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3 groundbreaking collections offering Swiss quality at an unmatched price. Featuring premium materials such as Bronze and Meteorite.
3 groundbreaking collections offering Swiss quality at an unmatched price. Featuring premium materials such as Bronze and Meteorite.
3 groundbreaking collections offering Swiss quality at an unmatched price. Featuring premium materials such as Bronze and Meteorite.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Mark Miller just now

      Elshan - The Pics of the watch look fantastic, can't wait for receive FEDEX email? Are you shipping per the Backer #?, or what is the shipping priority? Many thanks for all your efforts.

    2. Hunn about 15 hours ago

      Can't wait to wear the watch on my wrist. Thanks Elshan.

    3. Missing avatar

      Al Mcleod about 17 hours ago

      Sorry. I missed your post that some are going out next week. Ill be patient.

    4. Missing avatar

      Al Mcleod about 19 hours ago

      Yes. Everything went silent. I never got an email. What's up Zelos?

    5. Missing avatar

      Young-yun Kim 1 day ago

      I also received an email from fedex :)

    6. Andrea 1 day ago

      fedex mail received :-)
      looking forward to it!

    7. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 2 days ago

      Hey guys,
      First quarter of the shipments are going out tomorrow while the rest are looking to be picked up by fedex on Mon-Wed. You'll get a fedex email with tracking once your label is created and do allow for 1-2 days before it will be picked up.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jules Mayer 3 days ago

      A little worried here. No update and i am moving very soon. Kind of need to know when my watch will be here.

    9. Hunn 3 days ago

      Can update us pls

    10. Hunn 4 days ago

      Tomorrow is "middle of next week", have you shipped the watches yet?

    11. Missing avatar

      Red1286 4 days ago

      Will the shipments be trackable?

    12. Missing avatar

      Dan Markus 5 days ago

      @Elshan - Hi, I was just wondering if you're still on track to have all the watches shipped out by the middle of this week? I'm super excited to get this on my wrist!
      Thank you!

    13. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on September 14

      The straps will be available on the website and shipped separately as I hope to get all the watches out first. Don't want to tax our logistics too much with the various strap orders :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Betrand Tan on September 14

      Hey Elshan, what about the additional straps? Are they available for sale and possibly be delivered at the same time as the watches?

    15. Missing avatar

      BMF3000 on September 14

      Thanks Elshan

    16. Missing avatar

      Mike Fallon on September 11

      Thanks Eishan! Can't wait to see this versatile dress piece on the wrist. You continue to raise the bar in the micro market and will really look forward to seeing how you top this model, It sure won't be easy!

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Scott on September 11

      Great stuff - looking forward to it

    18. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on September 11

      Hi guys! QC is all done and the packing begins for the watches! We're aiming to ship all out by the middle of next week and all backers should get their watch by the end of the month. Cheers!

    19. Missing avatar

      BMF3000 on September 10

      Hi Elshan, any news? Just an update on the progress of the QC would be nice to hear. Even bad news is better than no news.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jules Mayer on September 9

      Please advise on shipping date. As i am moving at the end of september i need to know if i should change my address.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Fallon on September 7

      Eishan, any updates on where we are in the QC/shipping process?

    22. Missing avatar

      Stephane G. on August 29

      @Zelos Watches : what about the additional straps you mentioned in update #9, are they available now ? (thinking about the grey one and the blue one)

    23. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on August 27

      Yes all watches come on the black strap to make things more consistent, and the brown strap will be included in the package. Cheers!

    24. Iggy Choong
      on August 27

      Hi Hunn, yes thank you.

    25. Hunn on August 26

      @Iggy Please check the Update 5 "We are nearing the end of the campaign and I appreciate all the support from everyone so far! I would like to offer Stretch Goal #4 which means every watch will come with BOTH the brown Horween leather and the black croc leather strap."

    26. Iggy Choong
      on August 26

      Hi Elsan, I was looking at the pictures of the last update. I realised the straps were of black leather for all the watches. I pledge the meteorite dial in bronze and would like it to come with the brown tan leather please.

    27. Missing avatar

      Aaron Liverant
      on August 22

      They look awesome!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Steven Lim on August 21

      @Elshan It is a great news. So I may get my watch early since shipping out locally? :)

    29. Hunn on August 21

      @Elshan Good job... looking forward to getting my watch soon!!

