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With our tool anyone is able to create incredible apps and now we are going to improve it even more! Join us and enjoy the new way!
With our tool anyone is able to create incredible apps and now we are going to improve it even more! Join us and enjoy the new way!
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Zero Code Apps Overload - DIY app builder, apps made by you!




Our platform was born with the mission of developing a series of simple tools that allow any user, without any technical or programming knowledge, to create and publish functional mobile applications and with modern and really effective designs. If you want to know more about our company and our goal, please read the third point of this presentation, here we are going to focus on this new campaign.

Now, after almost two years in operation and with the support of more than 400 users we want to continue improving our platform and at the same time strengthen our model, for this reason we need to open a new round of financing.

We are starting this new campaign by popular request of many of our users and that will include many improvements never seen before on any other platform.

Many of our users are using our tool to open new sales channels in their businesses, of which we are very proud, and that is why they are demanding some functionalities focused on that. This new update is based on that, new features that help improve the monetization of applications and that also enhance the online presence of any business. To be able to develop and implement them on the platform, the collaboration of current and new users in the financing of the project is necessary and therefore we have launched this new campaign, with the confidence that all our users have given us in the previous two ;)

In this first point of this presentation we will talk about the new features that will finance this campaign and in the second and third points you have the presentation of previous campaigns for those of you who do not know the project.


- Games Module: turn your app into a money generating machine! The new Games Module will allow you to add HTML5 games in your Apps with only a few clicks using your own custom games or using our game addon! We will include 5 FREE games with this new feature, but you will be able to add as many as you want/need.

 - SMS Module: this new feature will allow you to send SMS messages directly from the Zero Codes editor. This means that you can send personalized bulk SMS messages or individual SMS messages to your list of contacts. Use it for your marketing campaigns as an alternative or complement to push notifications in order to maximize your campaign effectiveness!

- Image Gallery: this is a private gallery that can be added to any App. The user will be able to take a picture or upload his own photos to the gallery and can decide to sharing with friends. The default sharing mechanism on iOS and Android is used on this module so that users can invite friends with their regular messaging apps, Facebook, etc.

- Auto Push Notifications Module:  this new module will allow to send automatic pushes when a specific event/trigger is happening. It is a very powerful tool to engage customers and improve the APP experience. You can delivery contents periodically to customers based on a Funnel of Push Notifications.

When one of these events/trigger is happening we are able to start a FUNNEL OF PUSH, a sequence of an unlimited number of pushes scheduled to be sent automatically to the user. Every push has a delay of hours or days from the previously push selected.

For example, is it possible to set up a welcome push notification immediately after the registration of a new user inside the App and schedule every 7 days an automatic push sent to the user for an entire year!!

- Iframe & EAN/QR Scanner Module: allows to embed any website HTTPS in an easy way, just add the URL of your website. Allows to manage the “return back” to the home page with a simple icon on top (home icon).

By selecting QR/EAN code scanner you are able to add in the Iframe a nice banner on the bottom of the screen where is possible to SCAN any QR and EAN code and parse the result in a query string URL (GET) to an external website.

- Donation Feature: are you looking for a way to monetize your Apps?This new feature will allow you to receive donation through the most user friendly payment gateway of the moment: Stripe (Also supporting 2Checkout, and Paypal).

App Store has blocked your app because it uses webview instead of going by safari to receive donation? It won’t be the case anymore with Donation module which doesn’t use any webview to proceed credit card payments. It’s entirely native. No webview. If it’s necessary, you can opening the payment on Safari (only IOS)

- Appointments Feature: this is a new powerful that will allow you to take appointments using the App. This module is linked to the Progressive Loyalty Card and loyalty points can be accumulated automatically on any different type of services. Additionally, through a web front-end interface, the App owner can add appointments to the calendar for walk-in or phone customer requests.

This feature is ideal for the following types of businesses/professionals: hairdresser, barbershop, SPA, manicure, dentist, veterinary, handyman, lawyer, astrologer, etc. Any professional that sells services in time-slots can benefit from having his bookings available via de App. No more losing business while everyone else is busy tending to other customers.

- Progressive Loyalty Card: this module will allow you to launch a loyalty program and reward your customers as they buy from you. By giving customers smaller rewards from the first points they accumulate, you make your customers more loyal. No need to wait until the card is completed to reward your customers!

You can accumulate points from the Mcommerce feature, the MobilCart and Appointments modules automatically.

With a powerful reporting engine, you can easily identify your most loyal customers and how many rewards are used. You will also get an estimate on the sales that the loyalty program is generating. If you have a take-out business, you’ll be able to remotely validate the points after each purchase. Finally, you can track the employees who validate the points and the rewards so that fraud is under control. 

