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Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
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Taste, Rewards and Biscuits

Posted by Zero Point Software (Creator)

Hello backers and soon-to-be backers! ;-)

It's been a few hectic days since our first update and since then a lot of stuff has been going on at the office, so without further ado:

Videos, Music and Playable Prototypes

We can't believe we actually forgot to post our videos, music and playable prototypes at the launch of our campaign! Yes, that was a huge blunder we know...

So we've now added the "taste" section to the main page that has a few goodies for those who want to dive deeper into Interstellar Marines as a whole and Prologue in particular. Be sure to check it out!

Above is the GDC Presentation that Kim references in the Kickstarter video.

Also, do remember that you can try out all our playable prototypes in your browser by heading over to – It's completely free and no registration required!

*Only* Training Missions!?

We've received quite a few questions asking about Prologue only being training missions, and that it feels like it won't be a full game.

We can absolutely guarantee that this game is going to blow your socks off, both in terms of being a game that stands on its own merits, and because this training scenario is going to be unlike anything else you've tried before!

Prologue is designed to deliver tons of replay value and gameplay depth in both SP, MP and CO-OP as well as an introduction to a remarkable and atmospheric underground military facility (that is destined to be revisited later in the trilogy). The game also tells an extremely relevant story of consequences echoing far into the rest of the trilogy's storyline for several key characters of the games.

The big challenge for us is to sell the vision of something that have never been done before, and for some of you we just haven't achieved this yet. So, we're currently trying to figure out how to sell the vision even better, with concept art, videos, music and whatnot. Stay tuned.

We're Working On Reward Add-Ons

Another big question have been concerning the current tiers structure and requests for "add-ons" to the lower tiers. We're extremely open to this and are currently figuring out what to offer and how. 

We're planning to provide options for both physical (t-shirts, art book) and digital (co-op packs, soundtrack) add-ons, and we encourage you to send us any ideas you might have, including ideas for new rewards.

Reddit AMA Coming Soon

We're also planning to setup an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit where everyone is invited to give us some tough questions to answer. This is something we're really looking forward to and we'll post a time and date soon!

Tomorrow is Total Biscuit day

Tomorrow, we will be interviewed by The Cynical Brit and frag him on the Deadlock servers, so we've decided to make an update to Deadlock in order to get the Operations map back online.

You are of course ALL invited to join the servers and we can't wait to get some intense action going!

Although we're not entirely clear on when it's going down, it's probably going to be around 18:00-21:00 CET (12:00-15:00 PM EST). We'll announce the exact time when we know on our Facebook page.

That's all for now – thanks to all of you who have supported us thus far and let's keep the ball rolling!

Kim (ZPSHicks) & Mikael (heks)


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    1. Interstellar Marine on

      A nice update as always!

    2. dave00dance on

      i love the work gone into the immersion of team chat adding a radio filter and removing visor for spatial and environmental effects wile talking, very impresive stuff

    3. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      @ZPS: Let me know if he talks to you or not or :)
      I think he has other ways to be contacted so he may be partial to twitter or his email.

      Earlier today he mentioned IM in his "Vox of gaming" show so an interview would be really good after that; because the mind is attracted to (and remembers) things that are mentioned multiple times in a way that is not annoying.

    4. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Spirit_guardian: We wrote him earlier today on Facebook so we're hoping to hear from him at some point. Thanks for the heads-up!

      @William Schneider: Great ideas, we'll add them to the list!


    5. Bill Schneider on

      Reward Add-ons (ideas)

      Trilogy add-on - get the rest of the trilogy, for the lower tiers (below $90). Basically this is for players who just want the games and are not concerned with (or want to pay for) the extra bits and bobs. Could go for about $40-70 total (so add-on costs $20-50). This would encourage a lot of people in the lowest tiers to upgrade just for the trilogy I think.

      In-game digital rewards - basically just that, little things in-game for backers either at specific tiers or as an add-on. I mean things like unique skins, items, maybe even a $3-5 add-on that gives an extra bonus level/map etc that adds to the background or storyline. The beauty of in-game digital rewards is that you have to create it once at a fixed expense to you, but can distrubute as many as you want, unlike tshirts etc that have a cost each time. So if it cost you $1000 to develop the assets for and program a unique side-misson/level/room, if 1000 add an extra $1 to get it, you break even and any more people are a bonus. And at a $1 price I'd expect many more than 1000 to add it!

    6. Missing avatar

      Spirit_Guardian on

      I think I have already told two people in ZPS about this guy, but I tend to have trouble remembering things and I want to make sure you know.
      Bebopvox, he is a youtube guy like that other guy you are interviewing.
      I was thinking that (assuming you are only doing the two interviews you posted) you guys could talk with him (you can find him on facebook if needs be) and get him to do an interview with you guys instead of just doing the one interview with the other guy; it would most likely be from computer to computer using web cams but he has a reasonably sized viewer base and he is a cool guy.

      In the meantime I will be going around telling all the (not many) people I know about IM and the kickstarter.
      Best of luck to you guys!

    7. Daniel

      Certainly been alot of thought put into details like sound. Looked (and sounded) good.

      We can also gather from the video, that saying out loud 'Hey!' to shark creatures to get their attention is a bad idea :P

    8. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @John Getty: That's strange. I've heard several people saying this lately and we haven't updated Bullseye for a while so it leads me to think there might be a new version of Chrome or Unity that have b0rked our game... Have you tried it in Firefox or another browser? If your problem persists, you can write me directly and I'll see if I can figure out what's going on (

    9. John Getty on

      I tried playing the shooting gallery training mission and it totally bugged out. I couldn't aim at all with my mouse, when I fired, it wouldn't stop firing, and going into ironsights locked me into it until I right clicked again. I was playing on Google Chrome.