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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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New Bonus Rewards, a Trilogy Add-On, and Secrets From the Past!

Posted by Zero Point Software (Creator)

As we're ramping up our updates for the remaining 9 days of the campaign, we've decided to add a few bonus rewards to the existing tiers, a new "standalone trilogy" add-on, and go into our dusty archives to whip out some secret content from the past. 

So without further ado...

New Bonus Rewards

After much deliberation we've added a few bonus rewards to the existing tiers in an effort to make them more "delicious" to would-be backers, and of course those of you who have already backed us.

Since we can't change a tier description once it has been backed, we have decided to list the tier bonuses here:

  • All copies of Prologue now comes with Beta access (est. Q2 2013)
  • All tiers from $30 and above include Alpha/Beta/ODD access to Prologue
  • All tiers from $30 and above include a special "Backer Edition" of the Camouflage Suit in Prologue that's only available during this Kickstarter.
  • All tiers from $60 and above will include a special AR-03 "Backer Edition" assault rifle in Prologue that's only available during this Kickstarter. (does not alter gameplay)
  • All tiers from $60 and above includes a Frontliner or Spearhead game identity that grants you: access to exclusive content, Alpha/Beta/ODD access to all the games included in the tier, and early access to WIP content (art, music, test builds etc.). It's our way of honoring you for being an early backer of the Interstellar Marines franchise!


All reward tiers include one copy of Prologue and as was noted above we've also added a new "standalone trilogy" add-on that you can add to your pledge:

For all tiers:

  • Extra copy of Prologue – Add $15 for each copy 
  • Standalone Trilogy – Add $30 for standalone trilogy pre-order
  • Signed Poster – Add $100 (Free shipping worldwide) 
  • Signed Art Book – Add $200 (Free shipping worldwide)

For the $60 tier and above:

  • Extra T-shirt – Add $20 for each extra T-shirt (Free shipping worldwide)

Here's a step-by-step description of how to add these to your pledge:

  • 1) If you’ve already backed us, click the "manage your pledge" button at the top of the rewards section on the right.
  • 2) Increase your pledge by the amount that will cover your additional add-ons. For example, if you want the "Standalone Trilogy" you would add $30 to your pledge. (IMPORTANT: Do not change your tier, just add the amount to the current tier amount!)
  • 3) When our Kickstarter ends, we will make a system where you can choose which rewards you wanted, based on your final tier and pledge amount.

(NOTE: If you have already backed us on our community website, please read this Kickstarter FAQ for Early Supporters for help on how to do this)

Secrets From the Past

Since we're only 2 guys at the moment (with some helping hands on the side), it is hard to create super exciting content on a daily basis, but we really want to share as much as possible from the development of Interstellar Marines. So we've decided to share some of the content that we've never shared publicly before.

This crude concept video was created using Unreal Tournament 2004 by the two creative founders of Zero Point Software (Kim and Nicolai). The video allowed us to demonstrate a few concept ideas to investors and potential team members:

Stay tuned for more secrets from the past!

Until next time...

As you all know by now, it's been super hard for us to get good press coverage during this campaign. But despite this fact we've still managed to raise $110,000 on "word of mouth" alone (the stats back this up) – which is just plain amazing!

We're still hoping that we will get those crucial features on the bigger gaming websites (that we've been promised), which will help us get the much needed traction, but until then do remember that every like, comment, share, retweet, email or mention you make, takes us one step closer to our goal!

Kim & Mikael


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    1. Interstellar Marine on

      Great update as usual!

      Let's continue to spread the word about this awesome game and make sure that it gets made!

    2. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Festy_Dog: Unfortunately not. You have to pledge the First Contact tier ($60) or above to qualify for the backer rifle.


    3. Festy_Dog

      If I have the co-op four pack selected, but through add-ons end up pledging over $60, does that qualify me for the backer rifle?

    4. Keavon on

      Yeah, I really think the thing people are concerned about is the lack of story, since ZPS isn't telling much about it. I think it may be good to give a brief explanation of the story that doesn't spoil that much, but still gives enough information that it's good, and will have a spoiler alert at the beginning of the video.

    5. Bill Schneider on

      Awesome :) already upped my pledge by $30! And nice vid, especailly the concept stuff at the end.

      With nine days left, maybe you can do a few 'feature' updates, each one focusing on a particular element of the design and history of the game from your perspective. One could be on how the story/plot came about and has evolved over the years, one on mechanics and the same thing, one on the art and style, etc etc...

    6. Inquisitioner on

      I looove the camos! Great addition.

    7. DavidT on

      Cool new rewards, and a cool video! Can't wait to see the next one! How often are you guys going to release these?

    8. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Keavon - Thanks, for the kind words, just two guys and no programmer doing their best.

      This is actually how First Contact begin, mate! :) First day on the job and in a mood and quality yet seen in a science fiction FPS (talking about how it'll look and feel in First Contact!) :)

      Regarding ITTO ... That's what we called future NATO in the beginning: Interplanetary Territory Treaty Organization (ITTO) ... Now it's just Interplanetary Treaty Organization (ITO)! ;)

      For the love of the game,

    9. Keavon on

      VIDEO IS SO EPIC! That really is an amazing work of art! I'd love to see something similar to this in the final game!
      What did ITTO stand for? I saw it on other old art from before as well as in this video.

      Oh! And I just noticed it said secrets from the past #1! That means more! =D That music is making me way too excited. I'll go email Bill Gates. jk
      Can we download the music in the video? Please add it to the Briefing Room!

      Another question is, since it was from UT 2004, can we download the mod since you're not under the UE3 license agreement?
      Anyways, FTLOTG! Can't wait!