    30. Missing avatar

      Brian Martin on August 20

      I second the request for a few photos.

    31. Missing avatar

      Dan Markus on August 20

      @Elshan - Hi, it looks like we're about a month out from shipping. Do you have any updates as to where you're at in the process? Also do you have any photos you can share of the watches in production? It would be great to see the progress. Can't wait to get mine!


    32. Hunn on August 20

      Creator, any update??

    33. Hunn on August 15

      Agree... also if it is possible to let us know the progress and estimated shipping date....

    34. Missing avatar

      Q on August 15

      @Creator do you have any update for us? Would love to see some pictures! I love kickstarter campaigns for the creating process as much as the end product!

    35. Brian Callan on August 11

      @Ben, no worries, sorry if I came across angry, it was because the fees these courier companies charge enrage me, mainly because they are have zero transparency and are completely random, I can attest to this because I've paid so many of them on so many occasions that there has never been any logic to the amounts charged.

      17track is fantastic, I've rarely had something that it couldn't track with the exception of some very very cheap asian postal services, which even then work just with long delays between updates.

    36. Missing avatar

      Ben Pearson on August 11

      @Brian Sorry, I was attempting to agree with you. I despise courier companies for effectively holding my package hostage. I was just trying to stay positive because I'm eager to get my hands on this watch, even if I know it's going to be accompanied by flat-out extortion. Also, I've never heard of that website, so thanks for the tip!

    37. Andrea on August 8

      @Elshan any news about the additional straps?

    38. Brian Callan on August 8

      @Ben Pearson, for most people it's not time to time, it's every time, and every time it's extortion and not in any way decipherable and attributable to any actual physical factor other than possibly a random number generator, and you can't dispute it as you end up paying more if you do. As to tracking, I would agree when it's some tiny pigeon carrier from some far flung tiny protectorate somewhere in the middle of an ocean, but the majority of international carriers do provide full tracking which works perfectly well when using

    39. Missing avatar

      Ben Pearson on August 3

      I hate to say it but most international postal carriers don't have tracking that covers multiple countries. Sending something from Canada to the US would, but not to, say, Malaysia. So at least we'll know where our packages are.

      I get screwed by couriers from time to time and I absolutely hate it, but once in a blue moon I think it's worth it. Like now. :)

    40. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on August 2

      Right now its looking around the middle of Sept but getting the entire batch out usually takes 2-3 weeks. If all goes well all should be done by the end of Sept. Cheers!

    41. Hunn on August 2

      @Creator May I know our orders will be dispatched by early, middle or end of September?

    42. Brian Callan on August 2

      FedEx, DHL, UPS, doesn't really matter, they're all the same, random calculation of shipping cost (always higher than any realistic value) and extortionate admin fees. The best option IMHO is tracked international postal carrier rather than courier

    43. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on July 28

      Hi guys,
      I'll be shipping via fedex, hope that works better with the customs. Cheers!

    44. Missing avatar

      Rxwagon on July 28

      I will second that comment as I received a watch from them as well and was charged $70 by DHL in Canada!

    45. Missing avatar

      Antonino Pisana on July 28

      One reccomendation to the Creator in the interest of all backers. In another project I backed (Richard Legrand) DHL was choosen to execute the shipment. They debited to the recipients an handling/administration cost (10-15 euro in the various cases) and in the calculation of the custom duties they arbitrary considered a virtual freight cost. In my case, the import cost I calculated with precision in 48 euro became 74 euro. Please do not use DHL and in any case please put in clear that: 1) shipment and freight costs are included in the amount paid by the backers; 2) no additional costs of any kind have to be charged to the recepients.

    46. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on July 21

      Hey guys! Yes you'll be able to edit your address anytime before shipping begins. I will be sending out an update before it is locked for changes. Thank you!

    47. Missing avatar

      Ben Pearson on July 21

      Oh wait! I found the email that asked for my address in the first place and it seems I can change it there.

    48. Missing avatar

      Ben Pearson on July 21

      I can't find it either. Apparently we're supposed to contact you directly, Elshan.

    49. Missing avatar

      Michael on July 18

      Hi Elshan,

      Same situation as Ben mentioned below, I am moving a short distance. However, apologies I am new to KS, I do not see where to input my address under my account or profile.

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