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Immersive AAA-quality Indie FPS with RPG elements, tactical co-op & nonlinear gameplay set in a believable future.

Immersive AAA-quality Indie FPS with RPG elements, tactical co-op & nonlinear gameplay set in a believable future. Read More
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Introducing Hell Week, and a Free Week on Steam


There's a couple of exciting pieces of news we wanted to share with you!

Free Week on Steam

First of all, we are having a free week on Steam this week (from Feb 9th to Feb 16th). You can try Interstellar Marines by opening up your Steam client, going to your games library, and installing the game. We've brought up masses of servers to cope with demand, and we hope very much to see you online.

We also released Update 17, here's the update video:

Introducing Hell Week

Secondly we've also released information on our next major milestone, which is Hell Week. To discover more about Hell Week, please watch Kim's explanation:


Your team at Zero Point Software

Latest news about Interstellar Marines


Interstellar Marines is getting closer and closer to the first release of the Coop. We are expecting the first part of the Coop to go out on Steam Early Access in late July if everything goes according to plan. 

The first part of the Coop will be against the Combat Training robots. 

Check out our latest videos In case you missed out on our update 11 video and our E3 Trailer.

Immersive Simulation 

 Update 11 

If you want to see more videos from the last few weeks go check out our channel on YouTube

For The Love Of The Game!

Update 10: Covering Fire!


Fellow Kickstarters!

The new crouch and cover system mean tactical movement is now vital to playing Interstellar Marines, and is a further step towards Interstellar Marines becoming the experience we have envisioned.

To compliment the new crouch and cover system we have introduced a high-poly legacy update of the CE-6 SMG, and have added exclusive renders and additional concept images for our Spearheads to access in the Spearheads folder.

Update 10 also introduces the first version of our sleekly futuristic Helmet HUD. Coupled with a wide range of new audio enhancements and effects, the new Helmet HUD brings us one step closer to total immersion.

To round out the highlights of Update 10 our newest map, which is now called Colony, is fully multiplayer, and we have set up several Colony-only servers around the world in our new, expanded, server locations.

Click here to see Interstellar Marines on Steam

Off the Cuff

In many ways update 10 continues our theme of "doing it right".

We are building the tech foundation for Interstellar Marines which will later allow us to create our ambitious coop campaign. That sometimes means holding off on what may seem like simple additions until the underlying tech is ready. A great example of this is the FPS controller, which we introduced in the last update. That allowed us to release the crouch and cover system in this update, and who knows what in the next!

So for update 10 we worked hard on the sound engine, optimising its performance and adding new functionality and effects to enhance immersion. These new effects are most prominent on the new Colony map - for example, when you move into a room you can hear the timbre and reverb change, just as you would when you move from room to room in the real world. We've also worked on other, less noticeable and more nuanced effects. Amongst other additions, the suit start up and shutdown have been updated, there are new AI SARA announcements, and the sounds you make when moving have been greatly improved.

After analysing the community's feedback we have also switched to a new server provider. All existing servers have been replaced, and we have added new servers in Rio de Janeiro and Moscow for our players in those regions.

In the last update we asked our players to send in their videos from update 9. This video by Oblivion Arrives was one of the first we saw, and has consistently been our favourite. Enjoy!

Round Up

The community tournament we held in February and March was awesome! Many thanks to everyone who took part, and a special congrats goes out to the grand final winners:

  • =A1= Texocet
  • -TEK- Terrain
  • GodotWaits
  • Amythegreat

Jonas has also released two snippets from the next full-length documentary. Here's the first one on Animating the Marines:

  • Version: 0.5.10
  • Released: 26th March 2014

What's New

  • ADDED: New crouch feature with peek and "peek over cover" ability
  • ADDED: New HUD prototype
  • ADDED: Weapon retraction when close to obstacles (prevents shooting)
  • ADDED: Colony (formerly known as Astrodome) with new weather states and added it to multiplayer
  • ADDED: New cover modules on Rupture and Colony
  • ADDED: New SMG weapon model
  • ADDED: Audio pool support for impact effects
  • ADDED: New audio ambiance system
  • ADDED: New sprinkler and wind effects on Colony
  • ADDED: "Shadow quality" setting to settings menu
  • ADDED: New SARA audio announcements
  • ADDED: Emissive team color on marine's backpack
  • ADDED: More capture areas to Rupture
  • ADDED: HUD prototype images, base suit art direction sketches and high-poly test renders of the SMG to the Spearhead content folder


  • UPDATED: Dynamic bobbing (helmet, body, breath, weapon)
  • UPDATED: Hit damage on stomach, backpack and arms
  • UPDATED: Rupture/Arch/Evacuation with complete light overhaul
  • UPDATED: Spectator mode so first-person follow view is the same as the spectated player's (aiming, fire shaking, bobbing, FX etc.)
  • UPDATED: All impact audio: new samples, smaller memory print, max playbacks
  • UPDATED: Soundscapes on Colony and Arch to use the new audio ambiance system
  • UPDATED: Camera shakes to enhance HUD feel
  • UPDATED: Sandbox to be situated in the Astrodome
  • UPDATED: All walk animations
  • UPDATED: SMG offset for third-person marines
  • UPDATED: Most particle effects to use soft particles
  • UPDATED: Network replication code (~5% less bandwidth usage)
  • UPDATED: Capture corner icons and behaviour so they work better with HUD prototype (temporary solution)
  • UPDATED: Tonemapping and bloom postprocess effect to always on
  • UPDATED: Team capture start tickets to 1000 (previously 750)
  • UPDATED: Friendly Fire off
  • UPDATED: Suicide message


