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pledged of $21,518 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $21,518 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Missing avatar

      Alex Chen about 4 hours ago

      Almost up to 500 backers! It'll be great if we're able have some more choices for achieving $330,000 since I don't really have the need for a travel roll and would much prefer additional straps.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jayson Wong Kah Leong about 20 hours ago

      Can pls de-stretch goal no.4 to SGD 320,000... seeing it's such a succesful campaign, and make us all loyal supporters happy and gonna support more of your future creative innovations... thanks~

    3. Missing avatar

      Lamar Curtis about 20 hours ago

      I would love some NATO straps

    4. Missing avatar

      Reuven Remez about 20 hours ago

      Would it be possible to choose a strap with my watch? I like the brown leather watch better than the black one that seems to be the default on the watch I fancy. Thanks!

    5. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 1 day ago

      Unfortunately that's a little difficult too as rotors require a pretty large minimum order of 500. Cheers!

    6. Missing avatar

      Joe Ong Wei Shen 2 days ago

      Is there a possibility that you would allow us to bring our watches in to your physical outlet (if u have one) and "upgrade" or replace our rotor to one with a design? Would be great if u added it in as a kind of service. Am sure some would be willing to drop by and top up for that!

    7. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 3 days ago

      @Jonathan Shipping is free, and yes Manan is correct. You could select the $2 reward and pledge $1084SGD for them. Thank you for helping to reply Manan!

    8. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 3 days ago

      In addition to the free straps, I do hope to offer some extra styles to give some variety :)

      I'm afraid for the rotor it has to be implemented across the board.


    9. Missing avatar

      Steven Lim 3 days ago

      Hi Elshan I don't mind having a decorated rotors instead of getting the watch rolls. If I able to pay for some extra cost and some delay in shipment is alright for this. Hope you may consider this.

    10. Manan Kacheria
      4 days ago

      @Jonathan select the $2 reward and pledge 1084. Shipping is free

    11. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Ho 4 days ago

      I would like to select both Avant and Visionary as I already place for Avant, how do I add Visionary to the backing as i could only choose either one. Yet if i choose the reward, and pledge for customize reward do I need to add in shipment to Malaysia? Can I know how much for visionary and Avant plus shipping to Malaysia?

    12. Nhat Hoang 4 days ago

      I think the carry roll doesn't really add bonus value to the watch in daily usage, only for frequent travellers who have many watches and change them often. If we can have an option for different straps it would be best.

    13. Sam Simon
      4 days ago

      @Elshan. Any other strap options going to be available for this series of watches? I'd like a canvas/cordura/nylon for my Avant. I think it would give it a rugged/sporty look.

    14. Andrea 5 days ago

      I'd also love to get a brown horween strap in additional to the croc one for my steel gallant. Having a single strap also detracts the value of the quick-release bars since we'd likely need traditional spring bars for most aftermarket straps.
      Should we not reach the goal (I do hope so!) let us know if there are other means to get the extra strap, e.g., having that instead of the watch roll or adding some extra money to our pledge.

    15. Missing avatar

      Joe Ong Wei Shen 5 days ago

      @pavel I thought I saw bronze clasps in some pics. +1 for paying extra for a decorated rotor btw

    16. Missing avatar

      Pavel Kopriva 5 days ago

      As I don't like "printed" (i.e. fake) crocodile leather, I would appreciate getting the extra strap also made of Horween or another non-printed leather. Getting the printed strap is no big problem, of course, this bonus is just of no value for me (similarly to the roll case) as I will never use it.

      Will the straps for bronze watches have a bronze clasp? It would be really nice, although I don't expect it to be realistic.

    17. Missing avatar

      An Nguyen 5 days ago

      Hi, I don't want the leather watches roll. Can I have an option to receive another extra leather straps instead?

    18. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 6 days ago

      Yes we will be using the SW200-1 so don't worry.

      The rotors will have a minimum quantity and be assembled all together to keep logistics manageable. It might be a little tough at this point..

      @Joe You could select the $2 reward and input the amount of $1084SGD for them both. Cheers!

    19. Joe Chou 6 days ago

      If I wanted both the Visionary and Avant, how would I submit the order?

    20. Missing avatar

      Red1286 6 days ago

      @Elshan: Seeing that there seems to be quite the demand for a decorated rotor: would it be an option to let every backer choose if he liked a decorated rotor as a paid extra (to cover the higher cost) or if he rather wants the standard rotor without any additional cost after the campaign? Just in the same way you're probably going to handle the model selection...
      I'm sure I won't be the only one considering paying extra for a decorated rotor...

    21. Manan Kacheria
      6 days ago

      As they're using the SW200-1, there won't be an issue.
      Trust Elshan, he knows what he's doing. After all, he does have Zelos and Ventus under his wing :P

    22. Missing avatar

      chorche0 6 days ago

      @Brian: the point is still valid, the SW-200 has issues and for 450$ I would prefer ETA or improved SW. I used link since it containes photo of the problematic part of SW-200. There is plenty of other forums pointing the issues with SW-200.

    23. Brian Callan 6 days ago

      @chorche0, probably best to not be posting links to replica websites on a KS watch campaign page......

