before I use it I will let you see what I have done so you can approve it.
      I have been using wifi that is leaking into my house from my neighbors house (It is unprotected) so to keep my trace down and not give him/her a reason to lock it, I wont be doing much online.
      The community video will most likely have to be put out after the kickstarter.

    2. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Spirit_guardian - Sure, no problem as long as you don't edit her speak or present her in a context that can be misunderstood (just to make it clear, I know you'd never do that intentionally) :)

      @Keavon - Please by all means post on all relevant fan sites that could potentially love the Terri part and like with Youtube time markers… .. we do not want to separate her appearance out of context officially, so to speak! :)

      @All - We love you!

      For the love of the game,

    3. Taylor Moe on

      I love the new video, it is incredibly informative, hopefully no more confusion for potential pledgers! We can pull this off, I am sure a thanksgiving miracle will come along. Praying for it!

      For the love of the game!
      "Luthreidrome" on the forums

    4. Keavon on

      ZPS, post that video as a standalone video, or have Terri post it if she has a Youtube account. Then we can give links to it on System Shock and The Thief communities.

    5. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      ZPS: Could I take that announcement about who SARA is and use it to get people to support you guys (Maybe even use it in the community video)?

    6. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      *Sigh* we are 5 days from the dead line, we can still make it. The only time this project is doomed is when the clock says 4 hours left.
      Try to keep positive, k (I do my best as well)?
      It isn't the end of IM or ZPS, just a really big cliff that they have to go up vertically.

    7. Cashuea Vesbeni on

      Too bad it wont make it :( It looked like it had promise. Well, hopefully you can get the money elsewhere?

    8. Missing avatar

      Locoweed on

      So technically there's 4 games planned for the series then?
      Prologue, which is more like Interstellar Marines: Boot Camp, and then the trilogy games which go more into the alien (and legged shark) aspects of the Interstellar Marines story?

    9. Chris Skuller

      I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way, but I've always wondered if part of this project's problem isn't the name itself. I ignored this game for the longest time simply because I assumed it was a generic "me-too" type of game. A name like "Interstellar Marines" doesn't exactly inspire the imagination. It makes me think of the bald headed space marine that has become all so common in video games this generation.

    10. Missing avatar

      Elias on

      I backed 90$ on your site before the kickstarter event, and I also backed 10$ this time.
      I believe that there are quite some, who might have given more to this campaign, if they hadn't given anything already.
      I also wonder why the goal had to be 600.000$ - Oculus Rift only had 250.000$ as goal, yet they have expensive hardware and software as an expense.
      Don't get me wrong, I know that game development is expensive, especially in Denmark. But if your intentions were to complete it no matter what, then why not not make a goal for 100.000$ ?

      Kind Regards

    11. DavidT on

      Very cool guys, I'm glad to learn more about the game, and meeting SARA! Keep up te good work!