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In 2006 I created a show called "The Show with Ze Frank." With your help I'd like to start a new show. Same, same... but different.
In 2006 I created a show called "The Show with Ze Frank." With your help I'd like to start a new show. Same, same... but different.
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3,900 backers pledged $146,752 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Alias Cummins on November 27, 2013

      Still waiting to see my face subliminally in an episode... please get in touch!

    2. Creator Michael Klouda on March 16, 2013

      I never received my reward either, sent an email but have not heard a response.

    3. Creator Noah Ullmann on July 29, 2012

      I was also wondering who to talk to about the pledge reward.

    4. Creator Tony Dew on May 1, 2012

      Just realized I never received my baby! Who do I contact to find out what happened?

    5. Creator Barry (wuz "Catman") (deleted) on April 19, 2012

      Oh nooooo! Episode 5!

      Where was I???

      (I musta fergot).


    6. Creator Liza LS on April 9, 2012

      Anyone transcribe the invocation yet? I'd be happy to make an attempt, but I'd much rather credit someone's good work if it's already been done. :)

    7. Creator Tony Gambee on April 9, 2012

      The preview was great Ze. You haven't lost that rhythm. great job.

      Ze, when it comes to critics:
      1. You are not here to win them over, you are here to converse with us.
      2. As someone once told me, "Eat the meat and spit out the bones"

    8. Creator Dan Sanderson on April 8, 2012

      Loved the backers-only preview, thank you for that. I'd give more specific praise but you're clearly itching to go in new directions, and I wouldn't want even positive remarks to feel like a constraint or an expectation. Whatever I want will come from your commitment and sincerity, regardless of what you try. I'm looking forward to it.

    9. Creator Tricia Larese on March 17, 2012

      March 17, 2006... 6 years ago today: There was awesome. I wait patiently for more awesome. In the mean time, I honor awesome by watching back episodes of awesome.

    10. Creator Samma on March 16, 2012

      dying. that's hyperbole. But anxious? checking daily 2/3x to see if there is news of the date in 'end of march' near the anniversary of the first The Show to see if there's a date yet? Putting off life-sustaining activities like work to do the same. Uh . Ya. That's me.

    11. Creator Okun on March 14, 2012

      anyone else dying to see what happens now?

    12. Creator Moonis Family on March 12, 2012

      ahem...I mean...not that you weren't doing anything else in the meantime Ze...loved the TED talk...and the TIME pieces...heh timepieces...and the links and commentary on soo many cool, fun, interesting things along the way....I just meant "What is Ze Frank up to now (that is of the breadth and scale of The Show") disrespect..:)

    13. Creator Moonis Family on March 12, 2012

      So glad that the 73rd random impulse to Google "What's Ze Frank up to now?" has finally yielded fruit...really looking forward to this...

    14. Creator Allan Dixon on March 12, 2012

      Ze I'm making a website called It's bucket list that curses at you to fucking to do something with your life. if you did one or two of the actions it would be awesome. Let the site decide what you do. It'll be live in the coming weeks

    15. Creator Ben Capper on March 11, 2012

      Wow Ze. There's so much depressing material out there and today's news is the poop flavoured icing on an already generously smelly sewage cake. Maybe ignoring the news and having 52 happy weeks is the thing to do? I'd like that.

    16. Creator Terri Day on March 11, 2012

      I missed you, Ze.

    17. Creator Kay Sindre Skogseth on March 10, 2012

      HUzzah! Ever since I saw your TED presentation I have longed for more.

    18. Creator Michael Agard on March 9, 2012

      Hearty congratulations, Ze! This is a great project to be a part of.

    19. Creator Alex Honnet on March 9, 2012

      I'm so excited to be a part of this project! HOORAY!

    20. Creator Cathy Frank on March 9, 2012

      Congratulations Ze! what an outpourring of love and support! You must be so proud and happy! And so am I.

    21. Creator Okun on March 9, 2012

      146752 dollars raised from 3900 backers is an average of over 37 dollars a person. that's awesome!

    22. Creator Amelia Lacey on March 9, 2012

      well done, it is a shame it didnt get to the 150000 for you to visit three people thing

    23. Creator Kehnin Dyer on March 9, 2012

      darn... i was hoping to be the last backer...

    24. Creator Brian Wu on March 9, 2012

      So, I'm curious, who has gone out of their way to use the word "megagaltastic" in their writing in the past few years?

    25. Creator mike mcgrath on March 9, 2012

      I am NOT a hard charger. Nonetheless, this dog will hunt. Perhaps fly.

      Happy to give it a small push along the media road.

    26. Creator Samma on March 9, 2012

      Well, we have consensus - 98 votes Street Chickens Street Chickens, Fire Eagles, Li'l Duckies, Giant Babies takes it over 96 votes Elements+Duckies: Flaming Hookbills (Fire), High Tide Mallards (Water), Dusty Pintails (Earth), Gale Force Goldeneyes (Air).
      For the raw data, There is also frantic work going on for the Hankos, check it out.

    27. Creator Okun on March 8, 2012

      3 hours to break 150... it's not impossible...

    28. Creator Dean and Julie on March 8, 2012

      Update #9 Nicely Done!

    29. Creator Katebits on March 8, 2012

      I feel like running face first into a wall with excitement! Yaaaaaaay!

