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3 groundbreaking collections offering Swiss quality at an unmatched price. Featuring premium materials such as Bronze and Meteorite.
3 groundbreaking collections offering Swiss quality at an unmatched price. Featuring premium materials such as Bronze and Meteorite.
3 groundbreaking collections offering Swiss quality at an unmatched price. Featuring premium materials such as Bronze and Meteorite.
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    1. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 3 days ago

      Hey guys!

      Not much to update with at the moment but its all going according to schedule so far :)The cases are going through the various steps of machining right now. I'm also in the process of developing the travel roll that will come with the package too.

      @Mike Do check out our IG @zeloswatches and I'll try to post more photos there :)

    2. Missing avatar

      Dan Markus 3 days ago

      @Elshan - Any updated on the production of the watches? I'm just curious as to where you are in the process.


    3. Missing avatar

      Mike Fallon 4 days ago

      Eishan any tease material you can divulge to sooth the wait ? It.'s been a little while since survey time. Enticing real world prototype pict. would be nice ;-)

    4. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on May 8

      No worries David, got it all locked it!

      @Chevalier The movement will be the standard version with the logo engraved and a plated rotor. Cheers!

    5. Missing avatar

      David Chin on May 8

      Nevermind, please disregard my previous comment. I had a memory lapse and was able to find both the survey and my response. Sorry about that.

    6. Missing avatar

      David Chin on May 8

      Haven't received a survey yet either. Checked my email inbox as well as KS inbox and nothing.

    7. Missing avatar

      CHEVALIER on May 7

      I have a question about the Sellita Sw200 movement. Will it be the standard version or the top version ?

    8. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on May 6

      Hi Brian, it seems to have been sent on my side. Do check your KS profile for it, thank you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Brian Wuschke on May 6

      Haven't received a survey yet.

    10. Missing avatar

      Dan Markus on April 25

      @Creator - Do you have any updates as to where you are in the process? Have you decided on the movement? Do you have all of the surveys back? etc.

      Can't wait to get my V2!


    11. Missing avatar

      BMF3000 on April 16

      Have you chose the movement?

    12. Missing avatar

      Wing Ching How on April 15

      No survey here too. Please help thanks!

    13. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on April 15

      Yes thats all good Scott :) Have sent a message George and got you survey response in Damon. Thank you!

    14. Missing avatar

      George F. on April 14

      Haven't received a survey either.

    15. Damon on April 13

      Hi Elshan, please verify but I haven't received notification for the survey yet.

    16. Missing avatar

      Scott Chong on April 13

      Hi Elshan! Just to confirm, we just indicate our additional watches in the comments box when we complete the survey?

    17. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on April 12

      Hey Scott, each watch will come with both the brown horween and black leather so not to worry there!

      Unfortunately we are unable to swap the straps around as it would be logistically quite tough. Sorry about that!

      Strap samples are being produced right now and we should be updating the store with by mid May!

    18. Missing avatar

      Scott on April 12

      I had exactly the same dilemma between the V1 & V2 - the black strap put me off. Can you let us know what they say as I may have to see if I can make a change - doh!

    19. Missing avatar

      Mike Fallon on April 12

      Rather tough decision, but finally went with the nicely contrasting blue hands against meteorite on V1. In notes I requested 2 Horween straps: 1 in brown and (hopefully) one in black, since I'm not a big fan of the black croc that my choice would otherwise come with. We'll see whether Eishan and Co. can make that happen? If not, no big deal ;-). Sept target date can't come soon enough!

    20. Laurent Nogaret on April 11

      Hard time deciding, but that pic of the Avant A2 with the carbon fibre band sold it to me. I do hope that particular band will be available on the web store ? Any can't wait to get my hands on this now.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Fallon on April 10

      Although I completely understand others want to establish what specific model they're getting, I'm still torn between V1 and V2 so I'm sort of happy surveys haven't been sent out ;-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick Studley on April 8

      Are we still in a holding pattern waiting for selection surveys? Just wanting to be sure I haven't missed something.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lamar Curtis on April 8

      Has anyone gotten the survey yet?

