pledged of $600,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 28 2012 3:00 AM UTC +00:00
Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
First created
Zero Point SoftwareBy Zero Point Software
First created
pledged of $600,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, November 28 2012 3:00 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. Dennis Bo Petersen on

      heh.. ok, I'm an idiot, sooorryyy

    2. Dennis Bo Petersen on

      err... it cost 1 € more to get early access on steam than what I paid during the kickstarter... not cool man..

    3. PegasusOrgans-AGL 589 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    4. Theodor Mihalache on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    5. Missing avatar

      Comrade Suhov on

      It's released on Steam as Early Access game for 15$. Killer deal I can say.

    6. Maxx Kilbride - [Lord Errata] on

      Set a goal of 75,000$

      It'll make it.

      Then set stretch goals @ 100,000, 200,000 ect, so on and so forth, that'll generate revenue.

    7. Nathan Grass on

      Really hoping to see this thing kicked off again down the road. Please keep us backers here updated so we know when the next phase starts.

    8. Missing avatar

      SquigPie on

      I suggest you restart the campaign with a much lower goal. It's nice that you're ambigious, but remember this, you're unknown, it's your first project (as far as I know), and projects with this much ambition usually fall short. Projects like Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity both had experienced, well respected teams working on them, both promising the return of a genre many miss. It's amazing that you managed to get this much alone! I do believe in this project (hvad kan jeg sige? Jeg er en patriot!), but you need to reach out to many, many people.

      So in short, keep the goal low, then start making milestone goals when you get the money you asked for, people seeing a project still nowhere near halfway at the goal 2 days before it ends doesn't exactly motivate them, people seeing a project that's reached its goal and has milestones, that's a motivater.

      At least in my experience, I could be wrong.

    9. Rich Hall on

      Sorry to see the project didn't meet the funding goal :/ I was rather hoping it would do much better, but anyway I will still try and support the project on your site. I believe in ZPS! :D

    10. Jack Magnusson on

      I've been thinking about buying spearhead unit on your website because I really want to see this game come out, we don't see enough non-military shooters that look this good anymore, but if the game wouldn't come out, would you get a refund?

    11. Athrun Nailo on

      Sounds like a plan to me. I think I can do 1 to 4 support medals a month

    12. Jarl Lundin Overbeck on

      I could go with 1 support medal a month as well...

    13. Interstellar Marine on

      Ok I just bought 22 additional support medals so that I have a total of 30. From now on I will buy atleast 1 support medal every month. If we are a lot of people who do this ZPHs will get some steady income.

    14. Interstellar Marine on

      I just bought the spearhead pre-order pack and 8 support medals. Have you?

      You can pre-order here:

    15. PaulG on

      Will you be adding another update explaining what backing the game on your site actually amounts to? On here it was $600,000 and Prologue gets made. You would have had the funds to do what you needed to do.

      On your site....well funds may come in slowly and incrementally. How will that affect development? Will you add a funding counter like they had on the Star Citizen community page?

      Love the look of this project. The fact it was on Linux was an awesome bonus and its a shame we never hit the funding goal but I have questions that need answering before I consider a pre-order.


    16. Zero Point Software Creator on

      @Thomas - We're speechless! Thank you so much, that is surely a respectful pile of money you've supported with there! ;)

      For the love of the game,

    17. Taylor Moe on

      EVERYONE - Please preorder the game at http://www.interstellarmarines.com/store/

      If we can get ZPS the $157,000 that we were going to pledge here, it would help them immensely!

    18. Taylor Moe on

      @Interstellar Marine -- You can join the mailing list (and also preorder the game direct from ZPS!) at www.interstellarmarines.com

    19. Eric Hulgan on

      Damn sorry it didn't work out IM guys. I will continue to support and follow your efforts on the IM site. All I can say is get better media coverage and try again.

    20. Missing avatar

      Zack on

      Obviously within that wall of text the point about publicity may have not been stressed enough. I think it's the number one key thing for a successful campaign, the rest of what I said follows closely afterwards. The final page was really strong, but publicity along with improvements will take this all the way!

      Also, could have stretch goals section available from the start but have the stretch goals hidden and need to be unlocked at a later point in the campaign (depending on how much funding has been achieved to encourage more backers). Never start with the stretch goals available to be seen from the beginning, I think it's extremely discouraging when people can see how far we are from achieving the goal.

    21. Missing avatar

      Zack on

      Really hope you guys try again and relaunch the campaign. I think it's an achievement to make it as far as it went with little to no publicity!

      Like others have said, and like we have found out, you need to get some big interviews and news articles upon launch of the kickstarter if you can. This is extremely important, without the publicity, its going to be extremely hard as we've seen.

      Obviously it's important to improve upon the initial kickstarter page, although I do think it's pretty damn strong in it's final state. Possibly use trickled updates to entice people as the kickstarter goes along, maybe talk about the trilogy a bit as well? Where it is all heading, what's in store for us if we support the entire trilogy. Why it's more than just about funding for Prologue.