  • FIXED: "Select previous target in follow cam switches between player 1 and 2 even when more players on server"
  • FIXED: "Weapon reload animation continues when owner is killed"
  • FIXED: "Spectator camera doesn't trigger reverb/rain audio"
  • FIXED: Aiming network replication
  • FIXED: Casing ejections in first-person spectating
  • FIXED: Switching between 1p/3p muzzle flashes in spectator mode
  • FIXED: "Helmet shaking does not work in spectator"
  • FIXED: "Rain on helmet does work in first-person spectating
  • FIXED: "Connecting with spectator pass doesn't work on password-protected servers"

Known Issues

  • Footstep audio and FX does not work on terrain (known bug in Unity 4.3)
  • Third-person jump animations do not work correctly yet
  • The game will stop updating when switching out of fullscreen in Windows (known bug in Unity 4.3)
  • View jittering may occur when jumping on lossy networks
  • Audio may cut off partially/completely on weapon/helmet sounds
  • Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)

Head on over to our Steam store page and check it out.

Keep the great feedback coming!


Your team at Zero Point Software

Update 8 And Our New Documentary


This year has been nothing short of miraculous for Interstellar Marines. It has been a wild, exhilarating and unforgettable ride, and none of it would have happened if it wasn't for you - the community. For that we thank you. Each and every one of you.

We've just released Update 8, our newest update since we launched on Steam during the middle of the year, and this update is a huge milestone for us. If we look back at how we started 2013, and set that against how we've ended it, we can count ourselves as being truly blessed. 

Alongside update 8 we have also released a new documentary. And that's really what this post is all about. Ever wanted to know the bare, honest truth of how a computer game is made and what happens inside an Indie developer? We want to show you.

The documentary is the first in a series our videographer, Jonas, will be making. It shows the good, and the bad, of working on a game such as Interstellar Marines.

Making a game is an amazing, crazy and audacious task. Doing it with the small team we have, and expecting to produce AAA results, is totally preposterous. But we don't care, because with the community's support we're going to do it. Heck, we're doing it. Right now. Every day.

We've always had an open door development philosophy, and we hope that shines through in the film.

On behalf of the entire team we'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year. 

Here's the documentary, we hope you like it.


Your team at Zero Point Software

Game Update 6: Initiating Team Domination


Fellow Kickstarters,

It's time to Initiate Team Domination! The brand new Team Domination game mode, and the first multiplayer version of Martin Jonsson's unique multi-levelled map, are the highlights of this feature-packed Interstellar Marines update.

The Team Domination game mode, along with a reduction in run speed and an increase in spawn time, all combine to make the gameplay more tactical and cooperative. With the new scoring system not only do you gain points for kill shots, you also gain points for capturing - helping your team and denying the enemy!

If you want to purchase Interstellar Marines for a friend, or have not purchased the game yourself, why not take advantage of this weekend's Steam sale? Click on the link below to find out more.

Click here to see Interstellar Marines on Steam

What's New

  • ADDED: New "Team Domination" capture game mode:
  • The team that has most presence in a Domination zone takes tickets away from the enemy
  • Tickets are distributed evenly between the dominating players in the zone
  • The team that ends on 0 tickets OR has the fewest tickets left when the time runs out loses
  • Only one Domination zone is active at a time
  • ADDED: Domination zones to all existing maps.
  • ADDED: Global team score that's always visible.
  • ADDED: Support for in-world UI overlays (currently used to outline the Domination zones).
  • ADDED: 1st iteration of queued SARA announcements to local player.
  • ADDED: Network capability to dynamic platforms.
  • ADDED: Taser light to marine's impact effect.
  • ADDED: Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen's combat suit concept art to the Spearhead content folder. Improvements
  • UPDATED: Elevation map with improved bunkers, markers, reverb zones etc.
  • UPDATED: Alternate routes to Arch and Rupture to support new Team Domination game mode.
  • UPDATED: Dynamic platforms now performs better and works with physics (ragdolls).
  • UPDATED: Marine run speed and weapon bobbing to be a bit slower.
  • UPDATED: Team colors are now always the same for friends (blue) and enemies (red).
  • UPDATED: Player names over friends now positions correctly with distance.
  • UPDATED: There's now a small wait period after dying before respawn is possible.
  • UPDATED: Marine spawning now takes enemy vicinity and respawn point occupation into account.
  • UPDATED: Spawning is now always "grounded".
  • UPDATED: It's now possible to switch team during countdown regardless of team sizes.
  • UPDATED: Initial countdown increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
  • UPDATED: Tracking color and label markers on all maps.
  • UPDATED: Impact effects now spawn more persistently and accurately on client-side.
  • UPDATED: All image effects to the latest from Unity 4.2.


  • FIXED: "Tapped keys stay on after dying/loading level"
  • FIXED: "Camera shaking becomes unstable with low FPS"
  • FIXED: "Cannot switch team"
  • FIXED: "Join game friend info is not cleared on disconnect"
  • REMOVED: Corrupted shader that made flashlight cones pink (possibly fixes black screen bug for systems with Intel HD graphics cards)

Known Issues

  • Player scores does not always sort correctly
  • Other players will seem to float above or interpenetrate while standing on a moving dynamic platforms (network smoothing will exaggerate this effect)

Head on over to our Steam store page and check it out!


Your team at Zero Point Software