- Club Card/Reward Feature: this new module will allow you to launch an airline style membership club card. This module will help you work long-term customer loyalty and should be used together with the Progressive Loyalty module which was created to focus on short-term loyalty. With the Club Card module, you’ll be able to differentiate your clients based on the loyalty card points they accumulate during their lifetime. 20% of your customers are responsible for 80% of your margin. With the Club Card module you can focus on the clients that generate the most value for your business.

Whereas the loyalty card modules will only account for the points of one specific card, the Club Card module will take into account all the points accumulated in all the loyalty cards the user has ever had.

  •  From here we leave you with the previous campaign of the project with which we made a big update with a lot of new features: 

2.- As seen on ZERO CODES RELOADED.... 

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We have decided to start a new round of financing to raise funds in order to implement a series of improvements, enhance the speed and stability of the platform and ensure its durability over time.

In addition to expanding the catalog of templates, we will implement a series of improvements that have been requested and agreed by our users. We listen to you and we want you to continue being part of our family! ;)

  •  Let's talk first about the new improvements that we are sure you will love all: 

- Export/Import feature: with this new feature our users will be able to download pages from their app and then upload them to a new app. This way you will avoid a lot of work! You will not have to re-customize the pages of your app again, with a simple button you will be able to export and import complete pages.

- iOS Auto Publish service:  you will no longer need to get a Mac to compile your iOS apps! We will eliminate the hassle by having your iOS apps automatically submitted to iTunes. By using a simple form your app will be sent to our build server which will compile it and send it to the iTunes account of your choice.  During the process all the certificates will be created automatically for you!

- App Icon Maker:  we all know how difficult and time consuming it is to create unique and good looking icons and startup images. If we don’t have unique images our App has good chances of getting rejected from App stores. This new feature is going to change this! Now you will be able to can make unique and professional icons in a few clicks without any technical knowledge.

- Individual Push Notifications:  imagine selecting users individually or by group, and send a specific push notification. That’s what you will be able to do with this new feature ;)

- Inbox Feature:  this feature will allow you to send private messages with specific content to users, individually. They receive your direct messages in their app inbox, and they can answer to it! You can add videos, images, and attachments to your messages. This is very useful in many cases: for restaurants to confirm reservation, for doctors to send a medical file to a patient, etc. The users can answer to the messages, just like with emails.

- Search Feature:  you will be able to add a search bar on home screen of the App that allows your users to search across all the features via nice search bar.

- Your own taxi app Feature: with this new feature you can create your own taxi business! Whether you are managing your own fleet from one to hundreds of taxis, or you want to offer a service of passengers driving in your city, everything you need is covered with this feature.

- Review Feature: you will be able to invite your users to leave a review on the store from your App! This feature can redirects your users directly to the store ready to leave a review. It will be customizable with richtext and image and work with Google Play and App Store.

- Complex Forms Feature: you will be able to easily integrate amazing forms on your apps. The data entries will be saved on a database, data will be sent by mail and exportable to CSV or JSON, 11 field types, redirection to specific feature afterwards, fine-graind configurations, and nice and modern ui/ux.

- Knowledge Base (Q&A) Feature: this new feature is a forum like feature based on Quora. It allows users to ask questions to the community and help other users by replying to queries. Tags can be defined to classify different topics so that the searches are more easily performed!

- Smart Ads Feature:  this new feature will display targeted full screen in-app ads to your app users.  The uses for this module are quite varied. For example, when publishing a new App version users don’t always update it from the stores and the new features will not work.  With this module you can force users to update to the latest release by providing a link to the App store and preventing them from continuing. Also, you can use an Ad to explain how a new feature works or communicate a Happy Hour promotion. You’ll be able to create text ads directly on the Editor or upload image Ads.

All the new functions and designs that we have described so far are going to be implemented on the platform as soon as this funding campaign ends. In addition to that, we have decided to invest in a more powerful server because, although for now there has been no problem, if the user base continues to grow we will need more storage and processing capacity.

  •  And here we leave you with the presentation of the project with which our users gave us their confidence for the initial launch of the platform: 

 3.- Intro to ZERO CODES Co.

We are in the 21st century, the era of information, practically all the knowledge of the human being is available just a few clicks, behind are the days when it was necessary to memorize large amounts of information.

In addition, today there are many tools that help us simplify the most tedious tasks and allowing us not to spend so much time in our lives in memorizing data, so we can dedicate ourselves to what really matters.

Our way of communicating has changed and online presence is essential for all types of companies and even for people. Everything revolves around the network, we all have the right to claim our space on the network and with this philosophy our company is born.

In this first project we want to get anyone to be able to create mobile apps in a simple and effective way but at the same time powerful, having a design and a utility equal to that which may have another that has been programmed from scratch.

Everyone knows that programming is complicated and often frustrating ...

 This does not have to be that way, we want everyone to be able to create apps without needing to know anything about programming, for that purpose the machines are already there!