    24. Andrea on April 5

      @Mark Miller with respect to the issues, are you referring to the original sw200 or the revised sw200-1? Because Elshan would eventually use the latter.

    25. Missing avatar

      Mark Miller on April 4

      Congrats on another great design, and successful launch Elshan. Hope you use an ETA 2824 movement, as Selitta sw200 have recently experienced some hand-winding fully engaged rotor issues.
      When will the survey of our version choices be emailed ??

    26. Missing avatar

      Lamar Curtis on April 4

      Definitely hoping for the ETA movement

    27. Wei Hua
      on April 4

      Thanks Elshan!

    28. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on April 4

      @Chevalier Yes very much so :)

      @Antoine Yes that will be one of the options

      @Wei Hua I'm leaning towards the SW200 now, but am checking with some movement suppliers for the ETA too.


    29. Missing avatar

      CHEVALIER on April 4

      Is he alive ?

    30. Missing avatar

      Antoine on April 2

      Hey Elshan,
      Will the mesh strap be offered on the Zelos website?

    31. Wei Hua
      on April 1

      Any idea what movement will the watches come with?

    32. Wei Hua
      on March 31

      501 backers! cool :)
      congrats Elshan !

    33. Ramon Topp on March 31

      Just 1h to go...and then waiting until September?!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jozel Salvacion on March 31

      Can't wait for the V2!

    35. TormentErManaZombie1979 on March 31


      Thanks for the information, that makes my decision a lot easier. I was tempted by the V1 as i thought the white/blue and grey would have had blue lume. But instead i will go for the V2 as the black and grey / bronze contrast better.

    36. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 31

      No lume on all of them I'm afraid

    37. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 31

      @Patrick and Soto

      These straps will be offered as extras later on the web store :) For the current package all straps will be the same.


    38. TormentErManaZombie1979 on March 31

      is there any lume on the dials of the Visonary? also if there is lume what colour does the V! Visonary have?

    39. Missing avatar

      Bon Hlaing on March 30

      Not going to lie - I'm pretty pumped to get my Visionary V2! I thought I'd never be able to afford a meteorite dial watch as the one I'm most familiar with is the Greyside of the Moon. And I didn't even know you could use bronze for the case, but it looks fantastic! Cannot wait.

    40. Missing avatar

      Soto8 on March 30

      @ creator what about the stainless steel strap show in one of the pictures? Can we get it later?

    41. Sam Simon
      on March 30

      Blue leather, blue croc and canvas would all be great options

    42. Missing avatar

      Patrick Studley on March 30

      @ creator will different color straps be available for selection, or just the black croc and brown Horween? Personally, I would love the blue croc with the V1

    43. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 30

      On our last leg! Let's hope it hits 500 :)

    44. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 30

      @kerry the extra gallant would be $390sgd, thank you!

    45. Missing avatar

      Jens Christian Lange on March 30

      @DirkZ: Thank you for clarifying! I was hoping as much, but had that lingering doubt :) Thanks again!

    46. DirkZ on March 30

      @Jens; After the project ends. In a little more than a day from now the creator will send out a survey where you will be able to choose your exact version.

    47. Missing avatar

      Jens Christian Lange on March 30

      Hi guys, I'm a kickstarter first-timer and this wording is confusing me: "Receive either the Visionary V-1 or V-2". It still gives the choice of the V-1 or V-2, right?
      I'm confused since some of the other pledges explicitly says "Receive your choice of.."
      Thank you for helping out a newbie :)

    48. TormentErManaZombie1979 on March 30

      ha ha for some reason i am back humber 666 according to Kickstarter..

    49. DirkZ on March 30

      Instead of more backers (which I expected after the 48 hour reminder) 7 dropped of... Common people lets get back to 500+ backers! :)

    50. Kerry Constantine Tan on March 30

      @creator, I'm currently pledge in the custom @ 1084 for V2 and A2. How much more do I have to add for G2?

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