    30. Creator Emma Branch on March 8, 2012

      My first time backing a kickstarter campaign feel so right when it's for you, Ze!

    31. Creator Tobias Beer on March 8, 2012

      Go on...

    32. Creator jcymail on March 8, 2012

      Duckies! Yee!

    33. Creator Samma on March 8, 2012

      New Poll Open! For backers only, look to Update 6 for the new link!

    34. Creator Ron T Blechner on March 8, 2012

      Ze: Augmented Reality App. I love when reality gets blurred with magic. Your perspective on so many things during "The Show" (like Break the Habit) saw the world in a magical way. I think thus, we should have an Android and iOS app that did some cool Augmented Reality stuff. It could be as simple as adding duckies to the landscape, or locating nearby signed-up sportsracers, but I think collaboratively we can come up with some awesome ideas.


    35. Creator Samma on March 8, 2012

      Ok, Backers, we are REALLY working hard to find consensus here. When the votes were all tallied, and the duplicate IP's deleted, we ended up with a 63/62 vote; THEME - Element Synonym+Duckie / Street Chickens, Fire Eagles, Li'l Duckies, Giant Babies
      A group of us met in the Googledocs that's been linked here, and hashed it out. Our consensus was that is just too close to call. But we still have to make the 12aPST deadline Ze set, and he's asked that we include Hanko draft concepts as well. So. We're opening the polls one last time, from 2p - 12a EST.
      A crew of folks is busily working on hanko drafts to submit with a final slate of 4 Element+Duckies: Flaming Dutch Hookbills, High Tide Mallards, Dusty Pintails and Gale Force Goldeneyes
      Street Chickens, Fire Eagles, Li'l Duckies, Giant Babies.
      If you want to join in the Hanko design concepts for either option, Scott Moore is heading up team Street Chickens and Georgiana is heading up team Element+Duckies. See their thoughts on the Hanko tab and join in the chat section of this.…

      All 4 Hanko final concepts for each option need to be combined into 1 jpg image and ready to go by 1:45p EST so the polls can open at 2EST

    36. Creator Scott von Berg - scottobear on March 8, 2012

      Can't wait for the Show to return! Much love to all supporters.

    37. Creator Samma on March 8, 2012

      Voter Update, polls closing in 45 minutes (11aEST)

      Preliminary results: After deleting duplicate IP Addresses, we have 162 votes.
      18 for Rapscallion, Scalawag, Knave, and Jackanape
      30 for Irony, Pathos, Hyperbole, and Phil
      56 for Street Chickens, Fire Eagles, Li'l Duckies, Giant Babies
      58 for THEME - Element Synonym+Duckie; e.g. Flaming Dutch Hookbills, High Tide Mallards, Gale Force Goldeneyes, Dusty Pintails, Smoking Buffleheads, Avalanche Eiders
      FINAL Poll open here

    38. Creator Samma on March 8, 2012

      Good morning!
      Take a look at update 6 & 4 for more info on what we're voting on, but we need your input. FINAL Poll open now here…
      After we removed votes from duplicate IP Addresses, we had 3 sets of 4 names and 1 THEME as the leaders. So, please now vote for your favorite ONE set of 4 names. We have limited the poll to 1 vote per IP address. Polls close at 11a EST, so please, help keep this message current in the COMMENTS. Thanks all! = )

    39. Creator Roy Hampton on March 8, 2012

      Just backed then. Looking forward to the Moby Dick poem :)

      Just an idea but any thoughts regarding creating an app (both iOS and Android) for the new show? A way for us to keep up to date and stream episodes on the go :) Just a thought, feel free to shoot it down.

    40. Creator Michael Abreo on March 8, 2012

      The master is returning. You may be responsible for the YouTube style of vlogging but nobody knows how to utilize the benefits of this medium like you do sir. Promise to never fall into the habit of just making videos directed towards us? Personally I'd rather dress up my vacuum cleaner or make an ugly obsolete MySpace page than write a comment or make a video response where all I do is say whether or not I like the original video.

    41. Creator Aubrey S on March 7, 2012

      Ze - My then-boyfriend Carl and I totally bonded over watching The Show together back in '06. Now we are married and have a 2 1/2 week old son and we are SO EXCITED for The Show's return! Looking forward to all of the fun!

    42. Creator Samma on March 7, 2012

      OK. FINAL Poll open now here
      After we removed votes from duplicate IP Addresses, we had 3 sets of 4 names and 1 THEME as the leaders. So, please now vote for your favorite ONE set of 4 names. We have limited the poll to 1 vote per IP address. I'll be afk most of the night, so please, help keep this message current in the COMMENTS. Thanks all! = )

    43. Creator andros on March 7, 2012

      if you get enough money, can you buy some paint to put on the invisible children so we can see them. i dont like thinking they are going around coughing and sneezing on things and we dont know where.

    44. Creator Exogenous Variable on March 7, 2012

      I am really happy about this. I still go back and listen to the 12/4 episode (especially the Rumsfeld song) about twice a year.

    45. Creator Gene Wise on March 6, 2012

      Ze just want to say Im so glad the Show is coming back and just thanks for being out there man. G,

    46. Creator Samma on March 6, 2012

      Darn free technology!

    47. Creator Ze Frank on March 6, 2012

      don't think it is getting randomized - i refreshed a few times.

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