      Let people know that their support will not only bring Prologue to life, but the whole Interstellar Marines series.

      Little things like explaining the immersion, with things like your helmet provides a hud, and opening it removes the hud, etc. You did quite well on explaining other aspects of how it will be immersive, but I think this little detail slipped through the net, and its little things like this that excite and entice people to support.

      The 2008 presentation to sell the vision of interstellar marines is awesome, descriptions like referring the the realism etc of saving private ryan and how that film had such an impact on people, and how you want to do that for the sci fi genre. Things like this will help people understand the vision, and excite people about the project. Put this in writing perhaps, in some way, to make these points stand out, to help support showing us what your aiming for.

      The narrative video is awesome, and its exactly what this campaign needed. I think the narrative and understanding of the universe will help immensely. Focus a bit more on the narrative, with that video and maybe more to start off with. It adds a whole lot more depth for the potential backer instead of just being told they are going to be training to be an interstellar marine.

      Publicity (news articles/ interviews) and clarity about the project is key!

      That's all I can think of for now, but there sure is more that can be done, it's definitely important to brainstorm what can be improved.

      On a side note, I think you guys did a really awesome job, and deserve a rest!

    22. Missing avatar

      Hilário Martins on

      drloser please stop spreading lies, the Unity based IM didn't started 7 years ago it started 3 years and some months ago after the 2008 UE3 engine demo, before that time ZPS was privately backed and add a 20 developer team after the negotiations with publishers went bad because of the 2008 financial crises, they went bust lost most of the team the funding and the rights to the UE3 engine. The community money that they where able to raise after that with per orders was used to make all the Unity demos that you see and the new website, and with a team of 6 people, paying salaries and expenses 120.000 is not that much. And imo it is not a lost cause not until ZPS it self decides to quit.

    23. abatage on

      really hope this is relaunched again sometime... want to see it happen!

    24. gandalf.nho

      Hope your guys try again in the furure

    25. Missing avatar

      Tero Aalto on

      I really didn't see that much publicity for Interstellar Marines anywhere. I think that the project will succeed if you try kickstarter again and give more interviews for gaming magazines and websites.

    26. Rodrigo Fonseca on

      The funding could be unsuccessfull but i still belive!

    27. Dreddi on

      3 year old backer here and I still believe!

    28. Interstellar Marine on

      How do I sign up for the mailinglist?! And also, I will preorder the game now to give ZHPs what I promised them.

    29. Liondrome on

      Shame that you did not get enough funding. Hopefully Valve will see this that the game is wanted nonetheless, since it does seem a good game that would be fun to play alone & with friends. What the game needs is more publicity. If i may say just keep trying. :)

    30. Missing avatar

      drloser on

      The project started 7 years ago and they already had $125.000 last year :

      It's a lost cause.

    31. Taylor Moe on

      Everyone, what Keavon said!

      Go to http://www.interstellarmarines.com/

      Support the game post-Kickstarter! You can preorder there, or at least you will be able to in the next day or so. If we can give ZPS $157,906 that we all were going to pledge, they can still start this project and make some real progress! Let's support them!

    32. Elfwyn on

      I'll be saving that money for your next Kickstarter. Do not be discouraged.

      I think Chris Roberts will have Tactical Combat in his SC-Game. As he is always talking about immersion
      that would mix brilliantly with your Game I think, and I do not know if they have the expertice in that field allready.

    33. Tom E on

      Spearhead supporter here. Have you thought about stretched goals advancements? to help gain momentum/publicity. I think people are more willing to contribute this way. I'll be back to support on here again. Love to see more brief clips of innovative/improved game mechanics and tech. I like that proximity-radio chat tech you have implemented for co-op. Great work everyone. Keep going, you're getting closer :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Jason Combs on

      Try again guys! Don't be discouraged!

    35. Typhi on

      For the love of the game, relaunch this campaign and be careful with how you advertise this time :)

    36. Monty on

      When you try again, I am a guaranteed backer.

    37. Keavon on

      Kim, Michael, it's over now. Re-open the store, post an update, and get a good rest. You deserve it.

    38. Keavon on

      Everyone, please be sure to go to www.interstellarmarines.com and sign up for the mailing list to take part of the adventures that will continue to unfold. And be sure to create an account on the forums and say 'hello'!

    39. Missing avatar

      Christopher Lee on

      Sorry Guys!!! Hope you get some more publicity, advertise the game a little, etc. and try again!!!, don't give up, there are a lot of people who want to see this game come to life in all of it's expected awesomeness!

    40. Missing avatar

      Hilário Martins on

      Guys if ZPS opens the store again please transit your support here for the official site it will help immensely. Thanks

    41. Missing avatar

      Alan Toner on

      I hope you guys try again! I will back you again.

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