...the machines or maybe your cat ... 

How? It's really easy, you bring the most important thing, THE IDEA, our interface will take care about everything else. You only have to select what features you want to include in your app, fill in your content (text, images, videos, etc.) and finally generate your file automatically from our server, you do not need to know anything else, it's that simple

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The idea is that from the same web the user can face the whole process of creation of the app: design, development, production, compilation and publication. For this we will have a simple interface where all the elements of development will be organized.

Here is a small sample of its appearance: 

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The basis of our system is a Siberian based editor together with Amazon servers, which will ensure stability and sufficient power for the platform.


Below is a video with the main features that you will be able to add to your applications in a completely simple way, just choosing which one suits you and adding your content. 

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This is the complete list of features available until now. All of them will be available at the launch for all of our users:


  •  Calendar Do you want to inform your users about the next events? Show them from your Facebook or Google Calendar. You will also be able to create your own personalized events.
  •  Booking Your users will be able to book a seat, a tablet, a slot or anything you want, with this easy plug-in. The form will be sent to the proper store following user's validation.
  •  Appointments You will be able to add a complete appointment engine inside your app and to manage multiple stores, services and providers just from one place, like a pro!
  •  Job This feature will provide you with a complete recruitment tool from which companies can post their job offers. You will be able to set each member as a company admin and will be able to publish the available open positions. The candidates will be able to apply directly from the app.
  •  Folder Easily organize your content. Create your own app tree, with folders, subfolders and sub-subfolders, and your pages in them. You even will be able to add a search box so your users will find the content they are looking for.
  •  Padlock This amazing feature will allow you to protect the pages you choose and to choose how they have to be protected. You can choose a protection through membership, so the accounts authorize will be able to access the locked pages. And you can choose a QR Code protection, so only the users who have the QR Code will have access to the protected sections.


  •  MCommerce This is a complete solution to sell online in your app, from a single store to multiple stores. Images, galleries, product and price information, options, checkboxes, notes, payment gateways...everything you need for selling your products is in your users' hands!
  •  Woocommerce You will be able to integrate any Woocommerce shop natively in your apps. Woocommerce, is the leading commerce solution and we can offer a mobile application to the 300k+ stores that use it!
  •  Taxi Ride With this feature you can create your own taxi app. Allow users to book a ride and drivers to earn money in driving users. It’s possible to manage one taxi or and unlimited worldwide fleet company.
  •  Loyalty Card You can add as many loyalty cards as needed in your app, that allows you to get for example a merchant listing, with each merchant having his own program. The users can redeemed his points using passwords or QR codes.
  •  Discount Get your sales rolling with simple but high-performance discounts! The users data will be collected when your coupons are redeemed. You will be able to configure them to be used only once and/or to be available during a specific time.
  •  Admob Do you want to monetize your app with ads? We cover you, just copy your ads ID from your Admob account and select how to monetize: through interstitial ads, full screen ads or with banners.
  •  Set Meal Display your menus in a nice and appealing way! You will be able to create cards with photos, descriptions and prices.
  •  QR Coupons Distribute your own QR Codes to your users, they will be able to flash the code and to unlock the rewards in your application.
  •  Catalog All your products and prices will be available in users’ fingertips in a nice catalog! Display your list of products in a beautiful listing available in the palm of your users' hand.


  •  Classifieds Do you want your own Craigslist-like app? This feature will allow you to add a local Classified Ads marketplace for your users to offer products and services as they would have done on Craigslist.
  •  Places The perfect feature if you need to create a directory of businesses! You can display in your app useful information with a directory of points of interest and nearby places. The businesses can be displayed all in one map. This feature also has an advanced search system that allows users to filter and search with his specific needs.
  •  Weather Let your users look for the weather in their city and to display by default the current weather in a specific city or country.
  •  Map This feature will guide your users through the GPS of their phone allowing to find their path from anywhere in the world to the desired location though Google Maps.


  •  Socialwall You can integrate a social network within your app to animate your community! Users can send posts and photos, geolocate and/or tag other users' photos and comment them. Your user engagement will grow by its own!
  •  Chat This is another amazing feature if you want to offer a complete chat solution to let your users chat in real time with public and private chatrooms! This is a completely real time chat powered by websockets.
  •  Facebook You can directly embed your social network pages in your app to gather all your information in one entry point. The content will be shared through social networks and this will provide you with additional free traffic and downloads.
  •  Twitter Add any account to your application and this feature will display all the tweets inside your app. Also available clickable link and the info like following/followers and retweets.
  •  News Wall Just use the news wall feature to send your news in an attractive way! You can send information, photos, etc and get your users absolutely engaged by commenting and liking them. You will also get useful feedbacks and improve your communication of your users.