    24. Zelos Watches 5-time creator 7 days ago

      Hello guys,

      About the rotor, I would love to implement that as well and have a fully working rotor prototype. Unfortunately the price of the rotor is far too expensive for the current price point though, even if I didn't offer any extra case or straps. It would cost approximately 5-6 extra leather straps haha! It would be possible at a funding level of above $500k but i think that might be a stretch at the current progress.

      I'll also be going with the SW200-1 so no worries about the problems.


    25. Missing avatar

      chorche0 7 days ago

      @Creator: have you considered using improved version of SW200 which is SW200-1? The reason why I am asking is that the prior has some issues with hatchet wheel (tooth stripping).
      See more info here:

    26. Missing avatar

      David Chin 7 days ago

      If a majority of people are in favor of it, I too would vote for a decorated rotor, even if it meant a delay in delivery.

    27. Manan Kacheria
      7 days ago

      I think a decorated rotor would push the timeline back, though most of us would probably be cool with that.

      Elshan, what do you say? Skip the extra strap and the watch wallet, the rotor would be a better goal!

    28. Wei Hua
      7 days ago

      yes +1 for me too for decorated rotor ;)

    29. Andreas Hjelm 7 days ago

      Hopefully the project will reach funding enough for decorated rotor and a lumed option for those who want it. Fingers crossed!

    30. Andrea 7 days ago

      I am sure that Elshan agrees :-) but it is clearly much more costly to offer. I also hope he'll be able to do something with the rotor (maybe just a stamped "z" logo?), but we have to respect what he manages to do within the price point set for these watches.

    31. Missing avatar

      Pavel Kopriva 7 days ago

      I agree that a decorated rotor would be a much more valuable benefit than a roll case or extra strap. Straps or cases are something that everybody can buy separately according to their taste as the need arises. But a decorated rotor cannot be added later.

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas Vandewalle on March 20


      I've just backed the project for Visionary. Absolutely love the watch design with the meteorite dial!

      I'm actually quite sure we will reach all stretch goals and was wondering if one could be added? I think a decoraties rotor would seriously look zweet on this watch. I Would even consider turning in the watch roll and extra strap in Exchange for a nicely' decorated rotor.

      What would be the cost of a decorated rotor?

    33. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 20

      @Patrick All backers will get their choice of watch, production will begin right after the campaign ends so we know how many watches to produce of each model :)

      @Pavel Thank you for the comments!

      And yes the 2824 or SW200 have around 38-40 hours of power reserve. Thanks Andreas!

    34. Andreas Hjelm on March 20

      And another thing. I think contrast stiching (like tan stiching) would look great on the horween strap to match the bronze :)

    35. Andrea on March 20

      @Mingde Zhuokovic both 2824-2 and SW200 should have roughly 38 hours of power reserve.

    36. Mingde Zhuokovic on March 20

      Hello! May I know what is the power reserve? Thanks

    37. Andrea on March 20

      *tough I meant.

    38. Andrea on March 20

      Lol, how is "Joel" not banned from KS yet?
      Elshan and team, congrats for reaching the third stretch goal!
      Now there's 350 to reach - looks though, but feasible!

    39. Brian Callan on March 20

      @Daryl, because he's clearly a shill, and not a very good one

    40. Missing avatar

      Pavel Kopriva on March 20

      I have backed the V-2 and I would like to express my opinion on possible enhancements:
      - The lume enhances legibility not only in the dark. I'm afraid that the skeleton hands can be hard to see against the meteorite dial with its random structure. And if the hands are lumed, it would be also nice when the 12 dots near the hour markers are lumed.
      - I would appreciate the "Swiss movement" inscription to be removed from the dial (and placed on the back) or at least printed in some low-contrast color (gray).
      - The leather roll case is not something I would use but I understand that some people may find it handy.
      In any case I am looking forward for the watch, it looks very nice.

    41. Missing avatar

      Daryl on March 20

      @Joel going around asking questions of projects is fine but why are you always linking back to the same projects?

    42. Andreas Hjelm on March 20

      @Joel You just linked to some DW copy of design? Just not in the same league as this....

    43. Missing avatar

      Joel on March 20

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    44. Missing avatar

      Joe Ong Wei Shen on March 19

      Thanks on the response on the warranty! Trying to pull a couple of friends to share a 3 watch package but they're stuck on the warranty. Will see if I can get em in!

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick Studley on March 19

      @creator some kickstarters ive been a part of allow for selection once backing level is selected. Will we have to wait to make our selections until the campaign ends and hope our preference is available?

    46. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 19

      @Garry All stretch goals/package items will come with each watch ordered :)

      @Graham Serial numbers are quite a possibility, but picking the number will be a logistics nightmare unfortunately.

    47. Michael Bredehorn on March 19

      @Joe: You know that Filippo Loreti is just an lithaunian watchmaker and not a really good one?
      Many backers of the first campaign had lots of problems with support.

    48. Graham Hutton on March 19

      Will you be having limited edition numbered pieces? if you are can i request a special number?

      I would love #99 as I collect #99 ltd editions if at all possible,,


    49. Garry Lee on March 18

      Can the creator advise for the watch case/roll stretch goal is one for each pledge or for each watch? E.g. Pledged a pair or more will get the equal number of stretch rewards?

    50. Zelos Watches 5-time creator on March 18

      Hi Joe, we would rather under promise and over deliver on the warranty and support. 1 year is a standard among most watch manufacturers. Promising 10 years is easy but carrying through with it is the challenge.

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