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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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pledged of $600,000pledged of $600,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 28 2012 3:00 AM UTC +00:00

We've reached $100,000!

Posted by Zero Point Software (Creator)

Hello all! 

We're extremely happy to report that we hit the crucial $100,000 mark tonight, so a huge THANK YOU goes out to all of you who've helped us reach this important milestone!

Campaign "relaunch"

Based on the feedback and critique we've received since the beginning of the campaign, our analysis is that the current description of Prologue is too vague and keeps a lot of would-be-backers from pledging our project, and likewise keeps the gaming press away.

So despite hitting the $100,000 milestone, with 15 days to go we need something drastic to happen!

So we've decided to make a "relaunch" video that'll address these questions and concerns, and will hopefully sell Prologue as the awesome game experience that we just know it'll be!

If you have pressing questions that you feel have to be answered in the video, please post it in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter, or shoot us an email (

In the press

We're still reaching out to the press and are currently "queued" on several big gaming sites. We've also finished a few new interviews since the last update, plus a final edit of the LordKat interview is online which we highly encourage you to check out:

Community contributions

Update frequency

Since we're closing in on the last 14 days of the campaign, we have cleared our calendars for any disturbances, so expect a lot more updates in the coming weeks.

Don't forget that you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for daily news and progress.

Thanks for reading and thank you so very much for your continued support!

Kim & Mikael


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    1. Missing avatar

      Millan Singh on

      I was under the impression that they re-launched their campaign after the first one least for Takedown. In fact, I know Takedown came back a second time because they changed their goal amount to be 1/2 what it was before. That said, do what you guys think is best.

    2. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      ZPS should ask the people who pledged less than $60 to up there pledge a bit or even up to $60, if they do it will give a huge boost to the kickstarter.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hilário Martins on

      Mikael that's the spirit. :)

    4. Interstellar Marine on

      Never give up, never give in! We, the fans, will make this kickstarter successful by spreading the word about it around the internet. Join in!

    5. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Burridan: It will be english-only for the first release.

      @Millian: I think you've mixed up the facts. Takedown relaunched a video 6 days before their deadline and turned their campaign around. Republique did the same, as have others.

      It seriously wouldn't be the biggest surprise in Kickstarter history if we did the same - I'm not saying we will - but we will keep fighting as long as there is time left on the clock.

      Honestly I don't understand this "wait the campaign out" thinking, what good is that for? It will be a while if/when we go to Kickstarter again and, in the light of that, it seems like a no-brainer to act now. :)


    6. Missing avatar

      Burridan on

      I don't speak english well, i'm a french gamer, so this this is not a game for me?

    7. J. Howard on

      I agree. There's reallt no way this current campaign will get fully funded, but that doesn't mean another attempt will fail. Try relaunching when the second campaign starts, not in the middle of a campaign. Don't neglect this one however, a few teaser videos are good, but this one is quite simply too far from the goal. Quite simply too little too late.

    8. Interstellar Marine on

      Yeay! 100k! Money is coming in at an accelerating speed!

    9. Missing avatar

      Millan Singh on

      Oh and, if you go with something like what I am suggesting, save the interviews and press releases you are getting lined up for relaunch.

    10. Missing avatar

      Millan Singh on

      I mean this. Let this campaign go on and support it till the end, but don't "relaunch" mid-campaign. This one is too far to come back from the dead (unless a literal miracle happens). What you should do is try to save this one, but wait to put out a better video and a better supported campaign. You should look at the guys from Takedown. Their first attempt failed, and they knew it before the campaign was halfway, but they came back with a goal that was 1/2 the original goal, a much better video, and a much better PR campaign. Do something like that instead of trying to death to make this one work, cause, quite frankly, it won't. As for the goal amount, I think something more like $400k is more reasonable and achievable. Don't get me wrong, game development is expensive and making a game like this on just $400k is impossible, but that would be more than enough to get a core team in place and start making REAL progress. At that point, you would have enough momentum combined with your fanbase to start getting a lot more pre-orders. Just make sure to save some of your kickstarter earnings for marketing, and remember that you can raise more than your goal. One more note before I end this terribly long reply: simplify your rewards list (it looks like a jungle right now, try to keep the # of rewards lower than 12-15).
      Thanks, hope that helps you guys out!


    11. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      I agree with Hilário Martins, you guys need to find your inner believer and fight to the end (or like me, be willing to fight even after the end).

    12. Missing avatar

      Hilário Martins on

      First nice update ZPS, second guys Kim needs words of support not comments about giving up or something like that, what image would ZPS give for the people in the background undecided if they support or not? That they give up at the first sign of trouble? That is not the ZPS i know and that have maintained this game dream for so long now, IMO lets wait and see what the future brings and think about relaunch's or not after this campaign goes till the end. Btw the community trailer looks very good and show's much promise. :)

    13. JunkRobot on

      Yeah I agree with these guysthat are posting. Had my small Kickstarter not attained it's goal I would be relaunching right now, just for the simple fact that I have more knowledge about how better to make things work from the beginning. Just my two cents but if I were you, I'd try my best to get solid dates on those "queued" positions and try and relaunch in conjunction with the media buzz. Also if at all possible try and reduce the budget of the KS. Find some overlooked nook or cranny and cut cost there to help lower overhead on the project. My project is not video game related but I know the pains of reaching out everywhere trying to pull in the right numbers. Sometime it seems like no matter what you do it just doesn't seem to work, hang in there you're doing a good job keep doing what you are doing just on a tad smaller scale. -The Bot-

    14. Typhi on

      I hope it's not too late... but I still have faith! :)

    15. Keavon on

      See if you can make it not related as much to the Kickstarter, and try putting it as a trailer on Steam.

    16. speedster -Armikrog Army Annelid- $4.96 on

      My interpretation of "run its course" comment is to save the hot new video for a project relaunch in case this one does not achieve the goal, so that it will make more of a "splash" along with more coordination with the media.

      Millian is right that big initial momentum can really make the difference for a project, and that sometimes it takes an initial failed attempt to figure out what works and to attract a core fan base, but I'm not sure if saving the video would help at all. Putting it out now *could* help start momentum rolling, but even if a relaunch is still needed... don't think that the current backers would be less excited just because they've seen the video already.

    17. DavidT on

      Please talk more about the role playing aspects of the game! Make us different from other FPSs out there!

    18. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Millian: Are you suggesting to "run its course" because a new video could have the opposite effect?

      This is obviously a concern of ours too, but our cold and fact-based analysis is that something drastic have to happen in order to reach the goal. It won't hit it by itself :)


    19. Missing avatar

      Millan Singh on

      While I totally want this to happen, I think you guys should consider, rather than trying to salvage this broken campaign, letting it run its course and then coming back with a smaller goal and your "relaunch" video. I know I will still contribute, and I am sure most of the people on here will as well. And, this time, you need to prepare the press and media beforehand. Just my two cents.

    20. DavidT on

      We can do this! For the love of the Game!