  •  Inbox You will be capable to send private messages with rich content and attachments to any of your app users! The private messages can include videos, text, images and attachments and, of course, they can answer you.
  •  Push Notifications Send accurate alerts to your users when required! These notifications can be geofenced, based on your client’s location, and also to groups of interest and to a specific user. Use many as you need, they’re unlimited!
  •  Topics This feature will allow you to create topics and offer lists of interests based on your user’s base segmented on which lists they want to subscribe to and, in this way, send specific notifications and messages.
  •  Scratch Card An amazing feature to include some entertainment in your app! Your users play and get rewards, they just have to scratch to discover if they have won or lost. Scratch cards can be personalized with the number or winners, the percentage of chance to win, the games to be played once or multiple times, etc.


  •  Audio Do you need to entertain your app users? Add a music player including playlists from iTunes, Soundcloud, Podcasts or your own files, and let the music play! Your users will be able to share and buy tracks from the store. And the music can be played in background while your users are browsing in your app and when they lock their screen.
  •  Video Do you need more entertainment? Add video files, integrate videos from Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts. You can choose from integrating a complete channel to a specific video from any channel.
  •  Gallery Integrate attractive photo galleries in your app. They can be showed in categories and/or import them from Instagram, Picasa or a computer!
  •  Radio You can create your unique Radio app or let your users just listen their favorite radios! And just like as the Audio feature music can be played in background while your users are browsing in your app and when they lock their screen.


  •  Surveys This feature will allow you to create complete surveys with complex questions and logical triggers and collect valorous feedbacks from users about anything you need. The data can be exported in csv files, and build complete reports.
  •  RSS Feed You can integrate feeds as a part of your app and entertain your users with info while you drive traffic directly to your website. You can add as many RSS feeds from as many sources needed. You don't need to add a specific link just enter the URL of the website to choose from all its available feeds!
  •  Contact A page to show all your contact info in just one place. You can integrate a one-touch-call, links to your social accounts, geolocations, and much more!
  •  Quiz As you may know there are a lot of Quiz apps on the app stores, do you know why? because they’re really fun! Bring it to your users with our amazing Quiz page and they will enjoy your apps for sure.
  •  Form You can build your own custom forms to get some specific data from your users? With this page you can get feedbacks and many other things from them.


  •  Custom Page Want to create great pages with rich content? Now you can! Create a page with all the content you need: text, photo galleries, videos, address, sliders, click-to-call and email buttons, weblinks. Order all your sections the way you want to create beautiful pages.
  •  Links A special page to integrate any webpage inside your app. You need to integrate any external service like a booking system? Just paste the link and get them available inside a page of your app.

More features will be added in the future and our intention is to decide among the users of the platform which will be the next ones.


From the first moment of the launch the app builder will be MULTILANGUAGE! , available in multiple languages: English, Spanish, Greek, Chinese, French, Turkish, Catalan, Dutch, Russian, Czech, German, Portuguese and Italian.


And in addition, of course, and although it is not entirely necessary due to the simplicity of its use, all users will have access to video tutorials that will cover the entire process of creating apps on the web. EVERYONE will be able to publish their apps in a matter of minutes!

In case that the money raised to start the project exceeds the necessary amount, we will publish stretch goals that will be chosen by all our funders. We would like our future users to decide which other tools they would like to have available on the web!

What makes us unique?

- New design focused on usability.

- We will not charge for the number of apps, they are unlimited!

- We do not charge any percentage of the in-app advertising, all the profits are complete for app owners.

- The generation of the app is absolutely simple, just press a button and the compiled file will be downloaded!

- The software of the platform IS OF OUR PROPERTY, we do not depend on third parties, in this way the durability is ensured in time and future updates.

- All our users will have a complete video tutorials of ALL THE FEATURES to be able to work from the first moment with ease.

The Funds

The money raised will be used to pay for software licenses that will be implemented on the web, as well as servers rental and installation.

All users who support us in the Kickstarter launch will receive a lifetime account as a reward, they will never have to pay anything else, neither for this tool nor for others that we can implement in the future.

On the contrary, future users of the platform that subscribe outside the funding period will have to pay a monthly fee to use our tools. In this way we make sure we have funds to maintain and expand the platform in the future.


9000€ - User Import/Export module: this new feature will allow you to import an existing database of users, creating user accounts and generating a welcome email. The module will supports the import of two file formats: csv and xlsx, and also will allow you to export your application’s users. Pretty sweet, right? We love it :)

More coming soon...

Risks and challenges

There is nothing actually that imply any risk, all the expenses are covered with the contributions. Currently the tool is already online and more than 400 users are already enjoying it. With the new funds we will add more features and improve the stability and speed of the platform.

To guarantee the longevity of our project, future subscribers will have to pay a monthly subscription that will be used to maintain tools, pay servers and technical equipment, as well as invest in future web projects and tools.

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