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A collection of 25 pieces of fast paced fiction. Dark themes lead to mystery, suspense, and horror as Paul moves from poker to prose.
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Cover Vote

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Just one week to go, so I'm taking this opportunity to get your valued opinion on which cover I should use. Neither of these is the 100% polished final version, and you can vote for a third option: None of the Above. I'll probably go with the majority on this, but more detailed comments may be given more weight. At least one voter will receive a special rewards upgrade. Please leave your vote in the comments.

Re-Update: I've added two new options. You can vote for Cover No. 3 as pictured below, or for Cover No. 4 as described below. Again, the image is just a mock up, not a final version.

Cover No. 1

Cover No. 2

Cover No. 3

Cover No. 4

I have no image yet, but picture a hooded figure walking away from the reader. Shadows, billowing coat, and a flash of lighting in the background. Either blue glow or black and white.

If you're trying to vote but haven't backed my project you have two options:

1) Vote on my blog HERE.

2) Back my project for as little as $1!

Thanks for taking the time. :)


    1. Creator Maya Moran on January 13, 2012

      I vote 3 but 4 has my curiousity. I need the visual. Definitely not 2, the coloring makes you look like you have jaundice.

    2. Creator Paul Christopher Hoppe on January 11, 2012

      Thanks for the feedback! I've added two more options. Vote will continue until the project closes.

    3. Creator Mee-Lise on January 9, 2012

      None of the above? Well, I don't know. They seem kind of melodramatic! Is that what you're going for?

    4. Creator Herbert Eder on January 9, 2012

      Number 1. It looks more sinister, and it's assymetrical style looks better than having everything centered in Number 2.